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For over 25 years, the Scott Fly Rod Company has been actively researching and developing high performance fly rods. In 1975, Scott designed and produced the world's first graphite 9' 4wt.  Today, the G 904 is a staple in any trout fisherman's arsenal of rods, but in 1975 it was a true breakthrough.

It would be easy to tell you there's a magic material that makes our fly rods great. It's a simple story loved by sales and marketing teams. But it's not accurate.  Great fly rods are forged from commitment, experience, and passion. It takes commitment to source the right materials and components even if they are a lot more expensive, and it takes commitment to craftsmanship and top quality even if they take much more time.

Mandrel design, combining the right fibers with the right resins in the right proportions, component choices, and design nuances all contribute. Our rods are handcrafted by people who love to fish as much as you do, and they’re put together with the know how that comes from almost forty years of design and rod building experience.

It’s all in the details, and how those details are brought together, and it has a whole lot to do with the people who make your rods. Sure, materials are important. In fact, they're extremely important, but that's just the first step in making a great fly rod.

And that’s the truth.

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 The all new two hander and switch rods with advance casting and feel and the X-Core technology.
Scott G2  G2  This rod inspires confidence and fierce loyalty with fly fishermen worldwide.
 Radian  The choice for high performance freshwater fishing.
Scott S4s  S4s  These industry leading saltwater rods have upped the bar on performance
Scott F2 F2  Top performance and maximum fun from your small stream fishing.
Scott SC SC  Few pleasures compare to owning and fishing the finest bamboo fly rods
A4  These rods feature many of the technological and process innovations in top end Scott rods.
L2H  A two handed rod designed and optimized for casting today’s new line tapers and styles.
The world's finest fly rods are backed by the industry's best warranty. The Scott Unconditional Lifetime Warranty covers every Scott fly rod and blank against breakage of any kind.
In the event of breakage, the unique Flex Rating system allows the Scott rod builders to choose replacement parts which perfectly match the originals. This means that your fly rod will feel the same through the years, regardless of whether you've had a section replaced.  In the 1980s, Scott developed a complete flex rating system for testing a rod's relative deflection strength. It is still the most advanced rod calibrating system of its kind. 

Many rod makers offer a lifetime warranty, but only Scott can promise this level of quality in repair service. A $50.00 repair fee is all that is required to complete the necessary repairs to your Scott Fly Rod.


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