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  Price: $6.00  

Premium gel floatant for long lasting dry-fly floats.

A silicon-based, temperature-stable floatant that won't melt when it's hot or harden when it's cold.

Try some and find out why people who fish for a living use Aquel.
1/2 oz.


Top Ride™

 Price: $7.95

The one guides call shake and bake, desiccant and dry powder formula for big bugs.

Simply place soaked flies with leaders attached into the container and shake. This removes water and coats the fly with powder floatant in one easy step.

Like Aquel, will not leave a slick on still waters or spring creeks. If you fish the hatches of large flies, such as stoneflies or fish dries for steelhead, this is the floatant for you!

Highly recommended for use with CDC.


Blue Ribbon Super-Dry-Powder™

Price: $6.95


A pure powder silica floatant that won't leave residue on the water's surface.

The perfect floatant for use on calm waters where fish would notice a slick left by other products.

Durable enough to handle all faster water situations.

The recommended floatant for CDC flies.

1 oz.


Payette Paste Fly & Fly Line Floatant™

Price: $4.95


An outstanding floatant in paste form.

Gives hackles and leaders a silky-smooth, water-resistant coating.

Softens when warm, but won¹t run or leak.
1/4 oz.