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Matt Moffatt is a 3rd generation Ellensburg native and was blessed to grow up in the Kittitas Valley, where one of the finest trout streams in the nations flows with cool, clear water and is home to Rainbow and Westslop Cutthroat, Whitefish and several species of salmon.  Matt feels fortunate to have grown up in this rural, tight knit community of friendly folks and is proud to call Ellensburg his home.


WBFC-Professional Fly Fishing Guide-Matt Moffatt

Matt's fly fishing endeavors began during his teenage years, where he enjoyed exploring many of the small creeks in the Kittitas Valley as well as the Alpine Lake region of Central Washington.   When Matt graduated high school, he set his sights northward and begin a guiding career with Dave Duncan & Sons in Southwestern Alaska.  Here, he spent the long summer days with fruitful hours of light, guiding anglers from all over the world on the Kanektok River drainage.

This amazing and fabulous portion of the "Last Frontier" is home to five species of Pacific Salmon; Kings, Silvers, Chums, Sockeye and Pinks.  It is also a thriving environment for Artic Grayling, Dolly Varden and every anglers favorite, the carnivores, Leopard Rainbows.

Matt's four year guiding career in Alaska, provided him with the essential life skills that every young man should experience and appreciate in their early life.  This is the Alaskan Bush Country, where Grizzly Bears, Wolves and only those strong enough to brave the elements of Mother Nature, thrive with life and enthusiasm.  Its a harsh environment and a great place for a young man to develop his confidence.  Here, you sink or swim and Matt, quickly learned the importance of boat handling skills on a Alaskan river.  He also gained a wealth of fly fishing knowledge, guiding fly fishermen for a variety of species of freshwater fish, in some of the worlds most inhospitable environments and conditions.

During his time in Alaska, Matt fell in love with the beauty of the last frontier and the incredible, Yupik people he was fortunate enough to live with.  Being in the company of a group of people, who have thrived in a harsh climate was amazing experience.  For thousands of years, these native Alaskan people have relied on the bountiful salmon runs, and a multitude of wild game that is present throughout the year.  It was a constant reminder to Matt on the importance of good stewardship.

Matt Moffat-WBFC Prostaff

Alaska is where Matt fine tuned his love of fishing large streamers in tight, technical places. This is a absolute necessary skill one must incorporate when you decide to pursue Small and Largemouth Bass with flies like Matt has.  These freshwater apex predators are notoriously known to lay in wait around tullies, low overhanging brush or other structures.

Matt embraces all types of fly fishing, but his true passion is fishing large streamers and top water popper flies to aggressive fish.  Matt is also an accomplished fly tier and spends many hours each week, building and crafting his arsenal of weapons to load his fly boxes with.  He spends his spare time increasing the numbers on his odometer in search of bass or trout in the Columbia Basin Unit, that are willing to eat large flies.

The Columbia Desert lands scape, is a favorite venue of Matt's and he has found not only spectacular beauty, but also an abundance of trophy Bass, Tiger Muskie, as well as Rainbow, Brook, Tiger, Lahottan Cutthroat and Brown trout that are all more then willing to indulge themselves in streamers, poppers and mouse patterns.  The thrill is in the hunt and this type of fishing takes patience, skills and the knowledge to pursue large predatory fish, that like to eat other fish.

Matt's fishing times are divided between the Columbia Desert Unit and the Blue Ribbon trout stream that flows through Ellensburg.  The close proximity to the beautiful Yakima river, is a distraction and a place where new fly patterns can be used and tested for future fly tying developments.

  WBFC Proshop Specialist   

One of the hardest things about running a successful outfitter business for the past two decades is finding a qualified, friendly staff of experienced fly anglers.  I have been fortunate to have found that over the years and Matt certainly qualifies.  Matt has been a essential member of the WBFC team for over four seasons now. 

Matt is one of the most knowledgeable anglers I have met and has a passion for a host of outdoor adventures.  He is an exceptional fly tier and builds some of the finest streamer patterns I have seen anyone, fashion out of fur and feathers.  Matt is warm water crazy and loves the pursuit of large bass and other desert dwelling critters on the fly.  He was born and raised here in the valley, by one of the kindest families I have had the pleasure to know and that is relected in his persona.  If you need advice on your next adventure in search of large predators, especially in the Desert Unit, Matt could aid in making that a successful adventure.

I am confident in stating, that by spending any amount of time with this young man, will and would be a worthwhile experience.

 Steve Worley-Owner-WBFC 


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