The Yakima River is Washington State's most renowned wild trout stream.  Located in the central interior of the state, the Yakima  is inhabited with several species of both native and anadromous fish species. The scenic, diverse environment that this river provides, thrives with aquatic life throughout the majority of the year. 
During particular periods of the season, the Yakima can flow with tremendous velocity, while other times of the year, it seems to merely trickle in places.  
Here, you will be treated to the river, the unique surroundings and vegetation that flourish under the warm sunshine, the incredible wildlife that lives along the stream bottom and most importantly, the wild trout of the Yakima.

  All Inclusive Tour - 2 person

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This guided drift boat tour of our magnificent river was designed to meet the needs of many of our fishing guests.   For some, a full day of fishing is not practicable due to time constraints, health conditions or other obligations.
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Business men and women traveling around the country as well as seniors find this Worley Bugger Fly Co. guided tour fits their needs and schedule. The half day tour will place you on the river during the most productive time of the day, when trout are at their optimal feeding times and insect hatches are at their daily peak.
Our half day guided tour will place you on a section of the Yakima that will ensure a (4) four to (5) five hour drift boat fly fishing experience.  The professional guide staff of Worley Bugger Fly Co. use only the finest fly fishing drift boats manufactured today.  They are safe, roomy, comfortable and fun to fish from.  Wading sections of the river during the day is always an option for our guests.  Many times throughout the year the drift boat is used as a vehicle to travel from one holding run to another.  Our team of professionals will insure you utilize your time on the water.
The true appreciation of our sport of fly fishing is the "learning experience" that we encounter on a daily basis.  For those looking to sharpen casting skills, learn the art of reading water, trout lies or gain more insight into aquatic insect forms, benefits abound on our guided tours.  Our elite team of full time professional guides are by far the most knowledgeable.  The teams ability to teach these specific aspects of our sport, excels with the most experienced fly fishermen to the beginning novice.

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Catch & Release All Wild Fish! Yakima River Cutthroat Catch & Release All Wild Fish! Yakima River Rainbow Catch & Release All Wild Fish! Yakima River Cutthroat
Accommodating and tailoring our guided fly fishing tours to meet the needs of each of our guests to is our top priority and concern.  We will ensure each of them has a fun, enjoyable and rewarding experience .
Our professional guiding team monitors the river on a daily basis throughout the season for current insect emergences as well as the productive patterns that will consistently promote engagement between you and the wild fish of the Central Washington's, Yakima River.
 If you have any questions about our professional services or the many fly fishing adventures we offer, please feel free to contact us toll free-(888)-950-FISH (3474).  We will be happy to answer any you may have.  We look forward to hearing from you and showing you the splendor of Central Washington's Yakima River.

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