For nearly two decades, Worley Bugger Fly Co has offered its professional fly fishing services to innumerable guests from around the globe, conducting tours on some of the Washington States most beautiful and productive streams and still waters. 

We continue to set the standard for excellence and are recognized as the leading authority in Central Washington fly fishing.

This page is a compilation of email testimonials that Worley Bugger Fly Co. has received over the years from our guests. If you would like to read even more testimonials about our services, cast here!


2010 Fishing Season


October 13th-2010
Had a great time, and also appreciate you guys accommodating me with zero lead time.  It was a beautiful stretch to float, and enough structure to be interesting.  Russell was knowledgeable, straightforward and easy going, just fine with me.
In terms of any critique, I'd say I would have liked a little more strategic or analytical information on fishing that system that time of year, but that's being picky.  I certainly learned something, and not having float fished before, it was a new perspective.  Would have been nice to get some surface action, but you get you get, right?
Overall good time, no complaints, learned something, and happy to try it again sometime...
-Robert Azroo

September 16th-2010


Thanks for the South Cle Elum to East Cle Elum float. Nice section of  river. Sat. was a perfect dry fly day. First time on Yakima that I 
have fished dries almost all day long. Also, thank you for crane fly sample. Already tied up several. I was just a tiny skeptical

Looking forward to October just like Gene and Jeff. They did not do  well on Deschutes this past week.

......Elliot Endo


September 14th-2010


Just wanted to say thanks and how valuable my two days of fishing the upper section of the Yakima were, both as a fishing trip and a classroom.  I hadn’t had much success fishing with weighted nymphs and indicators before but thanks to Russ, I was able to learn the basics and actually catch fish.  The dry-fly fishing on the Yakima was excellent as always.   I had never caught a Bull Trout before, especially one that large.  While we were unable to get a picture, I would much rather feel confident that it will live to fight again and someone else will have a chance to catch it.

Russ was very helpful as both a guide and instructor and he also helped me correct some of the bad habits I had picked up over the years, plus a few new tricks.  You can be sure that I will be booking another trip in the future.

Paul Stanley


September 8th-2010


I am writing to extend special thanks to a couple of staff members I had the privilege of meeting during my family's visit to Central Washington.  My step-father and mother relocated to the Cle Elum area about eight years ago and since then have met many exciting and wonderful people, two of which are employed at the Worley-Bugger Fly Shop.

First, for some pre-fishing pointers, my step-father Brad and I stopped by and met with Tim.  Through our hour-plus conversation we were informed about proper fly selection (along with a personal secret or two), a cautionary tale about proper technique (presentation; which we all need reminded about now and then), and good leader construction (which personally changed my leader construction process).  In addition to the pointers I just mentioned the final one helped me land my Yakima River Dandy.

This brings me to the second person, Nate, who took the photo.  Brad had met Nate on several occasions and he was able to join us on our final Yakima River float before departing for the West Side the next day and heading back to the East Coast.  We had two pontoon-type rafts, connected them and Nate was kind enough to guide me to the all of the great holes.  We both had a good time and I came to learn that Nate is going to go through Guide Training.  When Nate does meet the expectations of the training and his fellow staff members he will be an excellent addition to an already wonderful guide staff.

Many Thanks to The Worley-Bugger!

See you next time we are in Washington.

Christopher Barrett


September 4th-2010

Thanks for a recent follow-up of our July 19 fishing trip with Ryan guiding us on the Yakima River.  Fishing was a bit slow, but we had a terrific time.  Ryan is very professional, knowledgeable, personal and fixed a super lunch.  We will definitely be back.  Please add us to your mailing list.

Many thanks,

Dan and Mary Brown, Bend, Oregon 


September 2nd-2010

My son Quincy and I had a good day of fishing with Russell on Tuesday.  He has a photo he said he would email us so here is my email address. Quincy age 8 caught a nice native and had the time of his life.  I will never forget the look on his face or how much we talked about it for the rest of the day.  I had my like 3 or 4 good chances but did not get the hook set, but is was exciting.

Russell does a nice job out there and we appreciated him.  Please forward the photo and let us know if it makes it onto the website.  The expression on his face I will always remember

Thanks again,

Nick Rumsfeld and Quincy,  Portland Oregon.


August 31st-2010

Steve, thanks for the follow up.  I had a terrific day with Ryan on the Yakima.  He's a great guide very helpful, calm, reassuring.  It took me a while to get back to Columbus, OH.  I had some fishing to do in Idaho, Wyoming, and Colorado on the way.  But I'm finally back and almost settled in.  I began to miss the west as soon as I got east of the Rockies.  In any case, I now need to start earning points for my next trip on the Yakima! 

Best Wishes

William Taschek


August 30th-2010

Another great day out with Russell on the Klickitat, his enthusiasm and drive are contagious and his patience and encouragement are defining characteristics.  I leave with fly fishing skills I didn't have before, with a richer spirit and my mind more full of good memories. If anything, I leave more determined to one day land myself a Steelhead.  Thanks to all of you at Worley Bugger.


Andrew Figtree


August 16th-2010


I just wanted to drop all of you at Worley Bugger Fly Co a quick email to say what a great time I had on Saturday.  I sincerely appreciate the efforts of Tim and Russell and I truly had an awesome day's fishing the 'Yak'.  Once again Russell proved his knowledge and skill in finding the fish and putting me onto them.  He also proved his patience and knowledge in consolidating the 'roll casting' lesson of Tim's, by stopping and allowing me to practice with a nyphming rig.....nearly got the biggest 'rainbow' of the day during a casting lesson!  I also had a great couple of hours fishing on Sunday on the Yak behind the Easton ponds and I appreciate some local knowledge guiding me to such places. 

Thanks again,

Andrew Figtree 


August 16th-2010


Quick note of appreciation. Again, had an excellent trip with the Worley-Bugger. Took a client this time with me to a new destination with you guys, Sand Lakes.  They appeal of a new species for me on a new location for you, was simply too much to resist.  The day did not disappoint. Big props to Russell V, he obviously had a lot of knowledge of the lakes even before we learned he had grown up on these lakes. TONS of action, ALL top-water with big bugs and poppers. Each largemouth seemed to get bigger and bigger, as did the bluegill. The last two hours of the evening was simply “heaven” with action on almost every cast. 

Thanks again to you and Russ. Client had a great time as did I. Your service never fails to disappoint.

See you on the Klick next month.

Chris Delsing


July 27th-2010


Much thanks to Russell for getting me into that fish.  I will remember the moment for a long time.

See you next year.

Masa Asano

July 22nd-2010

Hi Steve, Don and I had a great trip with Ryan on July 20th.  Even though the fish were few and far between, we did land a few!  Mostly they were on the bottom in slots takings small nymphs.  I always have enjoyed the float from Reinhart Park to Ringer.  Never any other traffic so we had first water all day!  When I owned my own drift boat I always avoided that area so the times I go with your guys is always a fun trip.

Jim McRoberts

June 28th-2010


thanks for putting together another great day out fishing with Russell.  I got onto a couple of large fish, lost two and landed one very nice rainbow.  It was a quite unique experience trying for such 'fly-wise' fish that are not at all shy and almost treat your offerings with disdain if they are not to their liking.  As previously, Russell was right on the money, and knew the fly's to fish for the results.  If I could please get a copy of the photo's Russell took of the fish that I landed that would be great.  As I said, I hope to be back in August perhaps for some Steelhead or another float on the Yakima which really does have its' own attractions.  Thanks again,


Andrew Figtree

June 28th-2010


Just wanted to give back a report on the Sand Lakes trip.  First off, Russell was a great guide.  We had a tough day as the bass were not on the bite, but he was patient and as helpful as possible.  Kudos to him, as I am certain he was as frustrated.

I wish I had known that the fishery was kind of a flipping large flies (spinner baits) into a very small window for any chance at a fish.  The fish are clearly under all the reeds, but a dense layer of aquatic vegetation gave you about a 3 inch window, much easier for a bass rod,  than a fly rod.  I guess I thought the fishery was more of a casting to bigger targets and some water to allow for at least the leader to sink for more than a split second.  With a fly line, even a perfect cast only had a split second of a chance for a fish, as the leader would hang up on the vegetation in front of the reeds.

Too bad the fish were not really on the bite, we managed to catch some, but it was a tough day.  Again, Russell was great and represented himself and Worley Bugger just fine, I just think that while the Yak is in a transitional phase, this fishery is not one that fly fishers will gravitate to .  I will be curious to see how it pans out over time for your shop.

By the way, we did quite well at Rocky ford in the evening, thanks for the good flies and advice!

Saul Bankaitis

June 21st-2010


I had a great time yesterday on the Yakima with Russell, who proved an excellent and knowledgeable guide and a nice guy to spend the day fishing with.  I really can't think of anything that could have made the day better, other than my skill level on setting those barbless hooks and landing a few more fish.  Russell knew where the fish were and what they would be taking.

I'm not sure how full your booking sheet is for this coming weekend is (ie. 26 - 27 Jun) but I would love to come out again for another day, Sunday would be my preference and I am happy to fish whatever river/area you recommend.  If your recommendation is for another day on the Yakima on the same stretch of water, that's fine.  There are plenty of fish there I would love to have another go at. 

Thanks again to 'Team Worley Bugger' for a great day out.  Cheers,

Andrew Figtree.

May 21st-2010


Since we didn’t see you after the end of our fishing trip on Friday, May 14th 2010 I wanted to take a moment to let you know how pleased we were with the trip and our guide for the day, Russell Vogt.

My two sons and I are beginning fly fishermen and you did a good job matching us up with a guide who was flexible to our needs for instruction and understanding over the inevitable bad casts into the trees and bushes and the unfortunate lost flies and leader.

Russell was patient and encouraging at the same time and we learned a lot about fly fishing and the Yakima River.  The barbeque lunch on the river bank was great; thick juicy steak with corn on the cob, Caesar Salad and fresh chocolate chip cookies for desert.  I don’t know how a meal on a fishing trip could get any better than this.

All of us caught fish on the fly, some for the first time, soaked up lots of Ellensburg sunshine and had a great day on the river with Russell.  Thank you for running a first class operation from the quality reservation service, providing all the gear and a great guide.  We look forward to seeing you again.


Dick Fondahn

May 21st-2010


Ryan is a great guide and easy to spend a day with. He has good instincts; right after he suggested we switch to top water; I got slammed. 3 or 4 fish. One big strong one. You, your shop is our Ellensburg go-to. We'll be back as soon and often as we can, with our circle of friends.

Best to you Sir. Stay strong and work your game,

Shaun Murphy

April 30th-2010

Steve, Ryan,

Thanks for doing the float trip even with less than ideal conditions. Always good to be on the water. As always great lunch. Nice to see that March Brown hatch. Looking forward to Sept. and may Klickitat trip in Oct.

Good to see you guys. Regards to Tim.

Elliot Endo

April 16th-2010

Hi Steve,  Thanks for taking Brian and I down the river. Quite an adventure!  Don't you think?   I had a real nice time getting to know you and really enjoyed the day.  The lunch was a real surprise..I told my wife about the tablecloth and she says to tell you that she knew there were well bred men in Ellensburg!  I am still having a tough time seeing the pics...I keep thinking that those were browns...not cutbows....but hey  they were fat! Whiskey tasted real good at home...

Thanks Steve,  I will see you again.  Hoppers????

Scott Strickland

April 10th-2010


I wanted to say thanks to you guys for a great trip. I went with your guide Russell, learned a TON and had a great time. I'll be sure to use you guys again when fishing the Yakima.


Rob M

March 19th-2010

We had a great time.  Ryan was a excellent guide.  I think he was a bit frustrated that the fishing was slow. I really enjoyed that part of the river, a lot of quality water.  We will see you later in the year.
Mike Jackson

February 19th-2010


It was once again my pleasure to spend an afternoon fishing the Yakima with one of your guides.  Ryan Fifeild is, in my opinion, a well educated, well spoken young man who I found was a pleasure to be around. Ryan got us into some nice fish;  we solved the world's problems; we saw some Bald Eagles and the weather was perfect. That's about as good as it gets. Ryan mentioned the clean up day. What are the parameters for this day as far as the cost and times?  Please tell Ryan "Thanks"  for the day and I look forward to the next trip.

Bob Wickham    


2009 Fishing Season

December 22nd-2009

Steve--What a day on the Yakima on Saturday.  The fishing was a bit slow until 1 pm but then Ryan timed his arrival at a certain spot on the river where the fish really turned on.  Virtually a fish on every cast and nothing but nice sized rainbows and Westslope cutthroats. 

The topper was my steel head.  A beautiful fish.  Understanding that only about 200 of these beautiful fish returned this year to the Yakima I considered myself very fortunate.  So glad I was nymphing with my 6 weight.
This was my second steel head on the Yakima and I won't forget either of them.   The weather even cooperated.  And my new Elmer Fudd hat worked great to keep me warm.  I think it also brought me luck.
It was a great day on the river with Ryan.

Larry Milton

November 22,2009


I wanted to thank you guys and specifically Ryan for a great trip on Saturday. Ryan was an excellent guide! Putting us on fish all day and knowing exactly what the fish were keyed in on. I hope to be back out with him again soon. Attached is a pretty good picture.

Thanks also for sending my Loomis rod back to me! Please let me know when it's shipped so I can be looking for it.

Derek Page

November 16th-2009

Steve--I had a wonderful time and caught a few beautiful fish as a bonus.  Ryan is a superb guide, fisherman and boatman.  Couldn't ask for better.  As fisherpeople say, "he's a keeper".  Looking forward to more trips in the future--

Laird Patterson

November 5th-2009


The trip was great!  Ryan was very patient and showed me some honey holes that were full of slurpin' fish...I'll be back! 

Charlie Jones

November 4th-2009


We had a wonderful outing and I would not hesitate to book another outing with Ryan, or recommend him to others. We greatly enjoyed our float with him. Pierre felt he learned a lot, and appreciated Ryan's mix of instruction and room to apply it. He represents the shop well.


Jeff Renner

October 28th-2009


Thanks for the trip. First time fly fishing for steelhead for me (in 30 years any way) and probably first  time for Gene. We both learned a lot from you.  I think you removed  some of the mystery of fly fishing for steelhead.

We had a nice time in Abbotsford, Canada. I found a local fly shop and learned a few things about two-handed rods and tying BC flies.

As always, lunch was delicious. Let us know if there is a chance of doing the Klickitat again in Nov.

Elliot Endo

October 28th-2009

Ryan-Thanks for a good day and for finding the Baetis action. I just tied up some #20 Baetis Sparkle Duns, and hope I get a chance to try them.

If it's convenient , a note about access by the diversion dam would be appreciated.
Regards to you and Steve,
Stewart Scham

October 20th 2009
Hi Steve,
It was a great trip and we had a blast!  Fishing was good and I certainly learned a lot about nymphing as I had not done this type of fishing before.  Ryan was very knowledgeable and a very good guide.  
Best regards,
Tom Holcomb

October 9th-2009
Once again thanks for doing the guided trips. Ryan and Russel were  great. As usual the fish god seems to favor Jeff and Gene, however I  cannot complain. I did get a few fish and just being out fishing is fun. 
I did get some HD video at Rocky Ford Creek and some nice still photos. Need to do some video editing and might post a preview on my Apple gallery. If you like I can send you a DVD with video and still photos that you are free to use on your web site.
Russel certainly worked well with Steve and got him into at least 4 fish hooked. Rocky Ford Creek was interesting but I think we all still prefer the Yakima.
I am planning on an April guide trip and at least 2 more in the fall next year. Will call you in January to set up April trip.

Elliot Endo 


September 28th-2009


I just wanted to say thanks again for the great Worley-Bugger experience. I could not have asked for a better day on the Yak even though my reaction time was that of a half-blind 80 year old with arthritis (Dave will never let me forget it…)

Can’t wait for the next time! 

Paul Vansickle

September 20th-2009


Thanks again for a great trip!  Here are a couple photos from yesterday.  Talk with you soon.
Garret Janney

September 14th-2009


My gratitude and appreciation for your cooperation and help in putting together yesterday's trip. As you probably heard, fishing--at least catching--was on the slim side. No big Yak' photo fish, but some very beautiful smaller fish that photographed well. Enjoyed Russell. He is a very competent guide, boatman and a good man to spend a day on the river with. Couldn't have asked for better. Both Teru and I enjoyed his company.

Again---thanks. Good to work with you and to see the Worley Bugger experience.
Tight lines
Terry W. Sheely

August 31st-2009

Howdy Steve,

Just want to update you with my latest info. By the way, thanks a ton for being the wealth of information you and your staff have been for me. I can always get the lowdown on the hot secret weapon bug. Most guys wouldn’t do that. You always make me feel like I can catch fish and point out the fine details it takes to master the presentation. It might take me a long to learn them on my own. Thanks. You can count on my continued business and support. You’ve earned it.

Your friend

Dan Morrison

August 31st-2009

I just wanted to pass on some kudos to Steve, who helped me this last Saturday with where to wade fish the Yak and with some fly patterns to use.

I felt as soon as I entered the shop there wasn’t any pressure to feel obligated to purchase anything to get in return some 411 on the river for a newbie to the Yak. I came out to E-burg so my girlfriend could visit with her brother and I decided to go fishing. Steve was open about areas along the river to wade even though still not a real easy accessible river to wade in my opinion, not like the several Montana rivers or Idaho.  I got loss several times looking for  locations Steve mentioned and he gladly several times assisted me over the phone.

I did catch fish, but mostly on big ugly streamer in the deep seams I could reach, the riffles had too much deep water between them to reach. I am looking fwd to coming back out to fish the Yak in October , and I will go right to the Worley-Bugger for some great 411 and conversation.

Thank you Steve for making my time there even though it was brief,, you have wet my appetite for more of the Yak.

Kevin Lunde

August 12th-2009

Hi Steve,

Pete Cummings and I (& guests) thoroughly enjoyed our guided trip on the Yakima last Saturday.  Ryan Fifield was the guide on our boat and expressed an interest in receiving a picture of the largest fish we caught.  See attached with guest, Kurt Dienel, fisherman.

Barbara C. Cummings

August 12th-2009

Hi Steve,

Pete Cummings and I (& guests) thoroughly enjoyed our guided trip on the Yakima last Saturday.  Ryan Fifield was the guide on our boat and expressed an interest in receiving a picture of the largest fish we caught.  See attached with guest, Kurt Dienel, fisherman.

Barbara C. Cummings

August 28th-2009

Hi Steve,

I was happy to finally get to fish with you. You made the day a memorable experience for my son and myself. Your hard work and due diligence was remarkable in light of the strong winds that came up. You constantly put us on fish for a lot of action. I will definitely recommend you to any body that wants a great time on the Yakima. I am attaching the picture I took of you and Randy. I am looking forward to my next trip already.
Thank You
Denny Sandifer

August 12th-2009

Hi Steve,

Pete Cummings and I (& guests) thoroughly enjoyed our guided trip on the Yakima last Saturday.  Ryan Fifield was the guide on our boat and expressed an interest in receiving a picture of the largest fish we caught.  See attached with guest, Kurt Dienel, fisherman.

Barbara C. Cummings

August 6th-2009

Steve and Ryan :

Here is the picture.  This is the estimated 20 inch rainbow that we took on the Yak.   The trip was a blast even though I didn't catch many fish.  This nice fish made the trip for me.  What fun!  Again, thanks for a great day on the Yakima.  I would recommend you 
guys any day.

My best.......

Larry Stephenson

August 4th-2009


Thanks for the trip last week.  You and Russell did a great job.  It’s easy to fall out-of-practice with a fly-rod!  I need to do much more of that.

I had every good intention of sending pix to you for the website…too bad I completely screwed up and deleted the pix from the last day of my trip before getting them to my computer!  Damn!  I guess my fish can grow with each telling and no one can argue with me.

Anyway, I appreciated the trip and the chance to see you again!

Mike Battien

Commercial Writer/Producer-KCRG TV9

July 21st-2009


I just wanted to write and thank you once again for a fantastic time on the Yakima. My brother and I cannot thank you enough for your world-class customer service and tasty BBQ lunch. Being a special needs client you go above and beyond to accommodate my needs and make my time on the river exceptional. I can't wait for my next guided tour with Worley Bugger Fly Co.
Best regard,
Paul VanSickle
Covington, WA

June 29th-2009


Thanks so much for everything this weekend!  The fishing was a ton of fun (even though the fishing was a little slow) !  The best thing is we learned a lot.  Brent and I are talking about getting some fly rods and trying it on our favorite lake here! 

Russell was awesome, he was very patient and at the same time knew when to get us back focused on what we were supposed to do.  He had a great sense of humor and I could tell he enjoyed working for you!  If you get a chance be sure to thank him again for us and pass on the compliments.

I am sure the next group from Andgar will have just as much fun.  The food was great too by the way! 

John Fakkema

June 21st-2009

Steve and Russell,

Thank you for a nice day of fishing last Saturday!  I really enjoyed the drift boat fishing and we got into a decent number of fish for sure. Gosh, I wish I had got about two more into the boat as I know one of them was another beautiful cutthroat !

First time fishing out of a boat and it was nice. Russell hit every bank and spot all day in our drift. A lot fun. If you can please e-mail me the picture you took Russell and/or give me some directions to retrieve them from your website. I‘d appreciate it.

Had a ball and will be back to your shop someday for sure. Sending friends your way. Best of luck to you guys this summer!

Take care.

Chad Nestor



George and I had a great time fishing with Ryan on Thursday. 

Many thanks.

Ken Zike

April 11th-2009

I just wanted to let you know what a great time I had talking with Tim while I was over there. He has a great gift of explaining  "the big picture"   of what's happening on the water with insects/trout.

I sure appreciated that. I was glad to purchase a fishpond chest/lumbar pack while I was there.. See you in a couple weeks to get some flies to put in it!  Yee haw!!! Cant wait to get on the water again...

Johnny Batts

March 12th-2009


Thank you for the great fishing trip I had yesterday.  Russell was  great, very helpful, patient, and I learned a great deal from him.  My  fishing technique improved immediately.  Again, thank you and I expect  to see you guys again.

Bruce Treichler

February 21st-2009


I just wanted to thank you for an wonderful day on the Yakima River. You are a fantastic guide and I thoroughly enjoyed the day with you, as I learn more about fly fishing in one day than twenty years. Your love for the river, the sport and your willingness to share your knowledge is clear all day.

Thank you for your flawless patience and your ability to guide me through the process of learning the correct methods for presenting the fly in the most natural method possible.

 I am looking forward to our next trip.  Thank you for everything!


Dave Wilson

2008 Fishing Season

November 5th-2008


I had a great day of fishing on the river today.  I can't wait to get back.  The weather was super as well.  During the day we fished with the Prince, stone, egg and BWO dry and caught fish on all of them.

Again, it was a great day on the river today--

Larry Milton

October 20th-2009


I just finished writing an article for our club newspaper's November issue on our trip with the Worley Bugger.  Lisa and myself had an absolute wonderful time on our 10 year anniversary. (I'm still trying to figure out how I talked her into going fishing with me on our 10 year anniversary).  Russell was a fantastic guide and we appreciate all of his hard work.  The Northwest Fly Angler's and myself truly appreciates your generous donations to our club for our year-end fund raisers. I have already contacted our conservation committee chair and he is planning to put a group of us NFAer's together to come out and help at your annual Yakima River clean-up in February.
I cannot thank you enough for your help and generosity.  I will forward a copy of our club newsletter just as soon as I get it.

Thanks again and we'll see you soon.


PS. At this rate it looks like my Dolphins are going to meet your Steelers in the Playoffs!

October 20th-2009


Rick and I had a great time on the river.  It was Ricks first try at fly fishing.  He is now hooked.

Roger Zimbelman

October 15th-2008


Dave Sanford and I had a great day on the river with Ryan, he definitely knows his stuff and got us onto fish.  I always have a great time when I book trips with Worley Bugger, the steak lunch was awesome too.

Ryan took some hero shots of Dave and me so would you mind forwarding along our emails to him so he can send these along?  Thanks,


Kyle Hadersberger

September 29th-2008


I enjoyed a float trip this past Sunday (9/28) with your shop, and had a good time catching some trout in perfect weather on the Yakima.

Russell was our guide.  He did a nice job and put us onto some great spots.  He helped me land a nice one (perhaps 15 inches), and offered to take a couple photos.   He said it may end up on your website and that I could get a copy of it via email once he transfers it from his camera.

Thanks, again!

Steve Hynden

August 30th-2008


We all had a great time and would definitely recommend Worley Bugger to anyone visiting the area (and even those who haven't yet considered the area!).  Tell Ryan and Russ thanks again for us -

Thanks again, Steve - all the best.

Chad Nason

August 29th-2008


We had a great day fishing with Ryan, it was fun and we learned a lot. We look forward to fishing with Ryan sometime in the near future.

Thanks again

Doug Anderson

August 22nd-2008


I just wanted to let you know that we had a great time on the river last Sunday with Ryan as our guide.  We each caught a number of fish, including a really big one each that got off the hook before we could get a net under them - but isn't that always the case?!? Ryan was a superb guide, getting us back and forth across the river to good places, advising on presentation, and patiently helping us tie on new flies, trying different ones, helping net fish, get lines detangled, adding line back to our ever-shortening leaders.

In all it was a great experience and what Tim taught us in the Fly Fishing 101 Class all came into play in casting.  Please pass on our thanks to both of them - they were excellent teachers for first timer's like us.  I think we'll be back for more later this year or early next.


Fritz Stahr

August 20th-2008


Our float was very good and I think Russell did a great good job even w/ the number of rafters that we there. I would like to schedule another trip, maybe later in September but would also be     interested in an earlier start just incase the rafters are still active.

Thanks and we will see you soon

.Mike Martin

August 19th-2008


I had a good fishing trip with Russell. He was very personable and made the fishing fun.  Thanks for a great time.

Danny Johns

August 19th-2008


Kimi and I could not have been more pleased with our guided tour experience.  Ryan was a wonderful guide as he was knowledgeable, personable, and very patient with me.  I have already recommended a guided tour to one of my friends.  Kimi and I hope to be back too.  Thank you very much for a very fun day on the river!
Scott Healy

July 29th-2008

Danny was great, he was very patient, and gave us a lot of instruction.  I learned a lot.  Jonathan had only fished 2 times before, and he caught more fish than I did, and Danny was really helpful in teaching him the casting basics.  Fishing was difficult, so we didn't catch a lot of fish, but we both had a great time, and are hoping to be able to come back in the fall and do some fishing with Danny again.
I've been on a few guided trips and dealt with the cocky guides, so I appreciated Danny, and his patience, he made the trip very enjoyable.

Jim Darrin

July 21st-2008


I hand an exceptionally wonderful time both during the fly fishing class as well as the float trip!  Tim is amazing and his knowledge and passion for the sport are evident!  Danny was a great guide. He was congenially, knowledgeable, accommodating, interesting, and just plain fun! He is a guide that is there to make the most for the customer. It is evident that the customers' needs are at the fore of his attention. I appreciated his expertise very much! I hope to receive the photo of my BIG fish soon! Again, it was an exceptional experience and I appreciate and acknowledge to all of you the level of professionalism, passion, experience, and knowledge!

Thank you so very much!

Janet Zombro

July 15th-2008

Good afternoon Steve,

Thank you for the email.  My son and I had a great time with Ryan and for very beginner fly fisherman, we actually caught a few fish.  He was very helpful as well as patient and we both learned a lot more about the sport. 

I hope to get up there again before summer is over but will always consider your company.   Keep me advised when you can on good timing for fishing as I can try to coordinate with some of my business trips.

Best Regards,

Bob Rife

June 23rd-2008


I just wanted to tell you what a great trip my girlfriend and I had last Thursday with Danny. He did a great job and helped her a great deal with her casting and fishing technique. She is really excited and ready to go fly fishing again soon. I couldn't be happier with the job Danny did. He is a pleasure to fish with.

See you soon.

Darold and Angie

May 24th-2008


All of my gear I ordered via your website landed today here in Saskatchewan and everything is more than I expected...amazing!  Thank you so much.  Their will be a little work on my part to get to know my gear  and then I am off... thanks for the Pike flies I will try them next week. That reel is so beautiful.  Again thanks for the great service and perfect delivery.

Breydin South

May 6th-2008

Hey guys,

I wanted to thank you for a great couple of days fishing.  Steve and Danny are both outstanding guides.  The Big Hole is high and muddy now, but the trip with you guys got me stoked to do some serious fishing as soon as it clears up a little.  Remind Danny that he needs to send me over those pictures from our trip, I have some people I want to send the picture of that nice rainbow to.  Thanks again for everything-- I learned a lot fishing with you --the entire experience was great--and I hope to do it again sometime.

Eric Tither

Hi Guys,

My son and I did a float down the Yakima River on April 26.  Danny Snider was our guide, and I gotta say he was outstanding.
He's friendly, has a great sense of humor, is extremely patient, knows the river very well, and is very hard working.  He's also a pretty good cook.

The weather was great and both my son and I had a great time and we'll probably be booking again sometime in the future.

Also I'd like to mention the rest of the staff at Worley Bugger.  This is my third booking through Worley Bugger and I find Steve and the rest of his crew to be very friendly and honest.

Thanks Again,

Mike & Seth Anderson

May 5th-2008

To Steve and the Team,

It was great seeing everyone again at the Conclave yesterday. Thanks to Danny for showing my wife, Judy, and I his sculpin pattern. I’ll be calling later this week to the buy purple chenille and whatever other secret ingredients I need. Also, thanks to Danny for introducing his wife to us. That was very thoughtful and we appreciated it. My buddy Bob Banks and I will be spending another day on the water with him this summer, so I giving him an advanced warning. It was also good seeing Tim Irish working on the vise. Although we got to talk for a few minutes, I would have enjoyed spending some time watching him tie a fly, but I spent way too much time watching Harry Lamine tie a Parsons Atlantic salmon presentation fly, and had to stand up for a while and walk. Anyway, regards to all and we’ll stay in touch!

John & Judy Gattinella

May 3rd-2008


We had a great time today. Thank you Zack and thank you Worley Bugger.

Russ Hadley

April 28th-2008


Thanks for the tip yesterday. I decided to go over to the Yakima yesterday and stopped in Cle Elum early afternoon. I hooked, and released a nice 20 incher (really thick) on a prince nymph. One of the best fish I've ever had at the Yakima. I appreciate your info and help. That river is something else!
Have a good day!

Mark Murray

April 20th-2008


Just a note to let you know that Heather and I had a great time on the river Saturday.

Ryan did a nice job helping my daughter learn how to cast. And in spite of the snow (can't believe its late April!) and few fish, the float was wonderful. I would love to get a copy of the photo of the 18" rainbow we landed..

We're looking forward to our next trip down the Yakima. Please keep us in mind and let us know when it would a good time for dry fly fishing this summer.


Steve and Heather Foisie

April 15th-2008


Many thanks for the excellent presentation.  Lots of pertinent information on the Yak.
Look forward to fishing with you this year.
Best regards,

April 8th-2008

Steve, thanks for setting my son Gus and me up yesterday.  Ryan was a terrific guide and mentor for us, with a patient, easy going and enjoyable manner, and put Gus at ease.   Although our photos are not going in your hall of fame for Most Fish Caught, it was a perfect introduction for us and accomplished my main goal:  Gus will be back!

Bob Fikso

March 25th-2008




I had a very good drift on the Yakima River on Monday, March 24, 2008 with Danny as my guide. The weather was cold but sunny in the morning turning to sunny and warmer in the early afternoon then to mostly cloudy and cooler in the late afternoon. The water temperature was 41 degrees when we started, warming up to 43 by late afternoon.


I did not catch a lot of fish on this trip but the four that I did catch were decent fish and all put up a good fight.  I started off with a nice fat 14 inch Rainbow trout in the morning, and then I caught a decent sized Whitefish. 


After a great lunch there was a small hatch of Skwalla Stoneflies coming off, not many but some of the fish were paying attention and were feeding on the surface. Danny managed to temporarily capture a female Skwalla Stonefly and I tried to take some pictures of this fast crawling insect.


I managed to catch one really nice and fat 16 inch Rainbow on a Skwalla dry fly. I cast to the rising fish and it took my fly the way it was taking the real Skwallas, with tons of gusto. Once it felt the hook it went airborne and jumped a total of three times.  I had a good fight getting the Bow to the boat. That was one of those moments that will be filed in my memory bank, to be relived time and again.


Later on I caught a rather large Whitefish that put up a good fight.


Overall, it was a good day of fishing for me and I totally enjoyed myself.


Larry Gibbs

March 16th-2008

Hello, My buddy Doug and I were on a guided trip this past Friday with Danny Snider.  Excellent guide - very helpful and prepared.
Many thanks,

Will Faber

March 1st-2008

Worley Bugger:

Hello. I just wanted to thank Tim for doing such a good job selecting  products for me. As you know it can be difficult shopping on line for materials with out seeing the product in your hands. Tim took the time with me on the phone that day and answered all of my questions in detail. You guys proof that an on-line Fly Shop works when you have the right people.


Neil Stahl

February 12th-2008

Hello Worley Bugger Fly Co.

Got my gear last week. Its so cool!  Got it late one evening. So by first light next morning, I went to the soccer-field to try it out.  Damn, the Z-axis #5 is a nice rod! Somewhere between magic and art!

Then I had a feeling of a sure catch, if I went fishing... Couldn't resist to take the new gear, to the nearby coastline. Had to test the Galvan Torque!  And guess what... After only an half hour of fishing...BANG! A nice Sea trout got hooked on my size 6 "Mickey Finn" in Danish colors (white/red).

Have to say its not the season to be that lucky, here in Denmark.  But there I was. With a nice fish on the line, putting up a good fight. Frozen fingers holding my new gear and the biggest smile on my face! Awesome!

Thanks for perfect service. Hope to use your shop again soon!

All the best.

Thomas Vince

January 10th-2008

Let me take this moment to say How impressed I am of  your on line store. I now see that your not just a hole in the wall in some dark alley like all the other stores on line. By the presentation of the store photos, one can tell that one with knowledge works there. I will be getting back with you on some of the products I am searching for in the future. I just hope your as knowledgeable in that area as you are impressive on line.

Respectfully Your Tom Travis

January 5th-2008

I just wanted to thank you and your crew for making my recent trip down the Yakima River so much fun. Danny was an excellent guide and teacher. Since I'm relatively new to the sport, he taught me quite a bit and I know I'll be back sometime real soon.

Thanks for everything.
Bryan Waters

2007 Fishing Season

October 27th-2007


My friend Kris and I had the pleasure of spending the day on the Yakima river with Danny Snider this past Friday.  I wanted to pass along my compliments regarding Danny's professionalism and excellent service.  He went above and beyond with great conversation, and fly fishing teaching ability.  Even though the hatches were a little sporadic, he put us on some nice fish and we had a very enjoyable day.  He also took the time at the end of the day to open up the shop and let us have a look at fly tying material and a couple of reels that Kris was interested in.  I will be looking to do another guided trip with Danny in the future, and I will definitely be recommending your shop and Danny as a guide to others.
A great experience. 
All the best. 

Daryl Crockford

October 25th-2007

Hi Steve and Danny,

Bob, Dane, Steve and I had a wonderful time with you guys on the Klickitat!  The day was terrific and we enjoyed ourselves completely.  We'll definitely be making this a yearly event. 

Thanks so much, looking forward to seeing you again,

Deliene Sellers

October 17th-2007


Just wanted you to know that I had a fun day last Friday with Danny as my guide. I caught a lot of fish once we found what the fish wanted, turns out they only wanted dries and Danny had the flies that the fish were eating. It was a pleasant day after a brief period of rain in the morning, and we actually had very little wind, that sure made it nice. Danny knew where the fish would be and what seam to cast the flies to when we didn't have any visible risers. I will be fishing with Danny again during the winter months.

Larry Gibbs

October 17th-2007

Martin and I really enjoyed our two days with Dan Snider.  He was a wonderful quide : friendly, hard working and eager to teach. I gave your name to a friend, Tom Palmiere who was with Dan the day before we arrived.  He also had good things to say about Dan.

Thanks again,

Steve Green 

October 15th-2007


Just a quick note to say thanks for the great day yesterday on the Klickitat:  great guide, great lunch, great scenery with fall colors everywhere, and a KING SALMON on a fly!  Made my day


Randy Hageman

October 15th-2007

Dan (Snider), just wanted to let you know how much George and I enjoyed our half day float yesterday on the Yakima River.  Of course, we would liked to have hooked a 20" trout on every cast (now there is optimism!), but we were very satisfied with the fish we caught.  Also, wanted to thank you for all your tips and hard work.  Your attitude, cheerfulness, and enthusiasm made for a fun time.

Steve, thanks for hooking us up with Dan.  We hope to do one more float this fall, if not early next spring.  We'll continue to drop in your shop when we come over from Seattle to wade the Yakima.
Ken Zike

October 15th-2007

Hi Steve,
Great fishing trip. Thank you for excellent service. Enjoyed fishing with Danny as guide. He is fun to be with and did his best to get us 
into fish. If we did not hook fish where he told us there was fish it was our fault for either poor presentation or lack of attention.
Hope to see you in the Spring and Fall next year.

Elliot Endo

October 1st-2007


Thanks for the trip.  Both Dana and I had a great time. Thanks again for the trip.
Mantz and Dana

September 19th-2007

Steve, and the crew;

On behalf of Jim, John, Tom, and myself, I want to say what a great time we had on the river Sunday.? As you have always done in the past, you have given our group a fantastic day of fishing on the Yakima.? From the expertise of Zack and Danny to the riverside BBQ, the day could not have been beat (unless the wind had blown a bit less.? LOL)!
Thanks again, and we hope to see you again next year (me, sooner that that)

Geoff Carson

John Borger
Jim Enright
Tom Larson

September 18th-2007

Steve -

I hope the season continues as successful as our trip with you. I've handed your business card to fishermen in Federal way. My hope is that they will use your services often. For myself, we'll go fishing every chance I get to travel to the Pacific Northwest.

Thank you for the best day on the water ever. I'll be in touch soon. 

Craig "Buzz" Anderson

September 16th-2007

Dan the man,

Thank you for a great day, we had fun, caught fish, ate great food and enjoyed your company. Thank you again, have a good Fall.

 Rob Moffat

September 13th-2007


Thanks for the great day on the Klickitat.  I really appreciate it.  My wife saw the pictures and she was impressed, but when I told her about spring bass fishing she was excited.  Please send an e-mail or reminder for a day on the Yak for bass this spring.  That was my first steelhead ever and to take it on the fly makes it a very, memorable adventure.

Again,  Thanks for the great day.

Ric Jones

September 9th-2007

Steve and Tim,

We enjoyed the Yakima trip with Danny immensely, he was a "good guy" using my son Curran's description. Very patient with both of us which definitely took some doing and made for a much better experience. Thank him for us again.

Thanks again guys, that Klickitat has me intrigued, loved the Yakima except for that bloody wind!

Best regards,
Jon Chew

August 29th-2007


Thanks for guiding Denny Becker and myself last Thursday on the Yakima.  It certainly was a beautiful day and we enjoyed your guidance and the meal was superb.  I spoke with Hank Hollis last evening.  We would like to arrange a float trip on the Klickitat in October.  Maybe we will spend a few days down there so would like to fish some other areas around there also.  Will be in contact in a few days.

Bill Dewey

August 28th-2007


Thanks again for everything. Zack and Danny were great and we now have a new favorite river in Wash. We look forward to doing business with you guys again.

Best Regards,

Andrew Hosford

August 26th-2007


I really enjoyed fishing with you on Wednesday.  Great Trip!!

Paul Sands

August 24th-2007

Hi Steve, Danny and Tim,

We would like to thank you for a great time yesterday, August 20, 2007 "on the river"!!!  You all were very considerate in so many ways.
I would like to commend our guide, Danny Snider!  He isvery professional!!! We enjoyed his company, his fishing, boat-handling, teaching, story-telling and cooking skills, his attitude and his knowledge of the outdoors.

We enjoyed Tim's sharing in the shop of his knowledge of fishing, the Yakima River valley and his overall knowledge of "bugs and fish".

Steve, you have a great group of people associated with your shop. I appreciated your honoring my gift certificate for the tour even though I was not able to do it last year and had to extend the time to this year. I enjoyed your presentation at last month's meeting of the Washing Fly fishing Club (WFFC).

Thanks for making it all happen!

Best Regards,

John Townsell and Jeff Crombie

August 18th-2007


I know that Danny took some photos & we'd love a copy, if possible. We had a great time.


Damon L. Nasman

August 18th-2007


About three weeks ago in July, myself (Tim McHale, Fort Belvoir, Virginia) and Harley Moberg from Seattle, Washington took a great two day drift boat trip with Danny Snider. We had a great time!!!  Danny did a great job taking care of us.

While on the trip Danny took a lot of digital pictures of the good times we had catching some fish. I have been telling all my friends about your outstanding guide service and I have directed them to your web site to look at the pictures of our trip.

Thanks again for the super fishing trip. . .I look forward to seeing the pictures and sharing with my family and friends.

Tim McHale

August 13th-2007


Thanks for taking my son Austin and I out last week.  We had a terrific time and extra credit to you for the "paper towel" run!  It really was a ton of fun and it was priceless to have the little guy cast, hook and land that fish as the clock was running out on us.  I only wish we could have spent another couple hours walking the stream.

If you were able to download the photos you took I'd love to see them.


Robert Koort, CFA

August 12th-2007


I just wanted to tell you that I had a great time on Yakima. My guide Danny was wonderful and very patient with my casting into the bushes. Although the trip was dream I am still having nightmares and waking up at night hearing Danny's voice (cast downstream, tighter to the bank, mend, mend, mend.)

I came with two goals, to catch a few fish and to learn as much as I could. I was able to do both and with the help of Danny I actually landed a few beautiful fish (missed more then I landed) and I learned a lot.

I can't wait to seth e the photos, thank you and I am looking forward to my next trip,
Bill Ball

August 1st-2007


I would like to take the time and let you know what a great day Jay and I had when we fished the Yakima River on Saturday 07/21 with Danny Snider.

The fishing was amazing; my adrenaline was flowing all day. Danny provided us with an enormous amount of knowledge and applied a lot of extra effort to give us as many chances as possible at the “premium” holding water. Excellent lunch too.

That was the most fun you can have! (With pants still on)  We will be back in the fall.


Chris Gaylord

July 30th-2007


This is Joey Bowden writing you, I went on a guide trip with Michael Thursday the 19th. I just wanted to thank you for teaching me so much, I learned a ton and had a blast. keep up the great work!

Joey Bowden

June 26th-2007

Steve, I just wanted to write a small thank you letter to you real quick and say how much I enjoyed fishing with Danny,   He Was very Kind and fun to be with I really enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere. . .I love days like that. . .I am sorry I didn't get to Chat with you more and visit. . perhaps the next time. . . I would love to have the photo of the one big Cutty that we hooked up to Just to show people that I was actually on the Yak. . I look forward in fishing there again and hopefully with you the next go around .. .I am going to send a couple of Logos for you to put on your door if you want.  and please let me know if you need anything. . thank you and Danny for such a great day!

Matt Hyde

June 25th-2007


Danny Snider made a great day for us when my son Alex and I fished the Yakima for the first time last Tuesday.

While we were not able to get any fish into the boat, memorable trips are not measured by fish alone.  Danny did a great job with a couple of real rookies and a pretty fast-moving river.  He seems like he could do well with both experienced and inexperienced fishermen and was very good company the whole day - never a complaint or sign of impatience despite our obvious lack of previous experience.

I have already recommended your company to several colleagues and hope to fish with you again when I am in the area.  Thanks for the fond memories.

Robert E. Bohn

June 25th-2007


Bob and Joe wish to thank you for a great day on the river - and a super lunch!!!  We really enjoyed the day, even the cold rain!
Thanks again..

Joe Millea..

June 25th-2007

Thanks for the great trip on the Yakima on Saturday, June 16. This was the first guided trip for my sister and I, and our first time on the Yakima River. And it was also my 60th birthday. Zack Mays was a great guide and got us into a lot of nice fish. While the dry flys weren’t working, nymphs and streamers were. I hadn’t fished streamers before, and Zack was a good instructor.  The weather was good, not too hot and only a little windy. Zack cooked us a huge lunch and we were sorry we couldn’t eat it all. It was a great day of fishing and we plan to do it again and try the upper Yakima next time.  And we’ll definitely ask for Zack!

Roberta Foster and Sarah Judson

June 19th-2007


Just a note of thanks to you and especially Jeff for last Friday's trip. I've floated the Madison, Bighorn, and Bighole; this trip was just as
good if not better in many ways. I've never caught as many large fish in one day and the smaller ones fought just as well as many large one's inmost rivers. The 5 inch Chinook was a bonus. Jeff did a super job maintaining his patience and professionalism because had it been me, I might have lost my mind. I want to believe lunch was outstanding because of the quality of food/service and not the fact that we hadn't eaten in 7 hours. Nonetheless, lunch was great and the opportunity to catch another nice trout while Jeff prepared it was another bonus. I will certainly recommend your service to others in the Ft. Lewis community.

Thanks again for a great day.

LTC Dennis Smith

June 13th-2007


Just wanted to tell you what a great time I had out on the river with Danny yesterday. He was very knowledgeable, gave me lots of good tips, and, along with a 19-inch Rainbow, restored my faith in the Yakima.

Many thanks for helping me to celebrate my 50th birthday.

Bill Barry

June 9th-2007


My brother-in-law and I fished with Jeff and had a great time.  He is very proficient with everything he does.  Other people on the river weren’t having the best of days and we slammed the fish.  Jeff was so informative of the river, bugs, fish, and why we were doing and what we were doing. I would recommend Jeff to anyone for a fishing guide.  To top off our great time lunch was unbelievable.

Thank you Jeff!

Phillip Burdick

May 31st-2007


Sorry for the delay, It's been very busy since we returned from our float trip last Friday.  
I just wanted to say what a great time Dee and I had on the Yakima with Danny last Friday.  In past years when I saw him working in the shop, I always thought he might have the right personality to be a guide.  Friday's trip proved that to me.  Except for his suggestions to sling streamers (an old joke between you and me! LOL), he did a fantastic job ! !  The entire day was just great on one of my favorite sections of the river, the upper canyon.  

I think Danny is a great addition to your guide service and look forward to using you guys again in the future. 

Geoff & Dee Carson

May 31st-2007


I'm writing to compliment Danny Snider on a super guiding job for my brother-in-law and me last Saturday on the Yakima. Although my box score was Jeff-3 and Fish-19, Danny's tutelage on casting and line management added a great deal to my modest skills as a fly fisherman.
Give Danny an atta-boy and a thank you from Jeff and Jack. I'll be back. Jack's from Cleveland. Who knows whether he'll ever make it back.
Jeffrey A. Cohen

May 5th-2007

Worley Bugger Guys,

This past Saturday, May 5th, my brother and I did a guided float down the Yakima with Jeff Comella as our guide.  I can't speak for my brother, but I had a great time.  Your staff was very helpful.
The fishing wasn't fantastic, but considering that the wind blew most of the day, it was pretty good.  Jeff was not only a very knowledgeable and hard working guide and knew the river very well, but he was also a really nice guy.
Thanks for everything,
Mike Anderson

May 1st-2007


As I'm back at work here in Pennsylvania, I keep glancing out the window and think of the GREAT time I had with Danny on the Yakima.  Danny was as patient a guide as he was an hospitable host.  I rarely have seen a guide get as excited when his client has "a fish on."  His enthusiasm only reveals the love of the sport.  I learned something about hatches, and I really appreciated the coaching and the criticizing of my technique while we were on the river.

I informed my friends and relatives in the Tri-Cities of my wonderful experience with Worley-Bugger.  They were glad to learn of the type of fishing to be had on a different part of the Yak.  There is no doubt that I will plan to schedule another outing with you.  Maybe I'll try to get back during the smallmouth season.  We'll see!

Thanks again for making my day with W-B one of the highlights of my week in Washington.

Scott Brinkmeyer
Pittsburgh, PA

April 21st-2007

Hi Steve,

My friend Barry and I really enjoyed our day fishing with Jeff.  He was very informative and attentive to our needs.  We didn't catch many rainbows that day (that's how fishing goes)  but the white fishing was good..LOL...I see Barry made it on the webpage. He will be tickled.. I was teasing him about holding the fish closer to make it look bigger in the first pic where he is grinning big..  it was fun..looking forward to next time.


John Batts

April 17th-2007

I was just going to drop a line to Steve and Danny to express my sincere thanks. I received my new Z-Axis rod and Nautilus reel in the mail today and I could not be more pleased. The personalization on the rod is fantastic. Thank you for filling the unusual request, and doing so in two weeks flat to my door. You were great to deal with and I can't wait to hit the river with my new gear. My only regret is that I didn't order a t-shirt or hat so I could advertise on the trout stream.

Thank you again,

Matt Bolden

March 12th-2007


Just wanted to thank you again for a great day on the Yakima River.  Monty and I had a blast with Jeff taking such excellent care of us.  He is one heck of a fish finder, and even managed to get two rusty fly fishers into plenty of  rainbows, and some really nice ones, too.  It was truly a treat to be with such an expert and friendly guide as Jeff-- he really cared about making our day, and he did. 

Thanks, too to the guys in the shop, who helped us out on our other days out that way-- You've got a super crew, Steve. We're glad you're all there!  The pic is just an action shot to show we enjoyed an area lake as well!  (the caption should read "it's time for a new net!")

See you next time!
Tim Gordon
Monty Orrick

March 12th-2007

We had a great float with Jeff last Thursday. Although the morning was slow , Jeff kept trying different combinations of flies until we got several nice fish right before lunch. Both my son and I  caught a number of nice active, fat rainbows and very much enjoyed our time on the river with Jeff..... We would enjoy having any photos that Jeff took during the float to record the happy day..... T

hanks to Jeff we will be back for more fishing with your firm....

Dave Cortelyou

March 6th-2007




Jim and I had a great time on the Yak Sunday. Jeff took a couple of pictures of me with some ‘bows.  Could you please send them to me? He was also interested in the “Girdle Bug from Hell”. Attached is a photo of one hooked up to an 18# Dean River buck.


Best regards,


Scott Hagen

March 1st-2007

Steve--Thank you so much for the CD.  It was really above and beyond for you to do that for me.  Now I can see my fish on the TV!

Jeff and I had a good day yesterday despite the blizzard conditions during a part of the day.  The fish this year just are awesome.  I have never caught so many large trout on the Yakima.
Turns out I had to spend the night in Ellensburg again.  I got to mile post 70, DOT said the pass wouldn't open until 10:30 pm because of a 50 car pile up just west of the summit.  I went back to Cle Elum but all of the rooms were taken, so I back tracked to Ellensburg to stay at the Nite's Inn.  I left Ellensburg at 5:50 this morning and got home around 8:00 am.  It was one of the worst trans-pass trips I have ever taken because of all of the snow and fog.  Regardless, I sure enjoyed catching those fish yesterday.
Thanks again for the CD.--

Larry Milton

March 1st-2007


Where do I start.  My friend Chris Kenaley and I had an amazing day on the Yakima with Zak yesterday 2/25/07. You were right, Zak is a really good guy and a great guide. He got us into some big fish and had some very helpful pointers. The scenery on the river in the Winter was breathtaking. I always thought of the Yakima for Summer fishing, I never knew the Winter season would be this great. I even hooked and landed my first Cutthroat on the river and Chris caught one of those 5 pound Yakima suckers. I look forward to the next guided trip with your guide service.

Jason Plank

February 28th 2007


I would like to take the time and let you know that my son and I floated the Yakima River on Sunday 2/25 with Danny Snider. The weather was miserable….but we did not even notice. Danny was fantastic; he tried everything in his power to get us a fish, was very patient with two VERY novice fly fisherman. We did land a beautiful rainbow. Danny took a picture with my son and I with the fish, and we can’t wait to receive them via e-mail. Again thank you for a GREAT day; we will be back and will want Danny for sure.  

Ron Miller

February 7th-200


Yesterday Jeff and I had one of the greatest days I have ever had on the river since I started fishing through your shop maybe 5 or 6 years ago.  Both the quantity and the quality of fish were amazing. 
The Yakima is warming up, the skwalas are migrating and Jeff knows where the pods of hungry fish are.  Boy does he ever!    25 - 30 fish to the boat (I'm not a counter but it had to be at least 25), many of them in the 18" range. 
First cast, third cast:  2 fish on.  It was a auspicious start to the day.  I also must note Jeff's persistence.  There were times when fish were not readily taking my fly on a particular run.  Jeff would simply tell me to keep drifting the fly, I know there are fish here.  Sure enough the next three casts might net 3 more fish.  He was also spot on with his fly selection and kept working with me to keep my fly in the water.
It was so great being back on the river and seeing how the Yakima is coming back to life after its cold weather nap.  I can't wait to get back--

Larry Milton

February 5th-2007


Just wanted you to know that I had a great fishing trip with Jeff Comella on February 5, 2007. 
Jeff really put me onto a lot of very nice Rainbows, all of them in the 12 to 16 inch range. They fought hard and several of them danced across the top of the water, great fun. I did catch a few Whitefish as well, they are also good fighters, one of them was probably the largest Whitefish I have caught on the Yak.
I do love that winter fishing.
See you soon,
Larry Gibbs

2006 Fishing Season


December 27th-2006


Thanks for the photos, that size works for me with these fish. If we had another 22 incher, then I would want the full sized shot.  I had a great time with Jeff on the Yak yesterday, saw a lot of deer, Golden Eagles, Bald Eagles and oh yea, some good fighting Rainbows. :)

See you next month.

Larry Gibbs

December 4th-2006


Thanks for the Outstanding trip on Sept 22 & 23.  I finally got around to shipping you a Navy ball cap like I said I would.  I put one in for Danny, Joe, & Steve.  You should get them later this week.  The caps I shipped you were all stationed in Japan.  You can go on line to see what type of ship they are and there history if you are interested.

You guys are all great!  I will for sure do another trip with you again soon.
Bill Ulrey

November 17th-2006


What a day I had on the river with Jeff yesterday!  Fishing success had been hit with a triple  whammy by the river rising to over 2,600 cfs over night, the water visibility falling down to to 1 -2 feet and the water temperature falling to 43 degrees.
Jeff's river and fly presentation knowledge and willingness to keep searching for just the right fly combination led me to boating several fat rainbows of around 20 inches, several more in the 16" -18" range and many more quality fish.  Another fish I hooked was so large I swear it would have broken the anchor loose and dragged the boat down stream if it had not broken off. 
 I have not had such success since I caught that Yakima steelhead last year.
Two examples that show Jeff's efforts:  I had hooked a large rainbow.  Jeff pulled anchor and went downstream so the fish would not disturb the other fish in the hole.  After landing that fish, Jeff rowed back upstream to put me on more fish.  Another time, while at anchor, my cap fell in the water and was heading downstream.  Jeff pulled the anchor and chased my cap down.  He again rowed back upstream to put me on more fish.
Fishermen do not know what they are missing by not fishing the Yakima in winter conditions with a quality guide.
Hope to see you soon--

Larry Milton

November 5th-2006


 I have to say that this float trip was outstanding. My son Cooper age 14 and I were guided by Jeff Comella. Jeff put us into fish immediately but best of all was how he worked with my son teaching him how to nymph. One could tell that Jeff really enjoyed watching and helping others catch fish without over instructing.

We both truly appreciated everything.

Richard Stoulil

November 1st-2006


Rich and I had a great trip on the Klickitat and it was good meeting you. Thanks for everything.
Steve Ahlrich

October 23rd-2006

I would just like to say, you have the best bunch of guides I have ever fished with.  We were out a couple of weeks ago with the Leviton/Martin group and had the best time ever.  So I am send this email not only to tell you that, but to also say Danny should get a bonus, he was the best guide I have ever fished with.  And the other guys said the same about there's.  Thanks again for a great time, we will be back.

Thanks again
Matt Mattiello
WG Technologies

October 22nd-2006

Hi Jeff just wanted to thank you again for a great trip.  Mike and I had really enjoyed the day. 

Look forward to fishing with you again.


George Brill

October 20th-2006

Just wanted to thank you for another outstanding trip with Danny on the Yakima last week.  We caught alot of nice fish, had a great lunch on the river, and much appreciate all of Danny's help, patience and personality. It was a great day, we'll be back to fish with Danny and Worley-Bugger again.

Jared & Billie Weeks
Edgewood, Wa.

October 14th-2006

Hi, Steve--

Thanks for sending me a copy of the Worley-Bugger weekly update. I know that it is traditional for guides to exaggerate the size of the fish caught, but it seems to me that you have digitally altered the photo of the huge extreme native steelie I caught Oct. 2. In the photo it appears very much SMALLER than it actually was.  Additionally, my forearms, which my wife tells me are very buff, appear to be somewhat
spindly and white in the photo.  My suspicions were also aroused when I noted that my head and chins were made to appear grotesquely LARGE. The proof of digital chicanery is that the picture is BACKWARDS. Fortunately, I was able to obtain a copy of the original, unaltered photo which is attached.  You have my permission to publish it with the heading "Mike Pehlke, famous fly angler, catches trophy fish as Doug Ragee goes for drinks".

Seriously, thanks for a great trip, Steve.  My wife is still looking at her calendar but we would love to make another trip with you this fall.

Mike Pehlke

October 10th-2006

Hey guys, My dad and I floated the river with Jeff on Thursday Sept 28. He got a couple of pictures of me and a few rainbows I caught.  Could you send me the jpegs?  And maybe post the pics on your site so I can direct my friends to it?
We had a great time and I can't recommend Jeff's services enough.  He's a great guide and a great guy and was super helpful making our day on the Yak a day to remember.  Both my dad and I like to fish-fish-fish, and while Jeff let us set the pace, there was no wearing him out.  On the contrary, we were fished-out by the end of the day.  Just how we like it!

You guys are a great resource.

Sincerely, Ron Schmeer.

October 10th-2006


I just wanted to thank you for the successful guide trip with Danny this past Saturday, 9/30—we had a full day trip on the Yak and fished below the Umtanum bridge. Danny was really knowledgeable and helpful and worked hard to get us into some fish. We picked up a couple of really nice rainbows during the day even though the day as a whole was pretty slow. I appreciated the fact that Danny asked us before we started fishing what we wanted to do. It was nice to know he was looking out for us by making sure he know our expectations for the day. We wanted to get to know the Yakima and he knew a lot about area where we fished (we’d never fished below the bridge before). Danny was great to fish with. I enjoyed his chatter and he also prepares a pretty nice steak!

Please let him know that he did a great job and that I’d love to get pictures of the trip from him. I look forward to guiding with you again. Thanks!

Best regards,

Ron Sasaki

October 10th-2006


Thanks again for a thoroughly great day on the river! As always it was very therapeutic.

Mark Shemmel

October 5th-2006

Hello Steve,

This is just a line to say "Thank you" for having such a responsive and helpful guide operation.

Just over two weeks ago, while we were in Soap Lake, my wife Jan, and I, and our old friends and fishing buddies Ralph and Pam realized we all had the following Monday off after our fishing day on Sunday. We called Saturday the 16th from Notaris Lodge, spoke to Ryan, who was able to arrange for Jeff and Danny to take us out on the 18th. We had a fine time. Ryan got all the details collected well for the arrangement, there was flexibility enough so we could meet a bit after 9 am and still get off the water in time to get home at a reasonable hour, and the fishing was excellent. I know Pam and Ralph were happy with Jeff, and we were very pleased with Danny. He was very good at adapting to Jan's and my differing skill and interest levels. Jan is a casual fisher, enjoys fly-fishing and the Yakima experience and sunshine. I like all that as well, but would fish from before dawn 'til after dusk and forget to eat. He kept track of  where our flies were at all times, gave very helpful feedback and suggestions, was always thinking of something next to do if what we used wasn't picking up fish, was patient with us when the fish struck and we didn't. He was clearly there to tailor our trip to us, and succeeded.

Our first experience on the Yakima for float trip fishing was probably 15 years or so ago with Tim Irish. The trip with the expert and the pampered lunch of steak or other barbecue was a wonderful luxury. Over the years with some other guides, the trip became more utilitarian - still good - I don't think you can have a bad time fishing, and in particular floating the Yakima. However, this trip brought back the attentiveness, river/fishing knowledge and overall class of the first time we made such a trip. It was a delight.
In years past we'd brought a nice wine to have with lunch. When lunch went to sandwich fare, wine just didn't seem like the right thing anymore. With this trip and the lunch plus excellent hosts, we were back in a fine-wine quality trip.

Lastly, it wasn't 'til close to the end of our float that we learned this is the rookie year for Danny. He's obviously had enough other experience with people skills and fishing to put it together for his guide career. Cases in point are his very beginning questions to find out about just what kind of trip and day we wanted, his excellent demeanor through brief little weather adjustments (jackets off and stowed, back out on on, off again, stowed again), the patience with line tangles, knots etc of the fishing day, and the ability to deal with all of that, keep the boat in the right places, the flies right and in the right places, etc. Generally, on our trips we catch a few average trout, miss a few more, and Jan or I might get one serious fish in the 18 inch+  range. This trip we had the strikes, were a little slow on our uptake at times (the fish and Danny did their part), and had a fine time. However, this time it was my turn for the big fish, and there were not one but 3 fish landed each in the 18+  range. Actually, since it's already a couple weeks since the catching, and I have a true fisherman memory, they were probably 19 or 20 inches...

So, I could go on, but this is turning into a longer e-mail already. I also want to come back to browse the shop with some time since the equipment and materials looked pretty nice in the short time we were getting set to go out.

We had a great time, great weather, great guides, fishing, lunch, - everything. Next Yakima trip, we know who to call.

Thanks very much. I'm sure we'll see each other more.

John and Jan Nimlos
Ralph and Pam Neighbor

September 28th-2006


Thanks for the pics and the good time. As always we had a great time floating the Yak and spending time with you. We hopped around quite a bit on Weds but the fishing was SLOWWWW!.

Thanks for everything and see you again next year about the same time. Good luck with the new little package and enjoy them while you have them. They grow up fast.


p.s next time make Gene catch smaller fish than mine....

September 27th-2006

Hi Danny, just wanted to thank you again for a great day on the water last Friday and for helping my son. 


George Brill.

September 25th-2006


I took a guided float with Jeff Comella last Wednesday 9/20 on the Yakima.  Thank you for all your efforts to put me on fish in such a short time.  Jeff was a terrific guide as proven by the fish I landed (and the many more I missed).  Is there anyway you can reply to this email with a few of the pictures from my trip?

Thanks again to you and Jeff once again.  I hope to be able to get back out there before too long.

Best regards,

Jason Chartrand

September 20th-2006


Thanks for the great pics and a tremendous day on the river.  What a great experience.  Lets schedule a day on the Klickitat in October.

Doc Z

September 20th-2006

Dear Steve Worley:

Danny was our guide and did exactly what we asked him to do. He checked out our skills and equipment before we left. He asked us what we wanted out of the day and we got that and more.

Our goal was to see more river, learn how to recognize the progression of flies throughout the day and pick up added fishing skills. He was on us every minute about mending. This is good because I'm really hard headed about old bad habits and I appreciated that. He did a great job timing our arrival at the "wall" and fixed a mean lunch.  I plan to do it again!


Gregg Knowles and Fishing Partner Jack Cole

September 19th-2006

On August 30, a novice lady friend, Dixie, and I floated/fished the Yakima with Jeff Comella. Jeff proved to be an outstanding guide and teacher. He immediately put us at ease and his instructions to Dixie were clear, thorough, and created enthusiasm and confidence. She had a good day and proved to be quite a natural, but credit goes to Jeff's skill as a fisherman and teacher. We would and will float with him again.

Thanks Jeff!

Larry Rayner

September 15th-2006


Outstanding day on the Yak. One of my best guided fishing days ever.  Nice job,

Randy Reber

September 6th-2006


I wanted to thank you for the wonderful float trip down the Yak.  My dad and I had a great time and really learned a lot.  It was a 2 in 1 trip, as we gained great experience as well as the chance to catch a few fish.

You really went all out trying to maximize our trip by stopping to tie on flies when we frequently lost them.  I appreciate your approach to trying out a variety of dry flies, nymphs and streamers.

Both my dad and I have been talking you guys up to our friends and colleagues.  Thanks for having us spend your 30th birthday with you!

Brian Reisenauer

September 1st-2006


We just called and booked our 2nd trip with Danny Snider on the Yakima. My wife Billie and I fished with Danny in early July and had one of our best fishing experiences yet. Danny is professional, attentive and courteous. He shared his in depth knowledge of the sport and river with ease, and put us on fish throughout the trip.  Billie hooked and lost a slab and Danny was probably more excited than we were. It was a great day and Danny is a terrific guide.  We can't wait to get back on the river on October.

Thanks for the great experience,

Jared & Billie Weeks

September 6th-2006


I wanted to thank you for the wonderful float trip down the Yak.  My dad and I had a great time and really learned a lot.  It was a 2 in 1 trip, as we gained great experience as well as the chance to catch a few fish.

You really went all out trying to maximize our trip by stopping to tie on flies when we frequently lost them.  I appreciate your approach to trying out a variety of dry flies, nymphs and streamers.

Both my dad and I have been talking you guys up to our friends and colleagues.  Thanks for having us spend your 30th birthday with you!

Brian Reisenauer

August 26th-2006

Hi Steve,

Just wanted to drop you  a note on the great trip my son and I had with Danny Snider.   He was very patient and worked very hard to make sure we had a great experience.   It was a rather windy day and fishing was tough but we really enjoyed Danny's expertise and willingness to try all methods of fishing and flies to get up some fish.  He was very patient with us since we are relatively new to the sport and had a lot to learn as far as techniques in throwing the flies.
I would recommend him to anyone wanting a great experience on the Yakima River.
Dan Reisenauer

August 21st-2006

We wanted to thank Jeff for yet another awesome day on the river!  We had no fewer than 20 fish in the boat, and a few others that we should have had! As always, Jeff was patient, funny, hard working and a great chef for lunch. His knowledge of the river and the fish makes fishing so great!   We're looking forward to fishing with him again soon,

Jon & Ann Husebys

August 22nd-2006

My son-in law, Rick Jesus and I just returned from one of your guided float trips down the Yakima River. Our guide, Jeff Comella couldn't have done a better job. In addition to displaying a lot of skill and knowledge on the river he also displayed a lot of patience with a couple of novice fishermen. He explained as well as demonstrated several knots and fly set ups which we both appreciated, and spent a lot of time untangling our mistakes. Showing us a good time was his first priority. He put on a great lunch and put us over some nice fish, even though river conditions weren't great. I highly recommend Jeff if your looking for a first class guide.

Steve Spencer

August 11th-2006


Sorry it has taken me so long to email, have been out of town. I wanted to thank you for the patience and perseverance you showed Gerrit and I during the float trip two weeks ago.  I know it was a challenge dealing with us, but you took it well.  Not to mention retrieving my fly line from the tree, that was above and beyond.  Although we landed only a couple of fish, the scenery and food were great.  Anyway, thanks again and we’ll see you soon. 

Best Regards,

Evan A. Casteel

August 9th-2006

Dear Steve and Jeff

My son and I went out on the Yakima on August 7th. Fantastic trip! I am sure it was a tough challenge for Jeff --we didn't get to the shop till almost noon. I am a very experienced angler, I take several guided trips a year but my son had NEVER casted a fly rod!  So here we were, a complete rookie, a seasoned angler and the heat of the day...Jeff pulled it off in style. I got loads of fish, my son learned to fish and caught a respectable number. He learned to cast. Jeff was patient, knowledgeable, and cooked a terrific lunch. Jeff is one of the best guides I have ever had. Thanks guys!

Steve Johnson

August 7th-2006

Danny ,

I just played back your message of earlier today.
Thank you again for your extremely courteous and attentive support. Your consideration and assistance in my venture into this new area...not just the pontoon boats but the whole internet buying thing.....stands out as exceptional.
Thanks again.
George Conrad
Los Angeles

July 25th-2006

Hey Jeff and Danny,

Just wanted to send you a big THANKS for our trip on the Yak last Wed and Thurs. We all had a great time and you guys were the reason why.  Your patience with both the river conditions and with us was outstanding. And your river-side lunches were AWESOME!  Hope you had as much fun with us as we did with you!   We'll be back for more soon.

Stay cool.

Wayne A. Miller

July 22nd-2006


Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the two days (July 19-20) fishing the Yak.  It was a GREAT time despite the high water.  I learned so much.  I'll try and remember what you taught me and put it to good use.  I hope the next time that I'm over on the east side we can hook up a few more fish.
Thanks for your patience.   Your composure while we worked our way through your fly collection was simply amazing.
Let Jeff know that he was a great sport with the super soakers.  You guys did a great job with everything.  I've been icing the shoulder since last night, should be ready to go again in a day.
Keep cool.
Chris Quandt

July 18th-2006

I just took a trip w/ Danny last Friday. We floated the flatlands (I think) down to the KOA in Ellensburg. It was an awesome trip!! Danny was
a great guide ... totally patient and very thorough in answering every question I had about casting technique, hatches, the nature of water, etc. He could even tell me about all of the bugs and pupae I was wondering about on the bottom of the river!! I also felt like I got plenty of quality time in the good spots (anchoring the boat, getting out, working certain stretches for a time, etc). I am definitely planning on another trip w/ him in October or later in the winter. Thanks much to Steve too, for helping w/ my reel and giving me great advice. You guys are great. I am in the market for a new rod so I'll be in touch w/ the shop.

Thanks again. -

Jordan Shay

July 13th

Hi Steve and Danny,

Thought you might like a copy. Scroll down I think it's on page 5 or 6. Sorry it took so long but things have been extremely hectic around here, so much so as I have not wetted a line since the excellent trip my brother and I went on with Danny in April.  I was wondering what Danny ended up naming his "trailer hole" adversary and if he ever got his fly back out of his lip.

I also wanted to let Steve know that the Steelers are going to start off the season 0 - 1 as they are playing the Mighty Dolphins in the first game of the season.

Anyway, I really wanted to take the time to thank you again for your generous donation to our club. We really appreciate it. We are a non-profit organization and thru donations such as yours we are able to fund numerous conservation projects, sponsor scholarships for kids to attend conservation camps and to continue to teach the art of angling with a fly to new comers to our great sport.

Thanks again and please keep us in mind when you have your annual Yakima River clean-up. We would love to come out and lend a hand.

Sincerely yours,
Blake Oxley
President, Northwest Fly Anglers

July 12th-2006

Hi Steve,

I wanted to follow up and let you know that Shawn and I had an absolutely AMAZING TIME!!!!   Please pass this along to Jeff as he was equally amazing and inspiring.  I am wondering if we could get copies of the pics that were taken that day….one must remember the biggest fish I’ve ever caught! J  We are looking forward to more adventures.

Kindest Regards,

Miranda J. Porterfield

July 11th-2006

Hi Steve,

I’ve been on the road without internet access and I am late thanking you and Jeff for making our first fly fishing encounter such a wonderful time.  My wife, Charlice, and I could not have had a better experience and we are amazed at both the complexity of fly fishing as well as the enjoyment we had while still being such novices.  You were absolutely right in getting us to book for three days.  We had three full days of training but feel we could easily have spent 3 weeks working with Jeff and never stopped learning.  I don’t think I can remember ever enjoying learning something new and having so much fun at the same time.  I’m sure people can get a great start in just a day or two but I don’t think we wasted a minute of our time and I will certainly recommend a minimum of 3 days to everyone I see.  With three full days we never felt rushed.  We took the time needed to learn complex new skills like knots and we had time to do the extras such as seining to see the hatch and see how the flies we cast imitate real life.  Our three days just flew by.  Jeff is so nice, so enthusiastic, so knowledgeable and SO patient.  I know you guys take a new group down the river each day and it’s just got to get a bit routine after a while but you would never guess it from the time we spent with Jeff.  He was just as energetic, patient and helpful as if we were his first class of the season.  I know your standards are high but you cannot do any better than to have Jeff on your team.  I’m sure of that!

We caught some great fish but most importantly we just had a fabulous time and I am sure fly fishing will now be our #1 priority for recreation.  Last night, rather than joing the massive crowds everywhere for fireworks displays, Charlice and I scouted out the Cedar River—just 15 minutes from our house—and found at least a half dozen easy access points we cannot wait to wade into and start casting.  We’re already recruiting other couples for float trips on the Yakima and several are anxious to join us.  I’ve already lined up a couple guys from work who are more than willing to join me for a day with you guys.  We just need to set a date and find out if you’re available.  What a great sport!

Thanks again and I certainly hope we get to cross paths in person Friday.  I look forward to seeing you and Jeff, if not Friday, sometime very soon.

Jim Wenger

July 10th-2006

Dear Steve:

I fished the lower part of the river yesterday from my float tube.  I did not catch nearly as many fish as I did while fishing with you.  But I did manage to land a very nice fish. Without a scale or even a tape it is just a guess on my part, but I would say the fish was between 5 and 6 pounds closer to 6.  The whole time I was fighting the fish I was not to excited because I figured I had hooked a carp. It wasn't until his head came out of the water just before landing it that I realized it was a small mouth.  Also I caught three cat fish, one of which gave me a pretty good fight, I was thinking another large bass.
Thanks again for the trip,
Larry Letts

July 10th-2006


I had a great time on the lower Yakima smallmouth bass fishing trip. Thanks for showing me a new direction I can go with my fly fishing, actually two new directions. The smallmouth bass fishing was great and they hit and fight with a ton of aggressiveness.  The 12 pound Carp that I caught was an added and unexpected bonus. This did get me to thinking about taking up some fly fishing for Carp over in Banks Lake sometime in the future.
There are a couple of fly fishers from my club who are thinking of giving you a call for a trip, I hope their experience is a great as mine was.
Larry Gibbs

July 9th-2006

Hey Steve,

I would like to say thank you to Danny for a great trip Saturday July 1st.  I called on Friday afternoon and he found a way to make himself available as everyone was booked.  My wife and I floated the tree farm section with him and had a blast.  He positioned the boat just right and always had us on good water to fish.
We had to do nothing except cast the fly line as Danny did everything else.  Oh, and as usual, the lunch was great!  Danny has a lot of knowledge of the area being a local and was a blast to talk to on the trip
as well.  He showed us a couple great out of the way areas, and I was able to land a 17" rainbow at one.
Anyway, thanks again Danny for a great day of fishing. Steve, I will be back this fall for a little more of Blackstone.

 Brian Kenkman

June 28th-2006

Just wanted to let you guys know what a great trip we had with Danny.  I have attached a couple of pictures from the trip for him.  Yes, the fish are small but this was my first time on a float trip and Paul's first time fly fishing. 

I will try to drop one of my personal Texas Redfish crab pattern flies in the mail for the roof of Danny's truck.

Take care,

David Sallean

June 28th-2006

Hi Steve, Betsey and I want to take this opportunity to tell you what a great time we had yesterday fishing with Danny.  He worked hard at putting us on fish and seemed to really care about our fishing experience.  He was courteous, friendly and knowledgeable.  We appreciated all the pointers he gave us and often his tips lead us to catching fish.  By the way, I really want to thank you for allowing me to try out the new Sage VT2.  Here are a couple of photographs I thought you and Danny would enjoy. 

Thanks again for the great day.
Betsey & Jim Wieding

June 25th-2006

Danny: Thanks for the great guided tour yesterday.  It was my first time fly fishing, and I really enjoyed it.  You taught me a lot.  Even though David has done a lot of fly fishing, you taught him some things also.  It was a great day.  I am sure David and I will both make an effort to be back again.


Paul Sands

June 12th-2006


Thanks again for the great trip.   Will  contact the shop about  the 2nd day  makeup at a time convenient for you (no other trip scheduled).  I will probably make it a two day, even separated by a day or two if that works better for you. 


Roger Malfait

June 5th-2006


Thanks for the pictures, they’re great! I see Dave made the web as the pic of the week. Heck it might have to be the pic of the year!  We had a great time as well. You’re definitely in our books as the premier guide.

Look forward to fishing with you again.

Tim Clark

May 11th 2006

Thanks to Jeff for an incredible day on the Yakima.  Jeff has an excitement about fishing that is contagious and a knowledge of the river
that was second to none.  Add to that his ability to somehow row the boat, retie the tangle in a leader, and pass a drink from the cooler, all at the same time.

It was a great day.  We will see you in October for Steelhead.


Matt Kusche

May  1st 2006

To Jeff and Worley-Bugger staff

Just wanted to drop you guys a quick line and tell you what a wonderful time my father and I had fishing on the Yakima last week. Jeff Comella guided our trip and what a trip it was!!!!! Jeff made us feel right at home with his knowledge of the river and professional teaching attitude. He comes highly recommended by both my father and I. He made our trip one of the most memorable fishing experiences I've ever had!!!!!

Thanks again Jeff,

Steve and Fred Galassi

April 27th-2006

I would like to thank Steve and Danny for helping me as much as they have. I am very new to fly fishing. The crew at the W-B has helped me
more than anyone else. They made fly fishing fun and exciting for me (I can actually catch fish now). Steve, thanks for the waders, flys, tips, and great conversation.

Loyal Customer,
Joshua Fleury

April 24th 2006


I would like to thank you for providing my friends and I with a day of fun and excitement.  We recently booked and fished Blackstone lake (4-22-06).  That was some of the most awesome fishing I have ever done.  I would just like to say your guides (Jeff & Danny) really made the trip.  I was in Danny's boat for most of the day.  He was very friendly, professional and knowledgeable.  Danny was not only a excellent guide but a great teacher.  He took extra time to teach basic fly casting and fly fishing to those who knew nothing.  I believe he made the trip worth every penny and not necessarily the fish.  That was the best $175 I have ever spent.  All though I did not spend much time with Jeff, he was very knowledgeable, professional and seemed to have a great personality.  The lunch provided was exceptional.  I could not believe my eyes when Jeff and Danny brought out steaks, potatoes, bread, and salad.  It was a real four star spread.  Great fun, Great food and Great people.  You really have a winning combination.  You now have a customer for life.  I thank you. 
Once again, the trip was awesome and the staff were great.  Thanks.
Colin Rose 

April 20th-2006

Steve and Jeff,

Thank you so much for a GREAT day on Blackstone last Friday!  We had a really great time (as usual) and thought the fishing was terrific.  Between the 3 of us we landed 18 fish, that's a good day as far as we're concerned!
Jeff, you did a great job!  Dane said he learned "a ton" from you!  Thanks again, we'll be back.  Love the pictures!!!!
Deliene, Bob and Dane Sellers

April 15th-2006

Good Morning Jeff!!

Thank you for a great time at Blackstone Lake yesterday.  I learned a lot from you and for that I will be forever grateful.  Thanks and hope to see you again - that Methow trip sounds fabulous - I am giving that serious consideration!
Till Later,
Joe Bernstein

March 27th-2006


I wanted to thank you for a fantastic time at Blackstone Lake last weekend.  You provide a excellent service with ease and I couldn't have had a better time. I can't wait for my next excursion with the Worley-Bugger Fly Company.

Best regards,

Paul VanSickle
Covington, WA

March 18th-2006

I just wanted to send a quick ‘thank you’ note to the guys at the shop.  My name is Dale Hauff and I’m a teacher from Abbotsford, BC (just across the border from Sumas).  My fishing buddy Alan and I fished Monday, Tues, and Wednesday this week on the Yakima.  We came in to the store each morning and were greeted in a super friendly manner.  Although we didn’t take a float trip, we were still treated to some great advice and some good fishing locations from Thorp down.  We love the Yakima – it’s like a mini-Thompson with more fish.

We experienced some great fishing despite the super cold water in all reaches from Thorp to the farmlands to deep in the canyon.  We only experienced one brief, but frantic, BWO hatch where we rose about a dozen fish in 20 minutes or so.  The rest of the fishing was nymphs and some streamers.  I even got an honest 17.5 inch fattie on a wooly bugger swinging (I only know the length because my new Scott G2 883 has measuring marks on it!!)  Lots of fat 15-16 inch rainbows, one beauty 14 inch westslope, some big whitefish and lots of really big suckers!

We’ll be back again before too long.  Keep up the excellent work at the shop!


March 17th-2006


Jeff was a great help as usual.  He genuinely gets excited for us every time we hooked up.  He and Kevin had a blast in the boat.  And his expertise and advise is very much appreciated.  I think we were a bit early this year and the late cold front that came in did not help.

We got a few at Lenice on Monday.  But no where near the size of Blackstone Beauties.
Thanks again for a wonderful trip.
Dave Pardo

March 11th-2006

Hi Steve,

Scott & I enjoyed our day with Jeff.  He was a great guide. We are going to the Methow on Monday for three day.  Any suggestions on where and how?  


Jim McRoberts

February 7th-2006


Thanks again for the great day on the river. Chuck’s trip was really made by catching all those trout on the Yak.

The trip down to the Grand Ronde was also a success.  Despite the river being high and way off color, the guide got us into fish right away. We were nymphing a run off a gravel bar in about 2 to 4 feet of water with ?glow bugs. I hooked 4 and landed 3 in the 7 to 10 lb range. Chuck did hook one and played it for a bit but it broke off. (Not quite the same as playing a 16 inch rainbow is it?)

Anyway, superb guiding made for an excellent weekend.

Thanks again.

Mark Schemmel

2005 Fishing Season


November 18th-2005

For my birthday my wife set up a full day trip with Jeff to fish the Yak.. My wife had never been fly fishing before and had a fear of being on moving water. Jeff was very calming for her and had her casting with decent accuracy within 15 minutes. The trip down the river was filled with humor, instruction, fun, food and of course fish. my wife caught the first fish, a decent sized white fish, which was very exciting for her. It was very exciting to see my wife learn to fish (and enjoy it) as well as picking up proper nymphing set ups and technique for myself from Jeff. I have always enjoyed being on the river (whether I catch fish or not) but Jeff made this an exceptional day for me and my wife (who now wants to fish more often with me). We would recommend Jeff as a guide to anyone interested in a trip on the Yak. or anywhere else he provides services and will be using him on our next guided trip which we are planning to take next year. Thank you for the wonderful experience and for your patients, we needed to be untangled and retied many times, all of which Jeff would not let us do ourselves!

Robert Edwards

November 15th-2005

I've been fly fishing for well over 20 years now and consider my self a fairly seasoned angler.  I had the opportunity to fish with Jeff last month on the Yak and I got to tell you it was great!  I've fished with a hand full of other guides before but, this trip was one of my most enjoyable and memorable. Jeff gave me a few casting tips that were very helpful. Did I mention LUNCH? Incredible! Streamside steak! Everyone in our party of 4 had a great time.

Thanks again!

Jamen Carrizosa

October 30th-2005

We enjoyed a great trip on the Yakima on October 22nd.  Jeff is a great guide; both knowledgeable of the river and fun to be with.  We will be back!!  -

Jason & Candice Hardt

October 29th-2005


Thank you for the wonderful time you showed my family at Blackstone lake this weekend. I appreciate very much the time patience and expertise you gave us. The trip was great. The photos are super.

Brian Duvall, OD

October 26th-2005

Hello everyone,

My wife Alisa and I had an AWESOME TIME on the Klickitat with Steve on Saturday!  BIG THANK YOU STEVE!  I caught my first Pacific Northwest steelhead, and Alisa caught the biggest trout she has ever caught. 

Alisa and I look forward to fishing with Steve again soon.

Best regards,

Martin Owens

October 23rd2005

Hey guys!!!   Had a great time last Friday out with Jeff!!

Tom Graham

October 19th-2005

I just came back from another amazing guided fly fishing trip with Jeff. Not only does Jeff show you where and what to use to catch huge rainbow: he cooks a sweet meal as well!

Jeff you rock!

Paul & Jason

October 18th-2005

We want to thank you for the memorable fishing experience of 10/12,13/05. The fishing on both Blackstone Lake and Yakima River was great in part due to the just right weather. The other part was the top notch guiding job by Jeff. Claude caught the largest Rainbow (5 lb, 23") of his life in the lake.

Steve, we want to thank you again for the generous donation of the trip to the, Butte, MT, George Grant Trout Unlimited Chapter, from the auction of this fishing trip which goes for trout fishing improvement projects in that part of Montana.
Thanks again,
Claude Orvis & Dean Orvis

October 13th-2005


PJ & I just wanted you to know that we had a very good two day drift with Jeff Comella last weekend. Even though the river was as low as I have ever seen it, Jeff was able to put us onto some very nice Rainbow and Cutthroat trout. We had a good time and really enjoyed the trip. I look forward to some great winter drifting on the Yakima with Jeff and The Worley Bugger Fly Co.

Larry Gibbs

Sumner, WA

October 10th-2005

Thanks for a wonderful trip yesterday, Sunday October 9th. Both Jake and I had a great time. It was the first time on a float trip for the both of us and although the river was low we appreciated your effort to get us into the
fish all day. The weather was beautiful,  the riverside BBQ fantastic and your fly fishing tips extremely helpful. Thanks for the casting lesson. My wrist is fine but my shoulder is aching after 8 1/2 hours on the river. I must of learned something, right!!

Thanks again,

Dave Schick
Fox Island, WA.

September 30th-2005


Just a note to let you know that John Garland and I had a great day with Joe on the river.  Caught a few nice fish and the weather was more than perfect.


Jon Bren

September 26th-2005


We really enjoyed our experience and thought Jeff was an awesome guide!!

Jennifer Skorny

September 24th-2005

Steve and Joe,

Thanks again for a great day on the Yak last Sunday.  Between the guiding, fishing, and catching the day was just hard to beat.  The food, as usual, was fantastic, the best on the river, and we can’t forget the potatoes that Ms. Joe made for us.  Please pass on to her that they were “the best”.  

One thing if you get a chance, please email the pictures that were taken that day to me.  I am making a CD of all the pictures and videos for everyone.  IT DOES NOT GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS ! ! !

Sincerely, The Big Trip Gang:

Tom Larson
John Borger
Geoff Carson

September 23rd-2005

To Joe and Crew:

My son and I caught a drift a couple of weeks ago and had the best time.  I really appreciate being able to line us up a great guide.  We caught plenty of fish and the weather was perfect.  I was impressed with the help and encouragement you gave us.  I hope to try again in early Oct.

I'll recommend you guys to my flybrain buddies from the west side.

Thanks again,

Dan and Adam Fischer

September 19th-2005

Dear Steve,

Thanks for taking Todd and I out on Sept. 17th.  Todd and I really enjoyed the trip down the Klickitat.  My experience definitely will bring me back chasing the beautiful fish we call Steelhead.  It was great fun and definitely a challenge.  You provided the perfect setting for the both of us to have a good chance to catch fish and have a very memorable day.  I surely will return to the Klick to pursue Steelys on the fly in the future. 

Todd seems like he enjoyed the trip and is contemplating purchasing a fly rod.  I'll definitely be giving your name as a contact place to go for steelys out here in MT to the local fly shops.  Please send me the pics from the trip when you can. I look forward to setting up my next float down the Klick in the future.


Joseph Gill
Helena, MT

September 17th-2005

Thanks for the float on Thursday Steve.  Continued luck with your business!

Thanks for great time.

Ron Enyeart

August 8th-2005

Hi Steve,

We took a guided half day trip with Jeff on Wednesday morning (August 3) and had a great time- we caught 6 pretty nice Rainbow trout- Jeff was very patient and knowledgeable (we learned a whole bunch of new knots and tips about gear) as we were fairly new at fly fishing. He took two pictures with his digital camera that afternoon- could you have him email them to me at this email address please? That would be awesome. Thanks again for the great day- when we come back to go fly-fishing, we'll definitely use you guys and hopefully Jeff will be available.


V/R Sarah Soja

July 29th-2005


My son and I fished with Jeff Comella on the 8th of July. We had a great time, Jeff was very patient with all our tangles and lost bugs.  His
knowledge of the river and all the insects was awesome. He is a very personable guy. I highly recommend him to anybody looking to fish the Yakima and also he cooks one mean steak. I have had nothing but positive experiences with everyone at the Worley Bugger shop. Thanks for a great trip Jeff.

Jim Reed

July 28th-2005

We really didn't know what to expect outside of a day floating on our favorite river. Our guide, Jeff Comella was a lot of fun to spend the day
with, A true master of the river area we floated and one hell of a cook.  Jeff's focus was fishing and fun, he was a wealth of knowledge, which my buddy and enjoyed so much of the learning process that became our day with Jeff. His knowledge of the river was particularly impressive, whenever Jeff said to cast our lines a certain distance or in a certain direction, to mend a bit...There was always a strike. It was almost weird how well versed he was with the river and the fish. He set us up about 3 hours into the trip
out of the boat, nymphing a nice stretch, a stretch Neither of us would have stopped at before, by the 4th cast I was into a beautiful fish; we all got into the boat and chased it down to land it safely, about 300 yards away,
what an experience!!!  To top it all, Grilled Rib Eye Steaks with Corn on the Cob, Gratin Potatoes, Garlic Bread and Salad. SOOO WORTH IT !!!
We'll be back Soon!!

All the best Guys

Jason Wilson & Paul McTaggart

July 7th-2005


Time and time again my friend you show us a great time.  Jeff Comella and the Worley Bugger Fly Co. guide a fantastic trip.  After spending yet another day with Jeff floating the Yak I can't wait to go back again, and believe me we will. This is the 4th or 5th trip and it will definitely not be my last.  I keep saying this over and over, Jeff Comella is the truth!

Thanks Jeff.

Mark Short
Janicki Industies

July 2nd-2005


Jeff Comella was the best fishing guide I have ever spent a day with.  His enthusiasm is infectious.   He not only got me to where the fish
were but got me over my hang-up about casting double nymphs.  I'm sure that my day with him will improve the productivity of my nymph fishing from here on.  As an added bonus he cooks a perfect steak.  I look forward to more trips with Jeff in the future.

Mark Vossler

June 22nd-2005


Thanks so much for showing my Dad and I a great time last Friday, June 17.  Even though we didn’t catch a ton of fish, the fish we did catch were awesome.  I just wish I could have spent more time with my line in the water instead of re-tying and untangling all day ;)  You really worked hard for us, and we thoroughly enjoyed your company.  You are a fine guide and run a first class operation – the shore lunch was pretty darn good as well!

Thanks again and I hope to fish with you again soon.


Jeff Mackay
Gig Harbor, WA

June 21st-2005


We had a GREAT trip with Jeff last Saturday.  Nice fish, great weather (even the thunderstorm which only lasted long enough for Jeff's
outstanding New York Strip; BBQ lunch. Super Lunch, Education and Yakima River bonding.  Danny got our gear ready and everyone at the fly shop helped make our trip spectacular!!!!

Thanks for being here and doing what you do....We have been on several guided trips nationally.....this one is definitely in the forefront!!!!  See
you in September for Blackstone Lake!!!!

Lee Cohen

June 20th 2005


Jeff Comella did a super guide job for me and Doc Huseby on Friday. We would use him again anytime!  Can I get the photo of the nice cutthroat and the minitrout he put me on?


Jonathan Brisman



Linda and I both really enjoyed the trip down the Yakima, hope to do it again with you.

Dale Burrier

May 28th-2005

Well its been 7 days since we floated the river, and still have fish on the brain!  Owner Steve, Danny at the shop, and of course our guide
Jeff, who's knowledge of the river, professional yet never judgmental guidance had us on fish all day, seasoned and novice fisherman a like. The
Worley bugger has a complete package. It start's shop side and seamlessly flows to the float, their dedication to customer service is obvious.

Jeff's patient attention & sense of humor made all the difference with the novice in our group. oh! did I mention he makes a mean chicken lunch!:)

Thanks again guys see you next time,

Sean Gallagher

May 25th-2005


Just a quick report on our charter with Jeff last Monday.

Jeff did a great job so we had a very enjoyable trip.  We had the opportunity to hook a number of fish and were successful on some, though I was surprised at the number of whitefish that we landed.  He was so persistent; it was well after 6pm when we reached the take-out point.  That was nice because I hooked a very nice rainbow just above there and landed it
on the ramp.

Lunch was wonderful.  One gets the feeling that Jeff has done this a few times before.  Jeff is truly a very proficient professional.  The weather could not have been better, but I suspect that you will take credit for that rather than giving the credit to Jeff.

Thanks again for the great trip.

Dave Vladimiroff

May 24th-2005


Scott and I had a great time on Sat.  Even though the weather was not so great, and there was no hatch, we still caught a bunch of fish (lots of white fish) and we learned a bit more about fishing with nymphs.  Jeff did a great job, he really made the trip a great experience.

Thanks for everything.


Todd Heimes

May 8th-2005

    Thank you for a great day of fishing! We had a great time. I forgot to ask you, please, to send on to me the picture of me and my rainbow!
Thank you again, and thank your wife for giving you up on Mother's Day.    T

The Husebys, aka, the great Whitefish slayers!!

PS does the flyshop there have a new hat for Jon that reads: Got Whitefish?

May 6th-2005

Steve, thanks again for a great day on the river. Let me know when you haul an outhouse down the river to compliment the picnic table! I’m looking forward to finding some time to take a steelhead trip. See you then.

Mark Shemmel

May 2nd-2005

I've said it before and i'll say it again, Jeff Comella is the TRUTH! A beautiful day on Blackstone Lake, monster trout, a great lunch and even better guide.  Never once was Jeff not working with my group to make the necessary changes to catch fish.  This stuff never gets old, Thanks Jeff, and we'll be see in you again very soon.

Mark Short

May 1st-2005

Hey Steve,

Thanks for a great couple of days. We both enjoyed fishing with you a whole lot.  I've been singing your praises as well since I got back.

Thanks again.

Keith And Ed

Capt. Keith Robinns
206-283-6680 Office
206-295-7031 Boat

April 21st-2005

Hi Steve,

I enjoyed fishing with you on Tuesday.  I’ve already had a lot of mileage from the “one that got away.” My fisherman friends all understand…  

Thanks again,

Dumont Jones

April 21st-2005

My buddy and I just complete two days on the Yakima with Jeff Comella as our guide. We enjoyed ever aspect of the trip, from the moment we set into the Worley-Bugger to our parting good-byes. Jeff gave us a excellent overall experience, with good humor, good food and good fishing.  This is a definite return trip for us.

Scott Dohner

March 28th-2005

I had an opportunity to float the farmlands with Jeff and what a day it was.  He knows where the fish are and what is on the menu.  I could tell you a story about a steelie he put my buddy on but you wouldn't believe it anyway.  Jeff's knowledge of the river, bugs, fish, and some other interesting facts made for a great time and an even better learning experience.  I will definitely be joining him again. 

Klint Despres

March 25th, 2005

We had a fantastic day on the Yakima thanks to Jeff.  He was very knowledgeable about the river and bugs, very pleasant to be with, and worked hard for us all day.  He tied us into many fish both on top and under the water all day, including hooking up a 26" or so steelhead!  I was able to learn a lot on my casting & fishing techniques also. To top it off, the lunch was top-notch.  Thanks for a wonderful day, Jeff!

Marc Chapman

March 16th-2005

Jeff,  .

We had a great time, the beautiful weather helped.  Our guide, Jeff Comella, was knowledgeable, helpful, and had a good attitude through out the day.  He knows where the fish are in the river and what they are eating, when the are!  We wanted to learn and he was a good, patient teacher.  I also appreciated his safety consciousness, who wants to take a swim in March?

 Richard Norris
 Dean of Administration and Finance

March 11th-2005

I am still in fantasy land.  I close my eyes and see myself back on Blackstone anticipating the next strike.  Of course you are never ready for it and the jolt of the strike makes you open your eyes and hold on.  Another big boy!

Myself and 3 other guys just enjoyed a fantastic trip on Blackstone this past Wednesday.  This was not our first time on your lake, but I think it was the most productive!  We had our doubts fishing this early in the season.  Let me tell you, those doubts are long gone.
We all had a hey day on your lake.  The fish were biting, the weather held and most importantly - Jeff was the man!!

Jeff's eagerness and willingness to help really made our day.  If we needed a new leader tied on, he was there.  He packed gear in and out of cars for us and just made our day that much easier.  We are still talking about his professionalism.  Not to mention the lunch, helpful hints and the pure joy he had watching us catch fish.  And catch fish we did.  We tallied up what we thought we caught and it was close to 150 fish.  That is no joke, 150 fish.  10 of those were over 4 pounds and every fish hit like a ton of bricks. What a killer day.  I wanted to thank the entire company of Worley Bugger for the wonderful day we had.

Jeff - hats off especially to you.  I will ask for you in the future -which may be in a month or so.

take care

Dave Pardo

March 9th-2005

 Steve and Jeff.

I can't tell you how pumped I still am to have landed this fish of a life time.  For me it is better than a hole-in-one in golf.
To have hooked this fish is one thing, I just happened to have been the lucky guy at the other end of Jeff's magic stone fly pattern when the fish decided to eat it.  Also, it was Jeff who directed me on which slot to fish and who did an unbelievable job of netting the fish.. 
I had the thought that if I had never bought that XP 6 weight I would have been fishing with a 4 weight 8' 6" S-3.  Just prior to hooking up, the top 3 sections had come off the butt section of the XP and I had just retightened the rod sections (a lesson learned when one is doing alot of roll casting--check your ferrules periodically).  Either case my rod probably would have broken trying to bring in this slab.  It was a great feeling to have hooked, played, landed and released this fish so successfully.
I will never forget it.
Thanks for the great day--Larry
p.s.:  Thank you so very much for the great photos.  As much as I hate handling the fish it is great to have the pictures. 

March 9th-2005

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the great trip last Sunday.  You can reply to my email address when you send the pictures.



March 1st-2005

Jeff-Thanks for the note, and I hope we do get to chase Baetis feeders.  I wonder if you received the photos from our float that I sent you some time ago, and if you have a couple from your camera that turned out to be worth sharing.  Cathy and I had a wonderful day with you and appreciate your skill and competence  and determination to make your dudes happy.


Stewart Scham

March 1st-2005


Thank you for an awesome day on the water yesterday; you even provided us with tee-shirt weather in February; now that’s good guiding!  Seriously though, it was an excellent day for both my dad and I.  I have floated that same section of river in my boat a couple dozen times over the last few years and thought I knew it pretty well; boy was I wrong.  You showed us places that held fish that I have been passing over for three years, and we pulled fish out of those spots, nice fish!  When I caught a nice 13” Bow on my first cast I knew we were in for a good day. 

I’ve been fly fishing for many years but your help with my technique paid off in a big way too.  I truly learned more in a day with you than it would take a couple years of trial and error on my own.  I have hired guides over the years and always felt like they were helpful but you really worked hard to get us into fish and your knowledge of the river was amazing.  Plus you’re a hell of a nice guy, have a fun, positive attitude and it really shows that you love to fish.  I will be booking with you soon and will highly recommend you to my fishing buddies and anyone else who asks me who to book with.

Thanks again for a great day on the water; you’ll be hearing from me again soon.             

Paul Reynolds
Edmonds, WA
When I die, if heaven isn't a river, I won't go.

March 1st-2005


Just wanted to Thank You for the great time I had fishing. Also, want to say I appreciate  the information and the help you gave me.  Hope to do it again.  I'm indebted to Brett for the rest of my life!  Ha Ha
Thanks also for sending me the pictures.
Jeff Nolls

February 22nd-2005


Thanks again for the fun outing on the Yakima Feb. 20th.  Steve Durkee and I had a lot of fun. Your website is really quick with the photos. I already sent the link to many of my fisherman buddies.


Arley Harrel

February 22nd-2005

Hello Jeff:

Writing to thank you for a great trip on the Rocky Ford Feb 9th. I really felt like I learned a few things, especially presentation to large spooky
trout.  Im also quite sure that on my own I would have spent considerable time going after fish I could see but during our trip I learned that is not effective. It was a thrill landing 22 inch trout on light gear and will not be forgotten.  Also wanted to let you know that I appreciated your company and thoughtfulness (never would have imagined someone undoing my wind knots!) and thought the lunch was great too!   Even though Ive always hated fishing the Yakima because that river kicks my butt I will certainly contact Jeff in the future to help me learn and fish it more effectively.

Thanks again!


Joe Gasper
Ivan Turner

January 7th-2005


On January 4th I went on a drift with Jeff Comella, my assigned guide. This was my third trip with Jeff. I’m sure you are aware that he is an unbeatable guide and boatman.

Jeff has a personality that I find to be pleasant and easy going. He gives me guidance when I need it. When he says to cast to a certain seam or a particular drop off, I can just about guarantee that there will be a fish there. The only thing left for me to do is try to catch them.

I consider Jeff to be a top-notch guide with extensive knowledge of the river and the fish. He is a great cook and an excellent conversationalist. The fact that on this trip he guided me to a huge 22 inch Rainbow was excellent, but in the past he has put me onto 17 inch to 19 inch Rainbows, as well. For me, it’s always a pleasure to go on a drift with Jeff. He is an asset to your business and to his profession.

Just thought you’d like to know.

Larry Gibbs
Sumner, WA 

January 9th-2005


I know it's been a couple of weeks since our trip, but I wanted to send a quick email to thank you again.  My brother Matthew & I really enjoyed the day.  We appreciated your professionalism & your knowledge of the Yakima River.  We're really happy we could all spend the time together.  We're looking forward to another trip very soon!


Jon Kryman

2004 Fishing Season


December 17th-2004

Dear Jeff
Thanks for the fabulous fishing trip on the Yakima River on Dec. 15. Again it was a banner day with another 25+ fish day netted. Can't get any better than that. Your hospitality and friendship makes the trip(s) always memorable. You always seem to know where the fish are even if I don't listen to you. Thanks again and I would recommend anyone to take a guided trip with Jeff Comella from Worley Bugger.

Dave Smyth

December 15th-2004

Steve, I just wanted to drop you a note to rave about the day of fishing I had with Jeff Dec 5. Once again he put me onto more fish that I could catch (though I managed to catch a few as well). The guiding and the fishing were fantastic and I can’t wait to do it again!

Mark Schemmel

December 8th-2004

I bought a fly line from your pro shop in mid Nov, a Rio windcutter. I bought this as a back up line and luckily did not have to use it on my trip to New Zealand, You guys did a great job of getting it to me in time for my trip, and I’m grateful for the good service. I have included a picture of my largest brown trout, both for this trip and in my many years of fly fishing. Once again, Thanks for a great job. This fish was caught on a river on the south island, northern end, during a helicopter fly in day trip. My entire trip was 14 days, 5 days lost due to weather, 19 trout landed and weighed, 99 lbs total, a little over 5 lb average, the largest, picture included, weighed in at 8 ½ lbs.

Have a good day

Doug Page

November 22nd-2004

Worley Bugger Fly Company

Thanks for the great float 11-22-04.  I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday present from my wife.  She arranged for Jeff Comella to take my brother Dave, who hadn’t fly fished for quite a number of years and I out on the Yakima river. He put us on a lot of outstanding fish.  We were able to hook many and land quite a few!  Thanks for a great day, lunch instruction & tips and we plan on doing it again.

Jack Christiansen

November 9th-2004

For Steve Worley, Worley-Bugger Fly Co.

 I want to express my sincere appreciation for the best fly fishing experience ever and thanks for having a true professional - Jeff Comella
on your staff.  Jeff was absolutely perfect, extremely knowledgeable and very patient teaching me the art of fly fishing for Yakima Rainbows.  Jeff worked hard to put me on to the fish and I enjoyed the thrill of hooking some mighty scrappy bows.  By the way, Jeff is also a great chef and host.  He brought out rib eye steaks with all the trimmings for a fantastic riverside BBQ lunch.  At the end of the day, I said that this was the way a guided trip should be and you have me sold on booking another fly fishing trip with Worley-Bugger Fly Co..  I most definitely will pick Jeff Comella again as my guide.  Thanks again for a five star guided trip and see you in the near future.

Jimmy Lopez
Oak Harbor, Washington

October 21st-2004


Thanks for the fabulous day on the river yesterday.  What a time I had and fishing with Sage was an added bonus.  I also liked the secret put-in spot. You, as well as John and Jeff, know the river extremely well and have always gotten me into fish.  The rest is up to me and I have never been disappointed. 
I look forward to doing this again as soon as possible.
Best Personal Regards,

Larry Milton

October 21st-2004


Let me thank you for a wonderful, professional, and productive trip for my brother and I this last Saturday. Your flexibility made the experience a good one for us both. As we discussed, neither of us has had much experience working with a guide, fishing from a boat, or nymphing like we did. Your patience (not only in listening to our brotherly sparring and jabbing) but also with the flying hooks and obsessively tangled rigs. you handled the boat well, and your advice was timely, and well received. i look forward to using those techniques more in the future. You put us over a lot of fish and we caught some, but lost more (not your fault). We each had a memorable time. I have already recommended your services to several and look forward to future trips with you - possibly as soon as winter.
Thanks again.

Brian S. Duvall, OD
Snoqualmie Valley Eyecare

October 17th-2004


Wanted to let you know what a great experience we had fishing.  John is a very good teacher and knows the river well.  It was fun and I learned a ton from him.  Being in the tackle business such as I am, I will recommend your guide service to any of my customers or their customers to use Worley Bugger Guide Service without hesitation. 

Thanks again. 

Ketih Yamaguchi

October 11th-2004

We just completed a day with one of your guides, Jeff Comella. We didn't catch a lot of fish as you know how that sometimes goes. The fish were there, and Jeff tried hard ( stayed out till almost dark).
However the time was not wasted as every spare moment that Jeff had he spent teaching my friend the art of fly fishing. This was only Phil's second time with a fly rod and he really appreciated the special instructions. FANTASTIC LUNCH! Best that I have ever had on a stream side cookout.

Keep a tight line and Thank you.

Gary Rudy, Executive Director, Independent Free Papers of America

October 11th-2004

John, just a note of appreciation for a great day of fishing on the Yakima. You put us novice fly fisher's on three different species of fish and provided a scrumptious river side lunch all while teaching us the rudiments of fly fishing; we had a rememberable day - and, I got bragging rights over my daughter!!!!

Patrick and Cristina Estenes

October 8th-2004


From both Mike and me, I wanted to thank you so much for the great trip last weekend.  You showed both of us how little we know about fly fishing and we both have high hopes for improvement.  Your were patient with both of us and we found every way possible to tangle our lines.  But like golf a couple of good casts serve as the motivation to continue to learn.  Keep in touch and hopefully we can get together over the winter and/or next spring.

Thanks again,

John Steinhauser

October 4th-2004

My boss and I fished with Jeff on Friday, October 1.  Jeff was a great host, being attentive to our needs without being clingy, fun and energetic with a good sense of humor.  Cooks a great steak, too!  The weather was wonderful, we found a few fish willing (I lost a bonafide hawg), and a fun guide; great day on the Yak!

Richard Embry

October 1st-2004

Steve and John:

On behalf of Jim, John, Tom, and myself,  I wanted to say thanks for making our “Big Trip 2004” a successful one. As usual, you guys provided a great float down the Yak last week and I personally thought the fishing was better than last year.  

I would have emailed you some of the pictures I took of the float, but I must have let the sunlight get to my digital camera as none came out!

Thanks again and hope to see you soon,

Geoff Carson

September 27th-2004


I wanted to thank you for a great time on Friday. I know you go out of your way to accommodate me and I really appreciate it. It didn’t hurt that I out fished Dave either!

Thanks again. I look forward to my next trip.

Paul E. Van Sickle
Regulatory Engineer
Leviton Voice & Data Division

September 23rd-2004


Thank you for the teaching me the basics of fly fishing.  You were very professional and easy going.  Your teaching style and methods took me from never casting a fly rod before, to catching my first fish with a fly rod with-in an hour. 
I would also like to thank Danny, he helped my wife select the proper gear for my new past time sport as well as setting me up for this guided tour.
I would recommend this experience to friends and family.  Thanks for sharing your knowledge with me.
Mike Backstrom
Ellensburg, WA

September 23rd-2004


Steve, I had an excellent day on the river on Saturday and wanted to thank you guys again for fitting me in at the last minute. I’ve taken a number of trips with various guides out of Missoula (mostly with John Herzer and his guys) and wanted to let you know that your program and Jeff’s guide skills are very similar to Herzer’s (considered by some including me to be the premier group in Missoula).

Jeff was excellent and despite my many handicaps put me onto a lot of great fish. In my experience (not extensive) the Yakima looks and fishes very much like the upper Clarkfork and the Bitteroot.  I’m looking forward the fishing the Yakima again. I have to be in Seattle again the first weekend in December and will be in touch about trying the fit in a day on the river either on my way over or back. Thanks again to Danny for the Coffee!

Mark Schemmel


(An extremely satisfied customer)

Thanks again Jeff. I do look forward to fishing with you again!

September 23rd-2004


 Well, I'm back in NJ now.  I arrived just after Ivan dumped 4-9 inches over much of PA and NY which has every river at 50 year flood
 levels.  Probably won't get out her again until late next week.

I just wanted to thank you for a great trip down the Yakima.  You did a good job of putting me on fish (I should do a better job of landing
them).  I went out Sunday, wade-fished and put some of the things I learned from you about fish lies.  Also, I should have already known this and maybe I did at one time, but using a nymph to imitate the olives that were emerging seemed to be a better way to catch fish
than drifting a tiny dry.  (I did find some really flat water and took some rising fish on an olive dry, but they were less than 5"

This time I managed to catch most of the fish I hooked, except for one large fish that broke me off in a dead tree. Even though I've fished for some time, I appreciated the way you kept me focused on detecting takes and putting me in good spots to cast to holding spots.


Dennis Mueller

September 17th-2004

Once again, the Yak, Jeff Comella and the Worley Bugger Fly Co. is a combination that makes for a great trip.  I just returned from 2 days on the river with Jeff and had a great time.  I'm still a rookie and still looking to learn, and Jeff was phenomally patient with me for two entire days.  This man is the truth!!!  The consummate professional with an outrageous amount of knowledge about the fish, wildlife and habitat.  He kept me on the fish and havin fun.  Not to mention he does one heck of job cookin lunch!  This is the ONLY way to go fishin, learn and have so much fun all at the same time.  Thanks Jeff, for a couple great days.  Next time we'll check out that lake.

Mark Short
Western Washington University

September 10th-2004


I just wanted to drop you a quick line in regards to the guided trip down the Yak that my fishing partner Phil and myself took last Sunday with John.  It was the first professionally guided trip down the river for the both of us, and I think I speak for both of us when I say that the trip far exceeded our expectations.  John's knowledge of the river, expertise at reading water and ability to put us on fish, literally from the time we launched, till the time we took out, made the experience one that I will not soon forget!  Everything about our trip from John's personality and approach to guiding, to lunch (which was excellent, it has been along time since I had a steak as good as the one he prepared), to the native wild rainbow and cutthroats, were first rate, top class!  I suppose I shouldn't suck up to you too much, as John asked us if there was anything we would change about the trip, or would suggest to improve the experience, and I have only one suggestion to make.  The only thing that would have made the trip any better, in my unqualified opinion, would have been if we had been chumming for the fish and had brought up every porker to the net!  Ha Ha, gotcha!  Seriously Steve, the trip couldn't have been anymore pleasurable!  And how could it not be when you're dealing with a premiere fly shop and guide service such as yours!  You and your staff truly are the best on the river!  Again thank you, and thank John, for the experience of a lifetime. 
Sincerely yours,
Brandon Thomas
Please, by all means, feel free to share this e-mail with the guys, and most certainly John.  Again thank you for a wonderful trip!

August 30th-2004


I just wanted to thank you again for a superb adventure on Saturday down the Yakima.  I can speak from my wife Christina and I both when we say that your trip exceeded our expectation and was a tremendous value.  We really appreciate both your and Joe’s outstanding tutelage and hospitality.  We are both now huge fans of Worley-Bugger Fly Company.  I will be wearing my hat with pride on weekends.

You can most definitely expect to see the Ramerman and O’Keefe’s again sometime soon---either hanging around the shop (pretending to be locals) or on another guided trip.

Very best regards

M.W. Ramerman
Director, Brand Development

August 30th-2004

Thanks again for everything. We had such a fantastic time! We couldn’t have asked for a better day (casting in the wind is good practice, right?), you were a great guide - very knowledgeable of the area and offered just enough help, and we got fish! Can’t beat that.

The rest of the weekend was super. We scored a perfect campsite in the canyon, fished a bit more on the river on Sat and lounged in the sun, and on Sunday explored the wine region before heading over to Rainier and hiking around Sunrise. Great b-day celebration for Nathan overall.

Take care,

August 26th-2004


What a great day on Sunday. Luca was so happy and apparently talked about the trip the whole next day with my Dad. He was not interested in work in the least. You can download the pictures into your hard drive hopefully, let me know if any go on the web-site. Thanks again, I had a blast, see you during RODEO!

Take care.

Graham Kent

August 23rd-2004

I am not in the habit of writing testimonials, but I felt it necessary to drop a line describing how great of a day I had on the Yakima with Jeff
Comella on Friday.  I had never had a day of guided fishing in my four years of fly fishing, nor had I fished from a drift boat, but I still managed to do great.  Jeff knew where the fish were - with Jeff as our guide we turned well over 30 fish that day (between my buddy and myself) and brought a good portion of those to the boat.  A few of the 'bows we stuck were chubsters!  Jeff was a consummate professional, offering constructive criticism when appropriate, but not afraid to joke around either.  He was very attentive to us when we needed a fly tied on, a netter, had made a knotty mess out of our rigs, or if he was just checking in with us to be certain that we were well
taken care of.  And he made a delicious streamside lunch to boot.  I would most definitely recommend both Worley Bugger and Jeff to anyone that might ask me.  And I will be sure to come back to the Yakima and look up Jeff in the future for another great day on the river.  Thanks to him, and thanks to Worley Bugger for the best fly fishing day I have yet had.

Best Regards,

Kyle Hadersberger

August 17th-2004

Mike Worosz here--my friends Ziad, Peder and Christian and I took one of your guided trips on the Yakima River on Sunday.  We all had a great time and we appreciate your expertise and instruction.  You took a few digital pictures of us during the trip and we're hoping you might be able to send them along.   I'll be sure to forward them along to the other guys.

Thanks very much and we look forward to fishing with you again!



August 13, 2004

I did a drift boat float on the Yakima River with one of your guides, Jeff Comella. I had a fantastic time. Sure, it was 103 degrees and the water was 68 degrees, but Jeff knew where the fish would be and he kept me on the fish all day. I caught a lot of fish and had many more hits. We took photos of several very nice and fat Rainbows. Even with the warm water they fought well. Jeff was a very good guide, knows the river, and is an easy person to get along with. Jeff cooked up some great BBQ chicken, and we had salad and ice cold drinks for lunch. Sitting on a gravel bar enjoying the river makes for a very relaxing time. I will be coming back for another float in October and plan on making this a regular float every year.

Thanks for a great time.

Larry Gibbs


August 3rd-2004

Hey guys,

Just a note to let you know I had a wonderful float with John on Sunday.  What a down to earth guy, that really knows the outdoors not to mention providing a hell of a steak.  When I fish with a guide, it is not to catch all the fish or the biggest fish, but to enjoy the day and learn what I can about our great sport of flyfishing.  John fit the bill!!!!!!!!!!!  We caught fish all day and John was willing to share his knowledge of the river.

How did I get on to the Worleybugger pro shop?

From out of state, I spent the day checking out the area and possible local fisheries.  Stopped in and met Dan.  What a guy.  He spent a better part of 2 hours, highlighting the river on a map and providing me the fly selections for the Yak.  This kinda person ensures I utilize the pro shop.

Thanks for enhancing my stay in Federal Way.  As time and money permits, I will be purchasing that four piece rod from Dan and spend another day floating the Yak with John in the fall.

Mike Smartt

August 2nd-2004


I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the great fly fishing trip you guided on the Yakima this past weekend.  Craig and I had a wonderful experience with you and were very impressed with your fantastic customer service and unparalleled knowledge of the river.  I can’t count the number of times you said “put your fly right there” and BAM fish on.  I will definitely be booking a trip with you again.   Great company, beautiful scenery, great fishing….what a day to remember. 

Best regards,

Bill White & Craig Paulson

July 29th-2004


Bernie and I enjoyed fishing with you and look forward to another trip.

Carl Westphal

July- 28th-2004

Jeff- These are excellent pics – thank you for sending.

For the record:

 “We really enjoyed our day on the Yak with Jeff and the folks at Worley Bugger. The shop had everything we needed and all was ready when we arrived. And most important Jeff put us on the fish, all day. Great time and see you again soon”

Brian and Mark

Brian Hunt
Managing Partner
DDB Direct 
1000 Second Avenue, Suite 1000
Seattle, WA  98104

206.728.0139 fax

July 25th-2004

Dear Jeff Wanted to thank you again for the excellent time my son and I had on our 1/2 day fishing float trip on the Yakima river 07/24/2004.  You not only were, a wealth of information, expert boatman and confidence
builder, you made us all feel relaxed.  Sorry about all the knots you so patiently saved me on.  How do those knots get so bad?

Jeff you did everything a fisherperson would want.  You came prepared, your knowledge of the river was amazing and you put us over great fishing water.  The rest was up to us.  You made a father and son float fishing trip a very positive experience and one that we will repeat much sooner that the first trip.

Thanks again for your time, knowledge and great attitude.


 Don and Eric Kellogg
 Renton, Wa.

July 22nd-2004


I wanted to let you know what a fantastic day I had with Jeff today. 
I had never fished with him before.  The day was hot (over 85 degrees) and we were fishing in the middle of the day.  I believe the river was flowing around 6200 cfs and no bugs were coming off.  I did not have much hope for the day.
Jeff changed all of that!  In forty minutes I had 4 fish on.  He adapted his style (and mine) to meet the conditions the river gave us.  It was a great float and a great day.  I had at least 20 fish on with 15 brought to the boat.  Sorry the picture of the 18"er didn't turn out too  well but I think the 17"ers did.
Jeff just knew where the runs were, where the fish were holding, what flies to use on them and what techniques to use to get a take.  Besides all of that, Jeff was a great guy with whom to share a boat.  I especially appreciated his patience with me when my line got tangled more than several times.
I have fished with all of your guides over the years and they have all been excellent.  I was pleased to find out that you are maintaining your high standards by having Jeff as a guide out of your shop.
Sincerely,  Larry W. Milton

July 20th-2004

As I as driving home Sunday morning after our awesome day on the on river with you it occurred to me even though my trip was over, the memories last forever. What a day we had!!!  Your knowledge of the river is without compare.   If I put a bug where said and got an effective drift going, it was indicator down FISH ON!! All day was like that.

I expected comments like this at some point." down stream left just below that log is nice little slick, put your bug about 2 feet inside the seam Fred the 18 incher lives there, or river right at the end of the sand bar about 5 feet put you bug in the foam line, Bruno the 22incher resides there". This is YOUR river. I'm been fly fishing my whole life and I learned some mending tricks from you on our trip. I spent the entire day with my niece Stacy and you worked with her and  she brought a 16 incher to the net. As good as our day was,20 + fish to the  boat It could have been a 50 fish easily.  You had us on top of fish all day.  I can't count  the number of fish I didn't stick. All the more reason to come back and look for Bruno, because I'm sure you will know where he is. Thanks again for the trip of a life time on YOUR river.

I am already planning another trip and you can be sure it will be with Jeff "the mojo"Comella

Ron Pedegana

July 16th-2004


Thank you for your professionalism, patience and your true passion for client satisfaction.  You really worked your tail off to make sure we had a great day on the water.  I've fly fished for over ten years, and I learned more with you in one day than the previous ten I have spent on the water.  Of course, it helps when you know a river as well as you know the Yakima.  We hooked fish almost every spot you said there would be fish.  You really know that river and the fish that swim in that river.  Thanks again for a great day of fishing (mostly catching).

Kyle Williams

Business Development Manager


Stoner Software

July 16th-2004

Sorry to take so long to put this little letter together but since my trip with you folks I have not had time to thank you for the weekend.

The first thing I would like to make sure is that Jeff's wife gets a big than you for letting Jeff out to play on Sunday the 4th.  I found out at the end of the drift that Sunday was supposed to be a holiday for you and that Jeff had family coming into town to help with the celebration of the 4t.  That was really a great thing for him to do on that day.

The trip was far better than I had expected.  Sure I expected to catch a few fish but not as many or as large as I did catch.  Jeff worked really hard to get me into all of those, as Jeff described, "quality fish."  Along with the catching I was taught a lot of new invaluable information on techniques and where the fish hold in the river.  That alone was worth the cost of the trip in itself. 

Over the 2 days that I got to fish with Jeff, I think that there was only about 100 yards or less that he didn't think or know if there were fish to be had.  His knowledge of the river, the "bugs", and the fish was excellent.  Not to mention his culinary expertise at lunch.  He would be a great guide to go to at any skill level or time of the year.  

So Jeff thanks for the great weekend and when the girl friend is able, we will be booking a trip with you this fall.  Maybe you can teach her how to fly fish as well.

Have a good week.

Mike, "dagrizz", Poorman

July 9th-2004

We had a great time on the river, I am attaching a few photos as promised.  It was a superb service.  Thank you, I will be looking for next year to do this again.

Masa Asano, Horizon Export

July 9th, 2004


Thank you very much for wonderful fishing in Yakima River today!!! I learned a lot of method of western fishing way
from you.
Thank you and hope to see you next year...By the way, if it's possible, would you please send me a copy of my picture w/fish?


Jun Fuwa

June 30th-2004


My father and I wanted to thank you for the flying fishing experience on June 23, 2004.  We appreciated your patience and expertise very much.  For a person who had never fly fished before, I had a wonderful time with you and my father who was visiting from Louisiana.  Being so far from each other it was a perfect father/son outing that I will never forget.  We will see you again hopefully this fall.


Jeff Hughes, AIC

June 16th-2004


Crystal and I would like to thank you and the staff at Worley Bugger for an exciting fishing experience.  Not knowing what to expect, the entire trip down the Yakima was a wonderful learning day.  Your patience was greatly appreciated from probably two of the least experienced fisherman you have had to deal with.  We walked away with a head full of new fly fishing knowledge.  Additionally, the lunch at mid day was better than expected.

All in all, I would recommend you and your company to anyone that is thinking about learning to fish the Yakima.  Keep up the good work.
Hope to see you soon.
Chuck and Crystal Anderson 

June 16th-2004

Just a note to say thanks for a "PERFECT" day of fishing.   Joel and I enjoyed the day about as much as a father and son could, spending the day on the river with a very pleasant and highly competent guide and even catching a godly number of fish.  We should have had more to the boat but that is mainly attributable to poor reflexes. You gave us plenty of chances.

Again thank you and we will be back to do in AGAIN!

Dick Long

June 6th-2004


Thanks again for a very enjoyable couple of days on the Yakima River.  You are a very hard working guide who was always at the ready to help untangle a line or tie on a new fly.  Your drift boat and all of your equipment is first-rate.  Your streamside BBQ lunches are among the best we have ever experienced.  Finally, you were very pleasant to spend a couple of days with and adapted the overall trip to meet our particular needs and desires. 

Mike Rhamy and Kim Lyons

Bothell, WA

June 6th-2004

Hi Steve,

I manage a large construction crew and I find it very rare when people call me and tell me something positive about one of my crew. It seems the only thing I hear are the bad things. So I would like to let you know how much Matt (my fishing partner) and I appreciate your guide John.

The first time we met John I had booked a trip to Blackstone because Matt wanted me to teach him how to fly fish lakes. I assigned the task to John. He is a great teacher and of course Matt was hooked.  Matt and I fish weekly and we both think highly of John for the gift he gave Matt.

We have been back to Blackstone four times and we both always look forward to fishing with John. Tuesday we had the lake to ourselves, so we asked John for a few pointers and to just hang out and fish with us, we didn’t need a guide, just a ticket to the lake. I think he would agree we all had a great time. 

Please let John know we appreciate him and look forward to fishing with him again in the fall.


Ben Chadwick
Field Operations Manager
Pacific Air Control Inc.

May 30th-2004


 Thanks for an awesome day of fishing. It was a top notch experience and worth every penny. We appreciate your expert guide services as well as your fishing instruction. I learned a lot about presentation, mending, casting and reading the water for fish.  I wish I could fish the Yakima like that every weekend.

Sincerely, Noel

May 30th-2004

We went on a guided all-day float trip with Jeff from Worley Bugger and had a great time! I was very impressed. Not only do they take you to prime fishing holes that are reachable only by boat, but they offer a variety of other amenities. The boat was a premium Hyde float boat that felt safe & sturdy. Jeff kept the boat moving on pace with our flies for an easily obtainable drag-free drift. Jeff BBQ'd a tasty lunch, which kept us going on the 8 hour trip. Back-up premium rods & reels were ready to go in the boat incase there was a mishap. Book a trip with these guys, you won't be disappointed.


May 17th-2004


Ken and I (the "Widmaier brothers", sounds like a brewery) had a great time. Oh yea, and thanks for scheduling the police chase for our enjoyment. We will have to do it again in the future. Also, thanks for the entomology lesson with the rocks. That was really great.

Bob Widmaier
RGW Custom Rods

May 9th-2004

Dear Jeff:

We just want to thank you again for the great  time we had on the Yakima River with you this past week.  You sure know how to find the fish and your knowledge of the river along with your friendly and helpful manner made the trip a wonderful experience.  Lunch was a delightful surprise.   Fishing guide, boatman, cook,.... your talents are many.  We look forward to joining you again in the future for another great day on the water.

 Thanks again.  Sincerely,  

Bruce and Roger Malfait.

May 5th-2004


Thank you for a great day yesterday.  Terry and I had a fine time and really appreciated your knowledge of the river. Thanks again for a fun day.  I'll look forward to showing my family the pictures on the website when you get them up.

Best Regards,

Chao-ying Wu

April 28th-2004


Well, I find myself writing a wonderful thanks to you, John and your operation for the fourth time in four years...the Worley Bugger must be doing something right.  Twice I've taken my father out, twice my brother...this wife said she is ready to see what all the fun is about!
The trip to Blackstone on the 23rd was very memorable (as have all our trips with John Lease) but this one even more so because my father seemed to have the most amazing time pulling in one 20+ incher after another...he was like a kid out there!  If he wasn't laughing out loud reeling in the big one...he was so focused in on the fishing he was blocking out John and I when we were trying to have a conversation with him. 
Thank you to John and the Worleybugger for a day full of memories.  I cherish all the time I'm able to spend with my father since he lives so far away...John and my father seem to have a special bond and I'm so thankful to have a friend in John to share this time with my father.  Take care, and see you soon!
Dave Grubb Jr.

April 25th-2004

Just a note of thanks to John for a great day of memories. I get to come here so few times and each time I do I want to last forever. On April 23 my son went to Blackstone lake. Not only was the fishing great but John helped make the memories that will last forever, From North Dakota my many thanks.  

Dave Grubb sr

April 16th-2004


I wanted to drop you a note regarding our trip to Blackstone a few weeks back.  Despite wind, my friend and I had a great day with Jeff and caught some really nice fish.  The dry fly action was an unexpected bonus.  I look forward to another day there.

Kris Thomas

April 12th, 2004


I just wanted to let you know, from all of us that got to fish Blackstone Lake last Saturday, what a great time everybody had. The fishing was great but the best thing that sold all of us was John Lease. He made the day, from the fishing instruction to the excellent lunch, he made it a memorable trip for all of us. We plan on making this a yearly get together and look forward to having John as our guide. Please pass on our thanks to John for a job well done.

Glen & Jane Rose

April 6th, 2004

Hi Guys!

LOVE the picture of Dane on "Pic of the Week"!  Thank you to John for giving us another memorable day on Blackstone!  Steve, it was great to get to see you and your little Jackie at the lake.  We'll be back!
Deliene, Bob and Dane Sellers

March 31st, 2004

Only being 24 years old and not an avid fisherman probably makes me one of the least knowledgeable people to walk through the Shop, or have the good fortune of taking a float down the perfectly stunning Yakima River.  But I have spent plenty of time open water fishing for salmon, as well various kinds of bottom fish. I spent a great deal of time on the water in my father's boat, and never, and I do mean NEVER, have I had this much fun fishing! 

I have never fly fished before in my life and within an hour of float Jeff had me fishing with a great deal of confidence and even catching the first fish of the day.  Throughout the float Jeff showed and eagerness to help teach and instruct me, as well as putting me "into the fish" as you guys say.  Not only was he an incredible teacher, but he showed a tremendous amount of knowledge about the river and wildlife that abounds there.  Single handedly Jeff made me want to do this fly fishing thing again and again in the course of one afternoon. And oh by the way, although I am not adept at handling fish in a river...the trip culminated with Jeff getting me to land a 17"-18" Rainbow! Which I promptly dropped back into the river before we could get a picture taken. But I have two other witnesses. No joke this man is for real. What a way to spend my spring break. Thanks Jeff, and you will be hearing from us again.

Mark Short
Western Washington University

March 29th-2004

Hi Steve, we had a great time at Blackstone with John yesterday.  The fish lived up to their usual exuberance to make anglers happy! 

Jim McRoberts

March 27th-2004

My son Shaun and I fished with Jeff a week or so ago. I just wanted to pass on my plaudits for his efforts to get us into fish on a less than perfect day. We would fish with him again in a minute which as a fairly experienced angler is not always the case. But Jeff was up to the task and was a pleasure to be around so thanks.


Mark Buick

March 24th-2004

Please send my thanks to John Lease for a perfect day on the Yakima!

Fabrice Fonck
Sammamish, WA

March 23rd-2004

I took a guided trip on March 22 w/ Jeff.  I have to say that I had the time of my life.  It was a beautiful day and Jeff put us in fish all day long.  He definitely knows the river and how to fish it.  I want to thank Jeff and Worley Bugger for giving me a day I will not soon forget.

Nick Wolf

March 23rd, 2004


Thanks so much for all the help and for taking care of the trip. Dick and I had a Great Day with John Lease, and came away with a lot more knowledge of the section of river that we floated. You know guys like myself that have are own boats get stuck in a rut from time to time and keep making the same mistakes over and over. Floating with John gave me the chance to learn some new tricks and look at the river from a different point of view, Its like going back to school for a day. He also brought along a New Sage Demo Rod that we had the pleasure of trying out. So count me in from time to time to take advantage of the off season priced trips and get tuned up by the Worley Bugger Guide Service.
John Hidell 

March 19th, 2004

My son Wesley Nettleship and I had a spectacular day on the river with guide Jeff Comella.  It was a great adventure and the fishing was very good.  Jeff made sure we had every opportunity to catch the "big one".  Being a novice at fly fishing, Jeff gave me lots of tips and instructions making it a really valuable experience.

Danny made us feel really welcome at the Worley-Bugger!  It was a great day all around. I can't wait to make another trp!

Thanks again.  

Alice Markewitz

March 17th, 2004

Just a short note to say that we enjoyed our trip, even though the fishing was kinda slow and the wind was kinda strong.  We’re trying to settle on a date in late spring to try again, and will request Jeff as our guide.  We liked that you were very personable and easy going and that really helped to relieve some of Pam’s anxiety.  Thanks again for sharing your knowledge, and for your patience with a couple of beginners.  We’ll recommend your services any time.

Thanks again,

Pam & Russ

March 15th, 2004

Dear Worleybugger,

First of all, I just wanted to send a special thanks to John, our guide for the day.  I have spent many days fishing from the banks of the Yakima over the last three years, and after yesterday I have been going about it all wrong!  John has opened my eyes to more productive ways for fishing the "Yak" all year round, the big problem, I have not been going deep enough to catch the HOGS and casting in the wind.  John had excellent techniques that he showed me and helped a great deal in getting the big deep bugs out across the river, as well as, taking a few extra moments to clue me into the new Spey casting technique and Steelhead fly fishing.  Jay and myself could not have asked for a better Sunday, unless of course, Jay would have landed the "monster" early in the day.

Thanks again, look forward to a Steelhead trip on the Klickitat....

Ryan Ward

March 4th, 2004


I just wanted to write to you and thank you for a wonderful day on the Yakima with Steve and Co. The weather was so fine, the river fascinating with all the different bluffs and terrain. And a big bonus to catch a fish! ;-)) Thank you for rowing Hans and I down the stream. Great Day!

 Thanks again

Fran Friesen

March 4th, 2004


Thanks again for the fine day on the stream. The combination of the scenery and your company made it a real delight.

Best regards from the Low Countries,


February 27th, 2004

Steve, just a short note to tell you how much fun Sean Brown, my son in law, and I had on a guided trip down the Yakima on the above date.  The weather, for this time of year could not have been better.  We just had a great time and I really appreciated the way Jeff, our guide took care of us. I would fish with him again anytime, anywhere.  Sean caught the biggest trout he has
ever caught, a gorgeous fish with great coloration.  I learned more from this trip about fishing on the Yakima than the sum total of dozens of times I have fished from the bank by myself. I will definitely do this again.  This is the second trip I have taken with your guides.  They are a great bunch of dedicated individuals and you run a great fly shop.  Keep up the good work.

Thanks again,

Roger Chatterton
Bellevue WA

February 26th, 2004

I want to thank all of you for making the day my friends and I had on the river very special. We all found our friends at Worley Bugger going over and beyond typical customer service.

The day on the river was enjoyed by all..and knowing the Yakima in it's winter mode, the fish were difficult. John went beyond being a guide and helped our party find some fish as a friend to us all. I was asked on the drive home for his email address so we all could keep in touch with him. He has a few new friends for sure. John, I personally want to thank you again, and I want to let you know I feel it's a privilege to fish with you every chance I get.  

Great job on the shop expansion, it looks fantastic!  Will be even better when you get your new line of rods in!

Thanks again to you all, and thanks for all you do for our river.
Steve Zweber

February 23rd, 2004

This is a note of appreciation for a job well done. I thoroughly enjoyed my guided trip on the Yakima river on Feb 20th. Jeff Comella did an excellent job and made the trip very enjoyable. His preparation and knowledge reflect well on Worley Bugger. He did whatever it took to make the client look like a pro. You guys went the extra mile...

Thank you,

Sean Brown

February 23rd, 2004

Thanks for the pictures. Had a great time fishing with you, a very enjoyable day even though fishing was slow on the river. You did a great job and know your business on the river well. It's great coming away from a fishing day learning new things and talking with the experts on their turf. It's rare to run into a person that shares the same passion I have for the fly fishing sport. I love to see guides with such enthusiasm and non-arrogant guiding style who make the customer feel good at the end of the day. If I catch one fish or fifty fish it's important to me feeling like covered every possibility. We did! You're an asset as a guide and I will recommend your services to my friends. I know many could benefit from some days on the water with you.

Again, thanks Jeff, I will look forward to fishing with you again soon,
Craig Jordan

February 20th, 2004

My wife and I decided to take a last-minute guided float down the  Yakima River, our first guided experience ever. After checking out the Yakima River fishing reports, I came across your reports and noticed a reasonable price for your winter floats. I immediately called and talked with Jeff Comella.

Jeff was helpful and responsive on the phone and was happy that he was our guide for the day.

Jeff was very knowledgeable about the river, probably one of the most important things I look for in a river guide. Also Jeff provided me helpful hints and techniques about fly-fishing. Spending so much time alone on water, it's nice to have an outside perspective.

The other thing we enjoyed and appreciated is the one-on-one instruction and attention my wife received. My level is more advanced than my wife's, and perhaps, much of that has to do with the fact that there were many a trip when I neglected her. Jeff helped her with her
fly-fishing skills and techniques.

We just want you to know about the wonderful staff you have in Jeff Comella.

Thanks again,

Kiet and Jill Callies

February 10th, 2004


Thanks again for a fun trip on Sunday. You did a great job and we really enjoyed our time on the river with you. We saw your photo of Bill 20" er on the website. That alone made the trip worthwhile. Next time it will my fish!

Ked Westgate

February 10th, 2004


I had a great day on the river with you yesterday.  The pictures are awesome and we will have to do it again soon.

Bill Gilbert

February 9th, 2004

The Yakima River now holds a place near and dear to my heart after an incredible guided trip with Jeff Comella.

I had a free weekend and was stuck with the normal northwest February question?  What to do.  Steelhead are a while from being prime.  The salmon aren't thinking about heading upstream yet.  Rainbow season isn't open for at least 5 or 6 more months.....right?  That's where I was wrong, big time.  I heard that the Yakima is at it's prime (and in season) during winter and decided on giving the Worley Bugger a call.  At $165 (for the boat, not per person) the experience I had was probably the best guided bargain one can find.

Since I was going with my girlfriend, finding the right guide to keep us both interested on the river was key, and Jeff was an incredible guide that I would recommend to anyone.  He is as good with experts as with novices, and knows how to get the best out of a day on the Yak.  When the boat was on the holes we had enough action to keep an ear-to-ear smile on my face.  And when the boat was between the holes Jeff was giving us the Yakima Canyon Safari (there are deer, elk, ducks, Bald eagles, Golden eagles, Big Horn Sheep, herons, and osprey in the canyon).

All of this and only an hour and a half from Seattle.

I now know what I will be doing during those bleak winter days in Washington.

Thanks again Jeff for the memorable day.

Cameron Campbell

2003 Fishing Season


December 24th, 2003


Thanks for the great year your shop let me experience on the Yakima this past year.  In particular I want to make note of the last trip I had with John several weeks ago.

I have never had a guide work so hard for me, getting me into fish.  Even his help is trying to see a size 24 midge pattern was appreciated.  He knew what flies to use and when and knew were the fish were going to be feeding and when.  Several times he rowed UP RIVER to get me into new pods of feeding trout.  Despite the coolness and the spooky fish it was one of the most enjoyable times I have spent on the river.  John is a treasure.
Larry Milton

December 19th, 2003


My brother Fritz and I wanted to drop you a line and let you know what a great float trip we recently had on the Yakima.
We floated the river about 1.5 weeks ago and our guide, John made the trip very enjoyable. Despite the cold weather we were able to catch several very nice rainbows. We are new to fishing the Yakima and John was able to answer all of our questions and provide excellent advice regarding floating/wading, fly patterns and various fishing 'styles' that will help us in the future. We appreciated his professionalism and 'easy going' personality.
We realize there are many great guides at the Shop but we will definitely request John for our next guided trip.

Please thank John again for the great day.

Fritz and Jon Kryman

November 15th, 2003


On Wednesday of last week, Dick Mathaei and I finally got to take our trip that we got at the annual Puget Sound Flyfishers auction last spring.  Just want to say thanks for the donation of the trip, we really appreciated it.  John was a great guide and gave us a good ride for the day.  Thanks again.

Paul Elsberry


November 17th, 2003

Thanks Guys for a great trip last Thursday.  See you again when the water gets a little warmer. 

Andrew Listak

November 8th, 2003


I just wanted to say thank you for organizing the clean up.  I brought a first timer fishing with me.  We caught fish and collected some garbage which on both counts was very gratifying.  The dinner and raffle after, is you going the extra mile.  With the effort that WBFC and everyone else involved is doing each year we can all be proud of “our” river and that it truly is becoming a blue ribbon trout stream.   

Jess H. Garvin

October 27th, 2003

Hi Steve,

I just wanted to report back to you about our great trip this past Saturday with John Lease at Blackstone Lake.  This was the donation you made to Northwest Women Flyfishers for our 2002 conservation fundraiser.  You donated a trip for 3 on Blackstone Lake.

My husband Bob, our son Dane and I met John and Danny at the shop just before 8am this past Saturday.  By 9am we were getting all the gear and boats ready at the lake.  The weather was picture perfect, never even a rustle of the wind (and since I grew up in Eburg, I KNOW how it can blow).

John and Dane spent the entire morning, until nearly 1pm, in the drift boat.  Dane is just 12 years old and has done a small amount of fly fishing but the one on one time John gave him was absolutely worth every penny we spent at the auction (I think we bid nearly $700 for the trip.

John was patient, educational, funny, low-key and kept Dane’s attention for the entire day.  During the afternoon I rode in the drift boat with both of them and we all had a nice visit along with finding a lot of fish

I just wanted you to know how much we appreciated your donation and to compliment John and his abilities and overall customer service.  We are three well satisfied customers  J

Anyway, please pass along our compliment to John and Danny too.  Danny made us feel welcome right away at the shop and I enjoyed chatting with him about folks we have in common.

Thanks again and we look forward to future trips with you guys.


Deliene, Bob and Dane Sellers


October 20th, 2003

Steve, I have to tell you the trip over there fishing at Blackstone was awesome. You and John are a couple of great guides. You made our trip worth while. As you know my son Noah had booked us a trip last year that we had to cancel due to my emergency open heart surgery. At that time we thought we would never fish together again. Well now we know different and we plan on seeing you a couple of times a year. We would like to do Blackstone again and the Yakima. Thanks for the memories and we will see you soon.    

Larry and Noah Kirkland

Olympia, Washington

September 22, 2003

Attn: Steve Worley-

I just wanted to follow up in regards to our fishing trip with John Lease this past Friday on the Yakima, it was another experience I'll never forget!  It was also very special what you were able to pull off (getting a trip so quick and with John) that meant a lot to me.

It's funny how after you have a great experience with an outfit you continue to tell everyone you know about the Worley-Bugger and try to make it back yourself as many times as you can.

I may have only booked 3 trips in the past three years, but I assure you they are some of the most memorable times of my life.  For me, it's been John Lease who has made them so memorable.  I know you have a great staff and each offers amazing skill sets to your clients, but for me John has made each the memories what they are.  I've been able to share those three days on the river with my father and brother. Memories that will be with me until I'm unable to cast a line.

John not only has an amazing knowledge about fly-fishing and the Yakima, but I think his greatest strength is his patience, ability to teach and adapt to whomever the client is, beginner or experienced fly-fisher.  You know this is true when for me the most memorable part of the trip last Friday was watching John teach my brother casting for over 30 minutes.  I sat in the boat and just watched from afar. Not only did my brother learn a lot, but I did as well. That to me is what it's all about, not so much the fish.  Ok, so he makes a damn good steak as well!

I can't wait to book my trip with John & the Worley-Bugger next year! 

Thanks again for everything!


Dave Grubb

August 31st, 2003


My son and I just had the best two days we have spent in a long time fishing with John Lease. August 17th and 19th on the Yakima River He provided us with two beautiful days of fishing and numerous hook ups with memory building fish, of which a couple where brought to net.  There were many fish caught and John was most helpful on improving technique and presentation.  Was most impressed with his knowledge and personality and putting the customer first and on the fish consistently.  I am sure that my son John and myself will once again visit your pleasant valley and share yet another day or two on the water with John.  I feel like in such a short time that I made a friend in John and will never forget him or the experience he provided on both days we went out.  Please forward a hearty THANK YOU to John from two guys who really mean it.  Am looking forward to receiving the two pictures John took on the water.

From a Happy Fly Fisherman
Guy Hoyt

July 6th, 2003


Just wanted to let you know what a great job John Lease did guiding my friend and I on the Yak on July 6th.  My friend struggled, but it was his own doing, he had a 24 hour hangover that began about the time we got on the river.  I have twins, so I don't get hang overs anymore and had just a great time.  John found me many fish and always had the right fly and tip for presentation.  We caught fish nymphing and on dries (late evening Caddis hatch).  I would recommend John to anyone I meet.  Thanks for your great service.  I've been reading your online information since it began.  Tight Lines!

Tony Olney and the hung over Dave English.

July 6th, 2003




May 26th, 2003

My wife and I were passing through your town last week and decided to stop in for a look.  You have a very professional shop and very helpful people working there.  We actually left the store on our way to Seattle and turned around and went back.  The first time that we were in the store the gentleman that was working had shone us a 4 weight Scott rod.  Well to make a long story short, we returned and purchased it.  I'm looking forward to using it on the north fork of the Coeur D lene river this summer.  Thanks again for running a professional and helpful store.

David and Jan Bauer

May 27th, 2003

My girlfriend booked a trip with one of your guides for a float trip that took place on 5/24.  She choose John Lease to be the guide.  She went down the river with him last year and thought he did a good job.
Well, despite the fact that the river became blown out with a large release of water in the afternoon, we still managed to catch about a dozen fish between the two of us and John showed us a good time.  I have been fly fishing for about 30 years and I was really impressed with John.  He worked very hard for us.  I have never been on a river float where the man on the oars worked harder to hold us in the good spots despite the windy conditions.  At one point, he even got out of the boat and towed it upstream about 30 yards so we could get another try at a good hole.  He taught me a couple of new tricks and he was great company.  Some guys just naturally get along well with people and John is one of those guys.
Anyway, while I bet you have a large group of good guides working for you, I just wanted to let you know that you have a good man in John and that I was impressed with the equipment/flies/riverboat and the great time he showed us despite the less than favorable river conditions.
I have thrown in a couple pictures of the trip.
Thanks much,
Mantz Brinkman and Cynthia Hickey

May 5th, 2003


Had a good day with John on the river last week.  Sorry I missed you.  I hope things are going well.  John took a digital pic of a fish.  Can you have him email it to me.
Talk to you soon.

Pat Flynn

April 6th, 2003


Just wanted to drop a line and thank you for the guided trip yesterday.  John was extremely helpful and provided an excellent time for all of us.  The last fish I caught was a 26” Rainbow.  Thanks again!

James T. Denison, Jr.
Attorney at Law
201 West 7th Avenue
P.O. Box 1088
Ellensburg, WA  98926

April 3rd, 2003


I want to thank John for the great day Hank and I had on Blackstone on March 26.  Thanks for posting the pictures on the web.  I have sent them to my Father and Son.  They certainly enjoyed seeing the fish we caught.  We also fished Rocky Ford Creek Thursday afternoon until evening.  I caught several very wonderful fish.  Hank didn't have the greatest of luck as he spent most of the evening wrapping his line around his pole while I kept catching them.  On Friday, we fished Lake Lenore at the north end along with the other 35 fisherman.  Had some great catches on the black wooley buger with red head.  The Chrionomids were also good at various times, but the wooley buger was very hot.  I finally tripped over a rock and got wet up to me neck about 2:00pm so I was cold and ready to go home.

Bill Dewey

April 2nd, 2003


Jane, myself and Sid want to let you know what a great experience we had at Blackstone Lake last Saturday. It was far beyond our expectations, The trout were huge and willing to take the fly, the lunch was superb but most of all John made the day for all of us. He was super to have there, he cooks a mean lunch and he gave Sid and I great tips. Jane can't stop talking about him, because of all the time and patience he took with her to help improve her fishing skills. As you might expect, all of us are talking up the trip to Blackstone and your fly shop with all the people at work.. You can count on us booking a fall trip this year and maybe a few of these people I work with will also be booking some trips with you guys. Again, many thanks to you, your company and John for such a great day of fishing.

Glen Rose

April 2nd, 2003

Steve,  Thanks for the pictures!  We had a GREAT time.  John was super!  Please tell him we appreciated everything he did for us!   He even got the weather to cooperate.  We will most definitely do this again.  I want to take my 24 year old son the next time. 

Sid Rose
Senior Manager
Supply Management and Procurement
North American Major Structures
Vought and Bombardier Subcontracts

March 25th, 2003

Hi Steve & John,  It was another great though windy day at Blackstone Lake. The fish don't seem to care if we have to put up with a little breeze!  John did a great job of netting my "pig" of a fish and reviving it.  He took extra care to see that it was coming around.  John's lunch was great in the new WIND BREAK CAFE.  We all liked your improvements.  Thanks for the photos.  Could you re-send them as an attachment so I can download them? I might suggest a sloping ramp at the far SE end.  It would make it easier to take the floating devices out when the wind is too strong to kick back to the normal takeout/put in. Hope to be back in October. 

Jim McRoberts

March 2nd, 2003

Hi Steve,  We had just a great time with John, could not have been more helpful for a couple of beginners.  Where is the picture of the fish he took the picture with Dave and me?  We are going to find another date and let you know ASAP. 

Clyde Curfew

2002 Fishing Season


November 29th, 2002

Luke just wanted to thank you again for the trip on Monday the 25th of November on the Klickitat.  Jeff and I learned a lot and had a great time. What a good day on the river.  Also a great lunch.  Hope to do it again in the future.

Thanks again   

Pete Bellinger

November 27th, 2002


Just wanted to thank you for the great time down the Klickitat.  Its hard to concentrate on my work when I keep looking at the photo you sent me with my first metal-head.  What a blast!!!
Your professionalism and great personality is why we will keep booking with you (Worley Bugger) and will continue to call you for our next fly fishing trip.
Take Care,

October 22nd, 2002

Hi Steve !

Sorry its taken so long to reply, been busy here.  Wanted to let you know that I had a great day at Blackstone lake with you !  The fish were fun, the lunch great and the company couldn't be beat!!
Looking forward to doing another day there with you or your staff next spring !
Thanks again,
Steve Zweber

October 10th, 2002

Steve, we had a nice day with Luke, yesterday. He's knowledgeable and works really really hard for his clients.


Gary Meyers
President/Creative Director

October 8th, 2002

By the way John was exceptional Sunday (as always), his patience with Jonte was truly extraordinary! He did all that he could to help him get into fish and out of trouble.

Chris Delsing

October 8th, 2002


I booked a trip to Blackstone and invited a client who has never caught a fish to come along. I asked your guide John to make sure my client caught fish and had a good time. John was awesome! He worked his butt off taking care of my client while I caught about 20 large bows (John did all the client entertainment so I didn’t have to). My client caught 5 nice fish. When we left the lake my client could not thank me enough for the great time. Thanks for the great time at Blackstone and thanks John for all your effort. Great place to entertain important customers.


Ben Chadwick
Field Operations Manager
Pacific Air Control Inc.

September 17th, 2002


Attached is the letter from the Trout Unlimited banquet as proof I had the winning bid, for your records.
Janell and I had an awesome day with Luke.  We had our best catch day out of all of our trips with Worley-Bugger.  The 20+ fish we landed were all consistently in the 12" - 14" range.   There were even bigger fish but they never quite made it to the boat.  Best of all we had lots of action and in total raised probably around 50 fish (much to the frustration of Luke!).  It was great exploring a new stretch of the river and as usual we both learned a bunch more about fly fishing, including how slow we are at reacting to rising fish!!!
The lunch was great and our compliments to the guide turned chef.
Looking forward to many more trips with Luke & Worley Bugger.
Art & Janell Funamori

September 17th, 2002


I can't thank you enough for spending time with Valerie and I on the Yak last Sunday.  Val is a beginner fly fisher, but you took the time to teach her new skills that she will take back on the water.  The gourmet lunch was an unbelievable treat.  Val is spreading your knowledge and experience in Pierce County daily.  Steve has a great shop and great staff that catered to all our needs.  I will book another trip soon, maybe on the Klickitat. 

Your enthusiasm is contagious, Luke, and I'm jazzed about future expeditions (Val).
Steve & Valerie Offenbecher

September 18th, 2002


Thanks for the pictures. They look good considering how dark it was when you took them. Dan and I had a great time!! Good to spend a day with you and catch up on things. I hope to get over to do some wade fishing with Cindy one weekend this month. With the water down and fishing good I hope she catches a good fish.

Keep in touch as you enter fatherhood. I think I told you the early days about being a dad but there are more good parts that make it all worth while, like the day we spent fishing with you.


Bob Widmaier

September 18th, 2002

Thanks for the great trip and pics. See what you have for the same time next year - how about Sept 19th, 2003? Probably three boats (6 guys).

Walle Ralkowski

September 12th, 2002

I just wanted to drop you a note regarding our guided fly fishing trip with John Lease yesterday.  My wife and I both had a fantastic time!  We floated the Canyon on the Yakima and were gone from 10AM until 8PM.  John was a great guide and knew just were to take us and what fly patterns to use.  From the time we left the launch to the time we took the boat out we were either getting strikes our catching fish.  Most of the fish were between 12" and 15".  John took very good care of us and we had a very nice lunch.

Thanks again for the terrific trip, we will be back!

Jim and Mary La Shell

August 28th, 2002


Thank you for the note and photo.  Joan & I had a great day.  John Lease was an excellent teacher and guide.

Fritz Glover

August 27th, 2002


Thanks for the pictures.  We had an awesome time!  John was a great guide: patient, helpful, knowledgeable, and fun.  Michael and I both learned a lot and can’t wait for the next trip with you guys.  Thanks again!

Adam Berns

August 27th, 2002 

Luke, thanks for a great day of fishing. Chris & I enjoyed  yesterday on the Yakima. Even thought the big one got away I still enjoy watching Chris enjoy himself. Thanks for all the fishing tips I think I understand the mend. Can you let me know what weeks in October are good to come up for fishing.

Mike Cruz

August 8th, 2002


I have a business associate that comes up to Washington twice a year.  Last December he and I were heading to Seattle from Yakima and I took him up the canyon.  From L.A., this was quite a treat for him.  Along that drive we decided to do a guided trip down the Yakima next time he was up here.  That next time turned out to be July 24th.  I needed to book a trip down the Yakima for him and I, so I called my brother-in-law who has done several trips down the Yakima.  He recommended two "other" guide services, but I decided to check the web for some other choices.  I found yours, among hundreds of others.  Your website was absolutely incredible and I was thoroughly impressed.  Your website is the one and only reason I called your shop first and booked a half day trip.  Very professional and informative. 

Luke was selected for us for the trip, and we couldn't be happier for it.  I made it known to the shop that my friend had never touched a fly-rod before (he is a bass fisherman) and it was decided to float the upper section so that we could get some shore time for teaching.  Luke was an incredible teacher (for both my friend and myself) and kept the trip extremely entertaining.  My friend had his cast down and was landing fish in the first hour.  I learned a tremendous amount also about river fishing (more a lake fly fisher in the past).  I can't say enough good things about Luke's guide skills.  We were both very impressed with our trip.

If you want a funny story, ask Luke about the fish my friend caught after his fly rod came apart and was floating down the river!

David Weller
Application Engineer
Pacific Packaging Systems, Inc.

Visit us at

July 29th, 2002


Thanks for the email picture of our trout.  Nice touch!  John had his hands full Friday with two rookies and a gale of wind.  Lots of patience and instruction - above and beyond as they say.  Great job. 

Thanks again.

Jul Nickerson

July 29th, 2002


I just got back from Dillon and found the thank you note you sent to me in the mail.  I really look forward to floating the river with you and your guides.  John took great care of Bill and I.  He went above and beyond the call of duty by fishing into the night with us so that we could hit the evening hatch.  Both of us will be back.

Mike Wilson

July 12th, 2002


I just wanted to let you know what a great time I had with John Lease on July 1st.  He was the most efficient and professional guide I've ever had the pleasure to work with.  I was originally planning to float the Yakima, but when the river flows proved to be too high, John called me and offered me the alternative of fishing Rocky Ford Creek. After the first cast in which I hooked and landed a 26" rainbow, I was far from disappointed--believe me!  Thanks to John's expert knowledge of what flies to use and his various other tips and tricks, I was into monster fish all day long. When I'm back in Ellensburg again, I'll try to reschedule that Yakima float trip--but my day with John (and those twenty some-odd 20+ inch fish) was a trip I'll never forget.

Oh yeah, please remind John to email me those photos he took. Nobody here believes I landed a 26" fish on a size 24 fly and a 6x leader!!


Steve Zimmerman
Raleigh, North Carolina

May 25th, 2002


I called this morning and booked a Full-Day for Friday, July 5th...and requested having John Lease as our guide.  My brother is very excited...and I really hope John is able to guide...he will get a kick out of my brother!  Does John have any hobbies or anything...I'd like to give him something special...just let me know.

Thanks again to you and your shops unbelievable have a class operation going on!

See you in July!

Dave Grubb

April 7th, 2002


Just wanted to let you know that Mike and I had a great time out at Blackstone Lake last week.  We already are planning our return trip and hope to bring 3-4 other people with us.  I was also wondering if you could send me a couple electronic copies of the digital pictures you took.  I'd like to send them to a few people via e-mail.  Thanks again for the great time.

Dave Van Sickle
Phoenix, AZ

March 26th, 2002

Hi Steve,

It was really enjoyable spending some time with you in your shop yesterday.  It made not fishing because of high waters enjoyable. You sure have done a great job with your shop.  It is a credit to your in depth knowledge of fly fishing, but more importantly your quality personalization of service.  You also have passed that on to all of your employees.  I know how important personalization of service is since I was in private medical practice and also owned a bike and cross country ski shop.

You also have me excited about the June steelhead fishing on the Klickitat.  I will definitely spend some time on that fisheries.  I talked to John in Maupin and the Deschutes is in shape and fishing well, so may head down there for a few days and hopefully the Yakima will drop some after the initial low level snow runoff.

Well better go for now so take care Steve,

Tom Depuydt

Hello Steve,

Thanks for sending the pictures over for Blackstone Lake, thank you too for getting me into such a great fish! We had a great time!  Garret and I are thinking of heading to Montana for a long weekend sometime in May. Are you interested in going?

Chris Delsing

Chris, Don and I had a great time at Blackstone Lake on Saturday.  I think I can speak for the three of us when I say that it's a great lake to fish.  I think we are all excited to see the photos.  The lunch is a great set-up and it was nice to have some warm food on a cold day.  John was a great guide and really worked to make sure that we were all getting into fish and having a good time.  I know that we will fish it again.
Thanks again for setting us up.  You have a great operation and a great team of guides who really take care of us every time we book a trip.
Garret Janney

2001 Fishing Season



December 23rd, 2001

Both my wife and I were very impressed with your shop, we both commented on how nice your shop and staff were.  It's to bad you couldn't relocated to the Tri-Cities.

My friend and I will be booking with you this spring to fish your local private lakes.

Thanks again for your help

Dick Poteet

November 1st, 2001

Hi Luke,

I'm still telling others about that exciting day of fishing with you.  Dave and I were so satisfied, we didn't even consider putting our gear on to fish Saturday on our way towards Snoqualmie Pass.

Catch'em, release'em  catch them again some day!

John Dodge

October 27th, 2001


I just wanted to drop you a note to say what a great time Dee and myself had fishing with you at Baseline Saturday and Sunday.  Your constant effort to find "The Fly" was a big help on Sunday during the slow day.  The fact that you tied flies on the front seat of your truck in an attempt to find the right fly impressed the hell out of me to say the least. . . . and they were excellent ties to boot ! 

 I think Dee used that boatman imitation you tied for her for most of afternoon on Saturday and on into Sunday until that fish took her into the weeds broke it off.   Even during the rain Sunday morning, when I had to take a break and go warm up, you kept at it  trying to find "The Fly". . . and when I got back to the lake from my trailer, you gave me a report on what fly I should try next.  Now that is true client dedication. 

Thanks again, and we hope to see you again in the spring.


Geoff Carson
Wood-Lam Structures, Inc.

October 27th, 2001


Thanks for the great time at Baseline Lake last weekend !!  We both had a wonderful time fishing, and the extra time you spent with Mary has greatly improved her casting skills !! It is great to find someone of your skills that is dedicated to the enjoyment of your clients.
We both look forward to booking another trip with you this coming spring !!
Thanks again,
Steve & Mary Zweber

October, 24 2001


Great trip on Monday. Thanks for the lessons in reach casting and mending, I will put those techniques to good use in the future. I especially enjoyed streamer fishing for those big Yakima river Whitefish, (some sure look a lot like Rainbows). We found Kevin's rod, on the side of my driveway in Seattle, a miracle I did not run it over with my truck the next morning- it's still a 3 piece.

We look forward to fishing with you folks again in the future.

Regards - Aaron Cass.

October 18th, 2001


Thanks for making our vacation enjoyable. We really enjoyed having you as our guide.  We learned a lot of new things. Also enjoyed going to the lake catching those BIG BOYS.  Thanks for going out of your way of making those great barbecue lunches we really like that.  We are hoping to get back in your area soon.  Take care.


Mark & Barb Carlson

October 11th, 2001

Luke:  Thanks for teaching me how to fish, and most of all: thanks for making it fun.  I spent a lot of time on the river this summer and saw a lot of high-stress guides (Coasties, you know) who didn't get the idea that the whole point of being on the river is just the privilege of being there. I'd spend every day on the Yakima if I could....and I still row better than I can fish. Who cares, I love it all. I am a convert, thanks to you. 

Best Regards,
Alison Barbour
English Department CWU

October 2nd, 2001

Thanks for a great fishing trip last Friday.  My guide, John did an excellent job of suggesting the right fly and spot to fish and I enjoyed his company very much.

Bruce Mackey

September 28th, 2001


Thanks for the photos.   Jack and I had a great time because of your hospitality, customer care and fly fishing expertise.  Apply that attitude to your profession when you get out of College and you will be successful at what ever you do.

Jack is in week 2 of three weeks of steelhead hunting in Canada.   Boy is his arm going to be tired.

We are both looking forward to floating the Yak again soon with you as our guide only next time we need to catch fewer fish....we are not as young you and our arms got more breaks and less hook-ups...ok.

Chuck Busick
Microvision Government Programs

September 23rd, 2001

I just wanted to drop you a line and compliment John Lease.
We had a great time fishing with him on the Yakima and I caught the largest rainbow ever.  His quick wit and patient coaching made a beautiful fishing day into a great fishing day.
Pat Carroll

September 21st, 2001

Chuck and I had a GREAT time fishing with Luke yesterday.  What a great kid and terrific guide.

I will be gone for the next three weeks in Skeena country.


Jack Cook
Steelhead Anglers

September 21st, 2001

Hi Steve,

Had a good day out on the river last Wednesday with Luke.  We really worked for our fish but managed to hook a few very nice fish.  Luke rowed his butt off and got us into all the right places, just seems like the fish were not in the mood.

We even had a little extra excitement when I kicked one of the drain plugs out of the boat!  We just pushed the boat up on the bank and drained it and were on our way.

Luke really got me interested in Steelhead on the Klickitat as well.  Perhaps another trip later this year.


Art Funamori
SSG - Computing & Network Operations
Quality Assurance

September 14th, 2001


I just want you to know a few things about your guide Luke.  We think he is awesome.  We had the best time fishing with him.  We have vowed to bring you more clients than you can handle.  Your philosophy on business is beyond reproach.
Jeff Kerns, Pacific Advisors

August 27th, 2001


Thank you for a great trip last Friday.  It is always great fishing with you.  Here are a couple of pics I took during one of the doubles.

Geoff Carson

August 27th, 2001

Hi John,

Thanks for the wonderful day last Friday !!  Your attention to detail and concern for your clients was far and above outstanding. I cant remember a more enjoyable day on the river.  Either Geoff of I will send you some pictures of our doubles !!
Thanks again,
Steve Zweber

August 9th, 2001


Just wanted to let you know what a great time Jack and I had floating and fishing with John and your company. John was a fun and very professional guide and I feel I learned a lot in just two days. We got into some really nice fish, outstanding scenery, and good times! I really appreciated the way John worked the entire river and all of its subtleties, and the patience he showed. I look forward to fishing again this fall. Thanks for running a top
notch guide service.

Best regards,

Ken Jacobsen

P.S. I want to order some Yak-Stones And have you ship them. Can you let me know if that's possible? Thanks

August 6th, 2001

Steve --

I really appreciate the great trip that you guys provided last week.   I learned a lot and had a good time, certainly did not expect the royal treatment for a freebie trip (of course, I didn't expect a freebie trip to begin with!).  You guys really went above and beyond the call of duty!

Hopefully I can return the favor in some way, some day.

Scott Butner

July 28th, 2001

Dear Steve,

We had a great day with Luke on the river Friday.  He worked hard to cover as much productive water as possible, tend to our lines and keep it fun.  Ask him about the "honey hole fish."  My Dad's feelings are the same and he has fished with a lot of guides!  We are definitely coming back.
The Klickitat for steelhead has also peaked my interest.  When should we plan a trip and what is the best way to set it up?

Best regards,

Dave Popejoy

June 29th, 2001

Just wanted to drop a note to thank John for the Yakima Experience!  I have been anticipating my first float of the Yakima for a couple years now and finally got to float the river yesterday!  What a great day for fishing.  We set out in the pouring rain set to catch some fish and the river produced for us all day long! Despite the rain (and thunder at times!) we pulled in a lot of fish and even hooked a couple big ones.  

John was outstanding throughout the day, keeping us busy with multiple set-ups at each stop along the way. John knew the river, the fish and the bugs like the back of his hand.  His knowledge made the fishing easy for a beginner like me.  I can't wait to hit the Yakima again.

Thanks again for the great day.  I'll be in touch soon to book another trip!

Jeff Peterson, P.E.

June 20th, 2001


I'm the guy who you talked to, Saturday morning as I waited for my friends. Because it was windy you suggested that we go up to Salmon La Sac and fish off of bullfrog road.   I just wanted to tell you thank you for the helpful hints while I fished the river.

Due to your suggestions, I had one of the best days of fishing on the Yakima River that I have had. I caught a great fish on the streamer you recommended and caught about 7 fish on the size 16 PMD nymph with the copper head.  It was the fly that was on the scud hook with the flashy green thorax dubbing.  Looks like a pheasant tail nymph.  Anyway, you were right!  They where in the fast water and without your help, I would still be catching white fish and smolt, cursing the yakima river.

Thanks for your help Steve!

Mike Clark Jr.
Market Business Consultant
Northwest Region, Market 84

June 16th, 2001


Just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed fishing with John this past Wednesday.  The weather, the river, the bugs and the fish all cooperated beautifully that day to make it so memorable.  Importantly, John put me on the fish to make the day so productive.

I have now fished with three of your guides and have enjoyed fishing with every one.  They know the river, where the fish are and how to catch them.  Luke has been terrific in advancing my skill levels and untangling my knots.  I truly believe his hard work previously led to my successes on Wednesday.  He is also a great guy to share a boat with.  John is also a fine teacher and a pleasure to fish with.

I can't wait to get back on the river with you guys as soon as I get this darned vacation over with.


Larry Milton 

June 2nd, 2001

Dear Worleybugger,

Thanks to Luke for a *great* outing on the Yakima yesterday.  Luke gave me a much-needed crash-course in streamer fishing in the morning, and within 10 minutes I was into a solid West slope Cutthroat! Previously, I have tried steamers only in desperation as a last-ditch effort when nothing else worked. But now, I feel like Luke has me believing that streamer fishing is a deadly tactic for going after the big boys!

As we floated down river, Luke did a great job handling the boat and maximizing the amount of time my nymphs and streamers spent in the "strike zone". The mid-morning hours were slow for some reason, but by noon the bite turned on and action got fast and furious! The big fish were taking the nymph both dead-drift and and chasing it down on the rise as I lifted to make another cast at the end of the drift - I had to believe the fish were starting to respond to the PMD emergers becoming active.

In one awesome pool toward the end of my available time, I hooked what might have been the biggest trout of my life as I was lifting for another cast. I had the fish on for at least two minutes, but at no point was I able to gain the upper hand with my puny little 5wt. I couldn't budge the huge bulldogging fish, and eventually the hook simply popped out and he was gone. Neither Luke nor I ever saw the fish, but we were both left with mouths agape and hearts pounding as the drama came to a tragic conclusion. I was momentarily deflated by the loss, but remain haunted by the monster that lurks in that phenomenal pool! Many thanks to Luke for putting onto him!

Looking forward to seeing reports about the Klickitat!

Fred Templin

May 27th, 2001


I took my son in law and myself to Baseline Lake on the 21st of May.   Our guide was John.  Just a short note to praise John's efforts on a very slow fishing day.  I pretty well know what I am doing, but my son in law is
really new to fly fishing.  I asked John to help him and he did a great job.   Sean really enjoyed the time with John and learned a lot of things he would accept listening to me, if you get my drift.  Anyway, I personally caught the
biggest trout I have ever caught.  Although the numbers of fish weren't there, it was still a great day.  Please thank John for me.

Roger Chatterton
Bellevue, WA

May 23rd, 2001


Thanks we had a great time .  John and Luke were great.  Please get over here soon.  I had a nice visit with your wife, very nice lady.
Thanks so much.  A great off day
Rick Griffin

May 23rd, 2001

I wanted you to know, some what belatedly, how much I enjoyed the two very different days with your guides.  First Brad and I had a great day on the Yakima, with John.  He worked really hard to get us into fish and though we did not hit it big, it was a fun day.  I have had a number of days on that river that mystified me but that is what keeps me coming back.  John was tireless in his efforts for us.    Brad really got jump started in his return to fly fishing.  He is eager to come back

The day at baseline, will what can I say?  will I ever want to fish again?  John too, worked his butt off for us and boy did we hit it.  I had at least 15 fish over 5 pounds and one or two that went close to 10.  my friend Bruce who was with me is a very novice fisherman and I fear he will think this is the way it always is!  He just couldn't miss.  When it opens up again in the fall count us in!
Thanks for everything.  Your company is first class and I consider you all friends.  see you soon.
by the way.  I am planning a trip in early July to the south fork of the snake in Idaho.  do you have any contacts there?
thanks again.
Greg Scandrett

May 19th, 2001


Dee and I just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed our trip last Thursday at Baseline.  We know it was a slow day on the lake that day but gee, I caught the two largest trout of my life.

We enjoyed your attentiveness to our needs as well as your company through out the day.  We hope to fish with you again some day.

Thanks again,

Geoff and Dee Carson

May 9th, 2001

I just wanted to tell you what a great time I had last Wednesday on Baseline Lake with your guide "John".  He did a super job and worked harder then any guide I have ever been with in the past. 
My fishing partner and I had a great day and caught more large fish then I could have imagined.  They last time I had this much fun and caught that many really big fish was in Alaska.
Keep up the great work.
Bruce Selleg  
Shelton, WA 98584 

April 18th, 2001


I want to take a moment to thank you for the trip.  John, and Luke are outstanding guides.  If they try to quit, do whatever it takes to keep them on.  They are both solid gold.  Luke connected with Steven and Ryan, and John provided expert teaching for my youngest, Chris.  Chris grew tremendously as a fly fisherman that day.  We laughed, fished, and had a day to remember.  We will see you in August. 

Thanks again Steve.

Mike Wilson

April 16th, 2001

Steve --

Thanks to you and John for getting me set up so quickly today, and for the good treatment.  I appreciate it.  You guys earn my loyalty as a customer every time I come in there.

Cut and pasted the report I posted to VFS below.  At least I managed to get a few fish with the new rod.  Nothing to brag about (numbers or size) but I had a good time.  And that Scott is a fun rod to fish.  Am looking forward to caddis season to really use it the way I intended -- 10-15 foot reach casts up along the grass near the roadside above Umptanum.

See you guys in a couple of weeks.  Heading down to Houston next weekend for business, will be fishing for Redfish near Galveston with a guide on the 27th.  I'll try to bring back pictures (don't worry, I won't be abusing my new 3 wt on those big old redfish!).

Scott Butner

April 14th, 2001

Luke,     April 2nd trip, Keith and David

Thank You,  I am so grateful for the guided fishing trip/lesson, after setting up my rod the same way you had it,  I landed a new personal best up river from you guys....

And thank you Steve, for the low pressure sales, no way would I have landed that fish without a net....and thanks for the knot demonstration...I hope you don't mind one more customer because with your service and knowledge you are my fly shop.....

Thanks again,

David Turner/Wakkuri  North Bend/Cle Elum

April 10th, 2001


Thanks for a great day of fishing!  It was a perfect 70th birthday present for my father.  We both had a wonderful time on the river thanks to your help.  We made it back to Bellevue in time for the surprise party, but the real present was our day on the river with John!   I've attached a picture of Dad and I with one of our fish to this email (sent in 2 different resolutions).

Tom Strandjord

April 2nd, 2001

Dear Steve, et al.

Had a great time with Luke on April 2nd, you made a good hire with him. He was very helpful to my fishing partner (Dave Turner) and myself; thank you. He put us on some excellent fish (how about an internet posting?)

On a more selfish note, I would like to volunteer for the Brown Trout guide trip when it is available. Could you please e-mail me with any info as to when this trip may be offered, rates, time, etc?
Thanks again for a great time with your service, I will be floating the Yakima again with you this season. However, I would like to coordinate that time around the Brown Trout adventure.

Thanks again,
Keith Mickle

March 31st, 2001

Hi Steve,

Bill and I had a great time fishing with Luke on the Yakima River. We caught more fish this time that any other time fishing the Yak. It was really great. I lost three big ones due to my not letting them run very far, but got some nice 16-17" fish. Lunch was great also.

I took some pictures of the fish Bill and I caught. When I finish the film will send them by e-mail to you. Luke took some picture also, please e-mail them to me when the film is finished and developed.
Hank Hollis

February 29th, 2001

Steve- I am not sure who to contact at your shop so I picked you as the first on the list. I was fishing in the Canyon on Saturday and was having a productive day with midges and streamers when 2 drift boats appeared.  I was nymphing a prime run near River View and was waist deep trying to cast to the opposite bank. I was not sure how the boats would go around me because if they went in front, they would spook the run, and if they went behind they would hit some rocks in knee-deep water.  

There were 2 boats and I am not sure who the guides were but I wanted to thank them for their courtesy. They both went behind me which allowed me to continue to catch fish out of the run. I felt guilty when the second boat (I recognized the guy from a photo on your site holding a steelhead caught on an egg-sucking leech)  bashed its way over rocks in the skinny water. I hope they realize how classy it was to go around me. Most boats on the Yakima would have gone directly in front of me. I wasn't sure who to contact about this but whoever was out on Sat. in 2 boats just down River View launch- 

thanks a lot. Dave

February 15th, 2001

I have been to your shop twice now and have been treated as if I were a long time customer. I live on the west side up in Bellingham WA. and venture over to see my in-laws who live on the upper Yakima in Easton about once or twice a month. Although I am an avid fisher I am new to fly fishing for trout and have appreciated the advice, fly selection, and impromptu casting lesson which your staff have provided me with. I also enjoy your web site and all the information it provides. I wish the shops in my area would provide the service and courtesy which you and your staff extend so willingly.

Thanks again,

Robert Edwards

2000 Fishing Season


November 24th, 2000

Steve & Luke,

Sorry it's taken this long to thank you both for the great trip I had this past September.  I did get the photos Luke sent, thanks.  I've attached some of my own.  By the way if you have the 2001 Trout Unlimited calendar, May's photo, Big Hunting Creek in Maryland, is where I fish most.

With luck I'll see you next year.

Doug Martin

November 7th, 2000

I came into your store on Saturday and met you, Steve and wanted to say that I think your shop is classy, very well stocked and the conversation the best.  I talked highly about your operation at work, "Boeing", and hope to send some customers your way.  Hope to chat at you again next time I am in the area. 

Laurence Brendemuhl

November 4th, 2000

Good morning- just a note to let you know what a great time my brother and I had fishing the Yakima with you folks on Monday October 23rd! We both caught plenty of fish and each got a  Rainbow 20"+.  Curtis did a wonderful job putting us into position to catch fish and also teaching techniques that were completely new to us.

Great job & thanks again! -

Aaron Cass.

October 23rd, 2000

Hi guys!

Just a quick note to thank you for a very enjoyable day on the Yakima!  Howard and I had a very nice time. Curtis did a great job we appreciate his efforts.  The fall colors were beautiful, the river was perfect, and seeing the elk herd was a special bonus.  Extra complements for the nice lunch on the river bank.  All in all, it will be a day I will remember for some time.  Great job! 

Mike Lorette

October 20th, 2000

Steve, I just finished a very busy time here at work and I finally have the time to thank you for a wonderful time fishing the Yakima.  My Dad had a great time, too.  When I visited him this weekend, he must have said a dozen times how he wants to make it a yearly event to fish the Yakima River with you.  Thank you for all you did.

As I said last weekend I visited my Dad in Walla Walla and we spent the weekend fishing the Tucannon.  It was the opening of deer season and while there were tons of people in the area, we were the only fishermen.  To say the least the fishing was fantastic with at least 400 trout caught by 4 people in two days ranging in size up to 17 inches (the average size was around 10 inches.)  I used a Madam X that I bought at Worley-Bugger.  The fly had an orange body that was almost identical in size and color to the
Caddis flies that were all over.  I also used a nymph as a dropper.  My Dad tied the nymph but I learned the use of the dropper when I fished with you.  25% of the fish that I caught were on the nymph.  I even caught two trout on the same cast.  This never would have happened but for what you taught me.

Again, thank you.

Joe Just

September 29th, 2000


If I had to describe trout fishing heaven, the Basin Creek would be a pretty close match!  John and I had a great time and John was a pleasure to be around - all day and night.

While it took some time to get used to foreign equipment, the day really heated up after lunch.  I am sure if we ever get back the basin, we will have even better luck with the experience we gained last Sunday.

John - you took some pictures of my catch of the day.  If/when you post them on the site, please let me know.  Also, if you could mail me copies of the photos as we discussed, I would really appreciate it.  John took some digital photos at the creek that turned out fairly well - I will send them to you via email.

Thanks again,

Chris Backschies

September 20th, 2000


My thanks to you and especially Luke for a great day on the river last month. The fishing was good and Luke showed a lot of patience with me and my daughter Sarah. She had a great time. Let me know if you need to fill a day this fall (when there are lots of big fish of course). I would like to get my wife there.

Robert Pierce

September 20th, 2000
Nancy and I had a wonderful time fishing with you on Saturday.  Thank you so much for taking the time to show Nancy how to cast.  She is already asking when we will be going again.
I have already had the pictures developed and shared them with everyone I know.  I can't get over the size of the fish we were catching.  I am very impressed with the way you run your guide service.  We were very well taken care of.  The lunch was wonderful and the company terrific.  Nancy was very impressed with how friendly everyone was.  She now knows why I enjoy going over to the shop to visit.
Steve, I can't thank you enough for the time and effort you put forth to make our day on the river a very special day.  You went WAY beyond the call of duty.
Thank you again,

Doug Buchanan

August 21st, 2000


Every time I travel to Ellensburg for another float trip with you I wonder if it could be better than the last time.  You did it again.  You and Luke worked your tails off and it paid off.  Dale, Dave, Steven and I had the time of our lives.  Your knowledge of the river, and ability to teach us even though we seemed to have too many snags and mishaps put us into some very memorable fish.  Thanks for the great service.  Keep up the great work.  See you in February.

 Mike Wilson and Steve Wilson
 Dave Askew and Dale Askew

March 13th, 2000


Thanks again for the incredible trip my father and I took with you last Monday.  The fishing on the Yakima was nothing short of spectacular.  With your skill and knowledge of the river, we were able to see parts of the Yakima that we had never seen before.  Thank you and your staff for setting up the great trip and our accommodations for the night.  We look forward to going on another trip this fall and will be sending you some pictures of the beautiful rainbows we caught.

Thanks Again,

Chris Behrens & Gary Behrens

February 22, 2000


Thanks for a great day on the river.  We had a great day, with outstanding service.  We caught trout that we will brag about for a lifetime.

Mike Wilson

1999 Fishing Season


October 18th, 1999

Dear Steve,    

Peggy and I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our trip last Monday.  The weather was great, the company was great and the fishing was great.  Thank you Charlie for the nice day.  Those rainbows seem to be on steroids!  All this and all the fish on dry flies!  Thanks for providing us a great introduction to the Yakima.  We will definitely be back. 
Paul and Peggy Pettit

October 18th, 1999


I planned on being back over to fish the last two weekends but ended up having to work instead. Dad still is talking about the good time we had fishing and can't wait to do it again. I can't remember him and I doing anything together where we could just relax and enjoy each others company. My hat is off to you and all involved with Worley Bugger Fly Company. You made my father feel welcome and at peace with the river when it comes to fly fishing. You guys are great and thanks again.

John Hidell

October 12th, 1999

Thanks again for a great two days of fishing the Yak.  Everyone had a fantastic time.  The pictures we took have all been developed and have been talking and showing them to everyone.  Chris has been checking your website daily for the pic of his big slab. 

We were all impressed with your professionalism, and expertise of the river. In other words, you know what the hell you are doing.  I especially enjoyed Charles's wit and humor. 

Thanks again, and we hope to see you soon.

Geoff Carson & Don Barenz
Wood-Lam Structures, Inc.

October 12th, 1999

Just wanted to thank you and your guys for showing us a great day on the river.  We all enjoyed ourselves and had a great time catching fish.  The newbies learned a lot and are anxious to get back out on the water.  Thanks for posting my picture on your web site, I have been sending the URL to all of my fishing buddies.

Jim R. Jones
Systems Engineering Manger
Cisco Systems, Inc.
500 108th Avenue N.E.
Bellevue, WA  98004

September 13th, 1999

Hi Steve,

Had a GREAT day on the river with Charlie yesterday!  I caught (landed) about 15 fish and my wife caught probably a half-dozen.  But the awesome things... we raised probably 50 fish!  That's a conservative estimate! We really lost count after several hours of fishing. I caught my first fish literally in a few minutes from the boat launch at "the Cave" and that was the way it was the rest of day.  There were also a few fish we never saw as they went to the "trout bus" as Charlie calls it and snapped the line as the rod tip went into the water.  These must have been VERY BIG fish.

You can tell Nate I now know why clients go through so many Yak Stones.  The fish slam these flies and most of them are big fish.  I don't know how many times I had to adjust the hackle on the flies after the fish tore into them.  And then there are the big fish that snap them right off the tippet on their first run.

My wife was looking for some tips on river fishing and Charlie spent a lot of one-on-one time with her.  He was very patient, easy going and I know she learned a lot from him.   She was showing me the "curve cast" Charlie taught her on the river!  She said the "finger" cast he taught her saved the day after she got a blister in her hand from casting all day.  We both learned a ton from his excellent guiding skills.

All in all we had a great day, raised a ton of fish, and had lots of laughs with Charlie.   I am excited to get in touch with him so I can sign up for his Steelhead school on the Sauk.

Oh, there may be a new secret fly... the "Betty".  Charlie put one on and I hooked non-stop fish for an hour before a fish snapped the fly off.  It was my fault for not checking the line after hooking fish after fish.  It probably was a good thing however as every time my wife, in the back of the boat, spotted a rising fish, me in the front, got a take with the Betty.

Look forward to going out with you guys again in the future! 


Arthur Funamori

July 27th, 1999


I can't thank you enough.  The trip you took Steven and I on was something that will be remembered for a lifetime.  We have never fished so hard in our lives.  Your knowledge of the habitat and where the fish were holding made 11 hours of fishing seem like 2.  The experience we got was worth way more than the fee you charged.  I will be telling everyone I know how good you are.  We had a day that memories are made of.  Lots of fish, including the mammoth that got away, and a large variety in the habitat we fished.  Big river fishing where we were pounding from the boat, nymphing, and creek fishing too.  We had it all including a great lunch served by the guide.  Did I mention that we saw no other fishermen all day?  We had the best water to ourselves.  

Praise is not something I just hand out because someone has tried.   I dish it out when someone has tried and done an exceptional job.
Your service is exceptional and you can count on us booking another trip in the spring.   Thanks again Steve.

Mike and Steven Wilson

April 18th, 1999


Thanks for a great day on the river.  Daniel and I had a wonderful time! 

Thanks again,

Bill Levin

1998 Fishing Season


July 27th, 1998

Just wanted to thank you again for a GREAT float last Friday.  Gerry and I both had a wonderful time.  Great scenery, good fishing and a fantastic guide. Hope to see you this fall for more of those legendary BIG ones.

Ward Garrett

August 16th, 1998


Thanks a lot for the great trip on the Yakima.  I enjoyed the float, the fish, and the company.  You have a class act guide service. 

Take Care,

Scott Orness

September 21st, 1998

The boys had a great time with you-thanks for the great memories they will always have-I really like Chris's picture on your site-is there a way to get a photo quality image from your digital camera?  If so, I would be glad to pay you for a copy of the photo...thanks!

Dr. Rick Todd

October 12th, 1998

Dear Steve,

As I drove home Friday, I was reflecting about my good feelings re: fishing with you Thursday.  The fishing reminded me of my 'best days' many years ago (1940's-50's) with size and numbers. I think the lack of hatchery plants has improved the aggressiveness and power of the fish. 

Back then, one could often tell 'it was probably a natural' well before landing it.  And just turning over two lunker-types, so we could see the huge underbelly, is encouraging for return trips.  The overcast may have helped the mid-day fishing.

It is obvious I could use a firmer/stiffer #5 wt., 9 ft. pole in order to get the fly out quicker under the wind. I'm going to look around here, but wonder what you might recommend. You do have your shop that will be opening early next year in E'burg and I will probably check out your selection available.

I thank you for the food, fishing experience and fellowship.

John Dodge

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