The Yellow Sally
Yellow Sally's are a small stonefly that hatch in many of the Rocky Mountain and Pacific Northwest rivers.  In late May or early June you will see them hatching on the Yakima river.  They will begin there emergence in the afternoon and hatch well into the evening.  They are also known as the Yellowish-Brown Perlodid Stonefly. 

The Yakima River Yellow Sally


The Yellow Sally's are a much smaller stonefly, ranging anywhere from size 14 to 28.  On the Yakima you will see them in sizes 14 to 16. 

This hatch of Stoneflies at one time was concentrated on the upper river, however in the past couple of years this stonefly has been hatching on almost all sections of the Yakima and in great numbers.

The Yakima River Yellow Sally Bottom ViewFish key in on them during the summer afternoons when other insects are scarce.  Be prepared during this months for a sudden hatch of these small stones.

The Yellow Sally has a yellowish-brown body with grayish wings and brown legs.  It also has two small tails and usually has a small red butt



Order Family Genus Species Body Color Wing Color Emergence

Yellow Sally

Plecoptera Perlodidae Isogenoides Elongatus Yellow/Brown Gray Afternoon



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