fly-fish /'flI-"fish/ intransitive verb: a method of fishing in which an artificial fly is cast by use of a fly rod, a reel, and a relatively heavy oiled or treated line.


In recent years, the sport of fly fishing has become increasingly popular.  Thousands of people each year begin their fly fishing education and become entranced with the art of catching fish on flies.  Many factors entice the human spirit to this magnificent sport each season. The beauty of the rigid outdoors, enjoying the company of a close friend or the ultimate challenge of casting fur, feathers and steel to a deceive a foolish trout are among a few.
This year, let a member of our professional guiding staff introduce you to the fine art of fly fishing.  Join us in becoming proficient in the art of catching a variety of different and unique game fish on the fly.
Our fun and challenging day long fly fishing 101 course will start you on the life long road to become a true fly fishing artisan.  We will instill in you the necessary skills and knowledge you will need to build a strong fly fishing foundation.
Our accredited, knowledgeable instructors will work one on one with you throughout the course. We will progress through the class making sure to cover each and every subject thoroughly.  During the day, you will learn in depth the skills required of you to fly fish in a variety of unique and distinct situations.
The sport of fly fishing is constantly evolving much like our rivers, streams and still-water impoundments.  Throughout our career as fly fishermen, we are constantly confronted with a variety of different and diverse circumstances.  Our professional instructors will give you the added knowledge and skills necessary to adjust to these conditions and productively catch fish on a fly in any situation.
Life is a learning experience and each and everyday we make decisions that affect our existence.  Your induction into the sport of fly fishing is an on going life long education.  Fly fishing is the thinking man's sport.  Each time you set into your favorite river or stream, you will encounter new and exciting situations. Fly fishing requires thought, skill and the ability to confront and adjust to your environment. 
Your decision to learn the art of fly fishing will refine who you are and take you to some of the world most beautiful and interesting places.



Spring and Summer classes are now being reserved. Please call for the class schedule or to reserve your spot.


Spring and Summer classes are now being reserved. Please call for the class schedule or to reserve your spot.


Below is an outline of our day long introduction to fly fishing.  A minimum of (2) two people is required for the class per day.  If you do not have an additional person, contact the Worley Bugger pro shop and ask to be put on our fly fishing class wait list.  Chances are we can fit you into one of our classes quickly.

The Introduction To Fly Fishing    

  Learning the basis knowledge of;

  • Tackle-Rods-Reels-Lines
  • Leaders-Tippet Material
  • Wading Gear-Waders, Boots, Staffs, Polarized Glasses-
  • Proper Layering-Dressing For Comfort
  • Leader designs
  • Knots-Nail Knot-Nested Nail Knot-Duncan Loop-Surgeons Knot-Loop To Loop Connections
  • Riggings-Indicators Fishing-Multiple Flies-Droppers-Sink Tips-Using Split Shot
  • Flies-Dry-Nymph-Streamer-Soft Hackles
  • Fly Fishing Tools-Nippers, Zippers, Hemostats, Knot Tying Aids
  • Carrying For Equipment-Rods-Reels-Fly Lines-Leader

Fly Fishing 101 Course Details

8+ Hour Fly Fishing Course

3 to 1 Ratio-Student To Instructor

Course Requirements:

  • Fly Rod
  • Fly Reel
  • Fly Line

Equipment available upon request

Deli Lunch And Drinks Provided

Cost: $195.00 per student


  Casting Presentations:

  On Stream Tactics:

  Catch & Release Techniques

  • 2 Hours of Casting (On Grass)
  • Holding The Fly Rod Correctly
  • Correct Form
  • Straight Line Casting
  • Line Speed
  • Casting Accuracy
  • Proper Foot Placement
  • 2 Hours of River Presentation
  • Reading Water
  • Identifying Holding Lies
  • Basic Entomology
  • Roll Cast
  • Reach and Curve Casts
  • Mending
  • Reaches and Slack Line Casts
  • Playing And Landing The Fish
  • Proper Care And Release Of The Fish
  • Fish Identification
  • De-barbing Hooks
  • Fish Identification

A second consecutive day of guided fly fishing is available to you at a discounted rate.  Please inquire about the dates and availability at the time of course scheduling.


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