In most instances, the next progression in the fly fishermen's pursuit of knowledge and intrigue is learning the fine art of fly tying.  For many, crafting your own unique pattern becomes one of the ultimate advancement in the sport of fly fishing.
This advanced 101 course will emphasize more complex fly tying techniques and patterns. The primary focus of this course will instruct you and incorporate a broader understanding of fly construction and creation.  Here you will learn more sophisticated techniques, intricate fly patterns and a broader array of skills that we you may have learned in the beginning fly tying class.
Please call the pro-shop if you have questions or would like to reserve your spot in the class.  Prepayment and registration is required to hold your spot in the January 2009 class.
YOUR COURSE INSTRUCTOR:  Steve Worley  &  Tim Irish





$125.00 Per Student

6-Two Hour Sessions

Classes held weekly at the Worley Bugger Pro Shop In Ellensburg.  Tuesday and Thursday Night from 6:30 to 8:30. The Advanced Class will begin


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To broaden the students understanding of natural and synthetic materials, techniques and design with emphasis on construction of intricate fly patterns and their purposes.

Advanced Fly Tying Course 

  Learning and understanding the knowledge of;
  Streamers for trout and bass


  Stonefly Nymphs & egg flies for trout and steelhead Detail Detail
  Spinning Deer Hair Bodies and Heads Detail Detail
  Tying Lakes flies; Leechs, Mayflies and Chironomids Detail Detail
  Working with CDC Detail Detail
  Mayfly Biot Bodies and Wonder Wings Detail Detail

Evening #1

Evening #2

Evening #3

Classic Streamer Design
Bunny Streamers
Woolhead Sculpin
Articulated Sculpin
Stonefly Design
DB Stonefly
Egg Sucking Stonefly
Crafting Egg Patterns
Spinning Deer Hair
Irish's Bumble Bee
Steelhead Bomber

Evening #4

Evening #5

Evening #6

Stillwater Fishing
Snocone Chironomid
Mohair Leech
Callibaetis Mayfly
Working With CDC
CDC Hackle Stacker
CDC Nymphs
Mayfly-Caddis Biot Bodies
BWO Biot Body & Wonder Wing
March Brown Body & Wonder Wing
PMD Body & Wonder Wing

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