The Yakima River Golden Stone
This hatch of large stones on the Yakima can be confusing to some.  It is documented that the Calineuria californica hatch in the early spring months on the Yakima River and other western streams, but that is not true.  The Yakima River Golden Stone Fly...Beautiful!

The Yakima Golden Stone hatch in the first parts of Summer, usually showing up in June.  It can be a rather touchy Stone, certain years not showing up in large numbers.  Other years, large hatch of Golden's provide Yakima fly fishers with plenty of big bug excitement.The Yakima River Golden Stone...The Under-Belly!

Nymphs and Streamers can be productive if your not seeing an action on top.   

Bouncing a Golden Stonefly nymph pattern is highly effecitive during the time of emergence. 

Big streamers in the appropriate colors fished just below the surface is our favorite here at "Worley-Bugger".

The life of the Golden Stone last anywhere from 2 to 3 years.  Like other stoneflies they emerge at night crawling out on the shore, where they stay for several days, mating before the females return to the water to deposit there eggs to insure future generations. 


Order Family Genus Species Body Color Wing Color Emergence

Golden Stone

Plecoptera Perlidae Calineoria Californica Yellow/Brown Gary Afternoon



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