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Since 1995, the staff of Worley Bugger Fly Co. has offered the most diverse and elite team of fly fishing professionals in Central Washington. The Yakima River, Washington State's only Blue Ribbon trout stream, flowing through the heart of the Kittitas Valley is our way of life. This incredible and unique trout fishery is open 365 days a year, with selective gear rules intact, to protect its wild trout populations of both Rainbow and Cutthroat trout. 

The Washington State Department of Fish & Wildlife, selective gear rules require that each person fishing the headwaters of the Yakima River, employs a barbless hook at all times, no bait of any kind is allowed, and catch & release of all trout is required.  These rules have been in place for over thirty years and have been instrumental in helping build and maintain the stocks of wild, self staining trout populations in the Yakima River.

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However, within a 100 mile radius of our "Brick & Mortar" fly fishing proshop in Ellensburg, resides some of the finest fly fishing for every species of fish that swims in fresh water.  Our Professional Guiding Team devotes countless days across this radius, pursuing not only trout on a fly, but both types of bass, Smallmouth and Largemouth, Tiger Muskie, Northern Pike, Crappie, Carp, Blue Gill, Walleye and several other species as well.  It is absolutely, some of the finest and most diverse fly fishing, the Pacific Northwest has to offer.


The Central sector of Washington State, is world renowned for its fly fishing opportunities.  Freshwater rivers, streams and lakes of all sizes, dot this incrediable scenic landscape, as huge, granite mountain spires contact the clouds.  These snow capped, rugged mountains, tower at elevations over 10,000 ft, as they part the rainy, wet, metropolis of the west side of the state, from the warm, dry rural central portion.

The snow packed peaks of the Cascade Mountain Range, surrounding the west side of the Kittitas Valley act as a buffer.  This massive range of mountains becomes a most vital resource, as each winter it captures hundreds of inches of snow fall.  When this snow pack eventually melts, it is held in reserve in several man-made storage reservoirs that feed the rivers and streams throughout the year.  It also provides the necessary water requirements that powers, a thriving, agricultural business and livelihood.  This is Central Washington, the land of the sun. Its semi-arid desert climate is famous for hosting a wealth of recreational activities.  Just a short drive to the east from the city of Ellensburg, and you enter the sandy, sage, basalt canyon of the Columbia Desert Unit. 

Yakima River Fly Fishing - Worley Bugger Fly Co. Yakima River Fly Fishing - Worley Bugger Fly Co.

Here, the Colubmia River splits Washington State in two and so begins perhaps the regions most diverse fly fishing opportunities.  The Columbia River, the largest river in the Pacific Northwest, provides a variety of unique and interesting fly fishing opportunities. Of course, the tributaries of the Columbia are home to a wide variety of game fish and it is these water's, that entice fly fishermen from all corners of the globe every season.

The Yakima, Naches, Cle Elum, Wenatchee, Methow, Klickitat, Wind, John Day, Snake and countless other rivers and streams all converge and drain into the Columbia River.  This Pacific Northwest River, that begins as a small and intimate stream in British Columbia, gains volume, momentum and size as it flows south into the United States.  Here, it has been slowed and controlled by 11 massive, man-made barriers, confined behind cement and steel, only to be released at the controlling agents discretion.  The water eventually crashes into the Pacific Ocean at "the Columbia Bar", the Graveyard of the Pacific, in Astoria, Oregon.  Here, over 2,000 ships and vessels have sunk, trying to navigate its unruly nature, due to the massive currents, wind and changing weather and tidal conditions.

Yakima River Smallmouth Guided Fly Fishing Central Washington Desert Largemouth Guided Fly Fishing Trips

With these countless fishing opportunities throughout the season, the staff of WBFC stays occupied with a host incredible fly fishing prospects.  Here, we challange our guests to test their fly fishing skill level and proficiency, pursuing a wide variety of game fish, in several different and unique environments.  It is both thrilling and challenaging at any fly fishing talent level.

The seventy plus miles of the Upper Yakima River are the home waters for WBFC, but throughout the season, the Professional Guide Team pursues a host of different and unique game fish on a fly, throughout Central Washington. The skill level required of a guide to do so, has taken time and countless hours of discovery. This is one of the reasons why WBFC belives, that we have assembled the most complete team of fly fishing professionals in the area.


When hiring a Professional Fly Fishing Guide at WBFC for a day in Central Washington, you can always be assured that your guide will be prepared, professional and have the ability and knowledge to create a fun and unique day for you and your party. WBFC guides are the best on the water for a reason. They are always prepared for the day with the proper and necessary equipment and knowledge that will insure, each guest, no matter of the their level of fly fishing abilities, will find their guided fly fishing adventure to be an exciting and rewarding experience. 

The majority of all of our fly fishing trips are conducted from drift boats or from flat bottom Jon boats. These are safe, clean and comfortable and are specifically designed to fly fish from. They are easy to get in and out of, so anyone can transfer to and from one quite easily.  Your WBFC guide will instruct and show you how to proficiently fly cast to targets, from these ideal fishing crafts, espeically when there are two fly casters aboard each boat.  Our guide staff is never in a hurry.  We always make sure that each guest's understands the dynamaics and the situation that is required in order to catch fish with flies. A good guide catches fish.  A great guide teaches, you how to catch fish.

You can be assured, that your safety is our staff's top priority in and around the water. These men are trained professionals with the ability to provide a fun and relaxing environment, while also guiding, securing the boat, instructing and safely delivering you to your final destination at the end of the day. When booking your fly fishing adventure anywhere, don't be hesitant to ask questions about your guide and their ability.  After all, you want to know you are in competent hands anywhere near a body of water.

The boat manufacturer prerequisite for safety, as well as the United States Coast Guard total weight requirements for these boats, allows only two fishermen per craft.  Multiple boats can be booked for the day and are quite popular throughtout the season. However, at no time do we overload our boats with more than what is permitted.

Guided Fly Fishing Trips From Boats

Below you will find the detailed information on the rivers, streams and lakes that the team of WBFC recommends throughout the season.  Feel free to navigate these pages and contact us with any questions you may have.  The season gets busy quickly, so we do recommend that you book your trip in advance.  Typically a 30 day advanced booking is required, especially during the peak season. Please refer to our rates and cancellation policies as well before booking.  We look forward to seeing you.


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Worley Bugger Fly Co.Guided Fly Fishing Adventures
WBFC Yakima River Trout Guided Fly Fishing Trips WBFC Yakima River Smallmouth Bass Guided Fly Fishing Trips Yakima River-Pre Season Guided Fly Fishing

The Yakima River is Central Washington's premier wild trout fishery.

It proudly supports hundreds of wild, naturally spawning fish and provides fly fishermen from around the world, a unique and exciting year round experience.  The 75+ miles of fabulous blue ribbon water offers the fly fishing enthusiast a thriving trout population.


For eons, fly fishermen have pursued a variety of trout species with flies in our rivers and still-water impoundments, ignoring other freshwater species that share these very same waters.

With the turn of the 21st century, men and women now pursue every known species of fish on the planet with a fly. The Smallmouth Bass is no exception.


WBFC offers post season rates that operate between the daylight savings time months of the calendar year.

Experience some of the best, early spring fishing when the Skwala Stoneflies begin hatching on the Yakima River.

 An excellent time of the year to fly fishing in Central Washington.


WBFC Yakima River Trout Camp WBFC Columbia River Bass Guided Fly Fishing Trips Yakima River-Pre Season Guided Fly Fishing

From the month of June to September, WBFC offers our one of a kind fly fishing outing on the Yakima River, called "Trout Camp"

This is unique fly fishing class is a two day event that is offered one weekend a month and includes a night of camping along the banks of the Upper Yakima River.


The Columbia River in Central Washington's is wildly known for it's run of anadromous fish species.

However, since the 1950's Smallmouth Bass has taken over and have proliferated the entire river.  It is home to both species of bass and the fly fishing here is nothing short of world class.


WBFC offers post season rates that operate between the daylight savings time months of the calendar year.

Experince some of the best fly fishing of the year as our full season rates expire and the calendar year progress into the months of November, December and Janauary.


Klickitat River Steelhead Fly Fishing Trips  Wenatchee River Steelhead Fly Fishing Trips Tiger Muskie-Pike-Bass Fly Fishing Trips

The Klickitat River, located in Southeastern Washington is one of the state’s longest free flowing rivers, stretching approximately 100 miles from its glacial source to the mouth of the Columbia River.

The Klickitat River originates from numerous small tributaries that course from the rugged, jagged, snow capped peaks of Mount Adams, a 12, 276-ft. active volcano.


I first read about fishing the Wenatchee River for summer steelhead from fly-fishing legends such as Bob Arnold and Steve Raymond.

 Reading their tales of swinging lightly dressed flies on floating lines for free rising autumn steelhead left a remarkable impression on my mind and a desire to fish it like the pioneers of the past.


Muskie are considered the fish of "10,000" casts.  In the mid-west, they are the premier game fish and anglers spend countless hours pursuing them with both gear and on flies.

WDFW has stocked the "Tiger Muskie" in several lakes around the state for several years now.  WBFC hunts these fish with flies at specific times of the year.


Lund Pond Fly Fishing Trips WBFC Guided Fly Fishing Trips-Rates & Policies WBFC Fly Fishing EDU

This small, family run farm pond is a great place for beginning to intermediate fly fishers to advance their skills levels.

Even advanced fishermen, find the fishing challenaging enough here, becasue of the size of the rainbow trout.  Test your skill levels on fish over ten pounds.


The WBFC Professional Guided rates, deposit and cancellations polices along with fee's for the day.

You can also find out more information about what is needed for your guided fly fishing trip here as well.


Each year, the staff at WBFC speaks with hundreds of people that are just beginning their vocation in fly fishing.  WBFC was established in 1995, and since then we have introduced and instructed thousands of people in the fine art of fly fishing and tying.  


WBFC Guided Fly Fishing Gift Certificates
Worley Bugger Fly Co. Guided Fly Fishing Trip Gift Certificates 

Throughtout the year, especially around the Christmas holiday, Fathers Day, Mother's Day, a Wedding Anniverasary or a birthday, finding the right gift for a friend or loved one can be difficult.  Each year, throughout the fly fishing season, one of most popular gift items at the WBFC Pro Shop is a certificate for a Guided Fly Fishing Adventure with our professional staff of fly fishers.

These gift certificates can be redeemed anytime throughout the year and can be purchased for any of our guided fly fishing adventures.  You may purchase them directly online or by simply calling us during our hours of operation. Our friendly, helpful staff can assit you with your purchase.  We can be reached at 509-962-2033, seven day a week, 360 days a year (excluding all holidays).  You can also purchase a Gift Certificate to be redeemed in our brick & mortar fly fishing Pro Shop here.

Worley Bugger Fly Co.


The Professional Guide Team of Worley Bugger Fly Co. consists of a select group of local individuals with years of combined fly-fishing expertise. Each member of our team has been carefully selected and trained by the senior staff members of WBFC. They have joined the team of Worley Bugger Fly Co. because of their knowledge, fly fishing proficiency, patience, ability and their outgoing personality.  Each WBFC, Professional Fly Fishing Guide has the skills and ability to create a fun and exciting, fly fishing experience for all of our guests. 

Our turn over rate of staff is very low from season to season, which is something we are particularly proud of. We think that say's a lot about an organization and how it operates. We believe as a Professional Outfitter, that this produces the finest team of guides working in Central Washington and perhaps the entire Northwest.  Each are qualified, friendly instructors that enjoy teaching not only experienced fly anglers, but also those of novice skill level as well.  The WBFC Proshop is staff with knowledgeable, friendly and informative personnel as well that can assist you with any of your fly fishing questions or needs.

Fly fishing is a sport that takes time, energy and effort to master.  Becoming a great, qualified guide is also something that also takes time.  The Professional Guiding Staff at WBFC have years of experience and are the most skilled, proficient and respected guides working in Central Washington.  The guiding abilities, boat handling skills and social amplitude with our customers is something WBFC has always been known for.  Our reputation speaks for itself and something we have worked hard to achieve since 1995.

 Steve Worley-Owner-Guide-Worley Bugger Fly Co. Worley Bugger Fly Co Aron Larsen-Head Guide-Worley Bugger Fly Co.

Steve Worley is the owner and operator of "Worley-Bugger Fly Co." The base of operations for this fly fishing outfitter service is headquartered in Ellensburg, Washington. 

Here, Steve has trained his staff of fly fishing professionals to conduct guided fly fishing adventures throughout Central Washington, with their primary focus on the Yakima River since 1995.


Aron was born Kittitas County and grew up in Roslyn, Washington in an outdoor family lifestyle fishing and hunting.

Roslyn, a small 1800’s mining town located northwest of Cle Elum, where hardened miners staked there claims in gold, silver and coal was made infamous from the 1990’s television show “Northern Exposure”.


Steve Worley-Owner/Guide-Worley Bugger Fly Co Yakima River Fly Fishing Aron Larsen-Guide-Worley Bugger Fly Co.
Worley Bugger Fly Co. Guided Fly Fishing Trip Prices & Polices 

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